PopCap’s Sister Studio Gets First Game Rejected by Apple


  • Barbara

    I have many Popcap games (all paid for) that I love playing and so do my kids. I’m not upset that they decided to branch out into more mature content, but I am disappointed that I won’t be able to share it with my boys. They always love it when a new game comes out.

  • CharliK

    If you look at the tweets they mention trying again with a higher rating. That tells me that they weren’t using a 17+ or even perhaps 13+ rating with appropriate warning tags. If so, no wonder they got rejected. 6 year old girls love their ponies and that kind of game would freak them out and piss off their parents if there were no warnings and it was labeled as age appropriate

  • Ruiner

    If the Suicide Girls can have an App where you get a girl to “strip” and “make out with you”, then this should easily pass. More than likely submitted for “too young a crowd”. God knows they get far worse on public access and music videos anyway… But, that’s Apple.