‘Kick to Pick’ Allows Unborn Baby to Pick its Own Name



Kick to Pick is a unique new application for the iPhone that is designed to enable an unborn baby to pick its own name. Yes – you did read that correctly!

The $0.99 app lets you choose a gender-specific list of thousands of names for boys and girls. You then lie down, place the device on your bump (airplane mode recommended) and press the button to activate the countdown. Kick to Pick will begin cycling through the list of potential names until it detects that all important kick from your baby. Once your baby has chosen its name, you can have the final say and decide whether or not to accept the suggestion.

Kick to Pick, although a novelty, is a testament to what iOS applications can do with a little imagination – just as you thought everything your iPhone could achieve with apps had already covered!

  • Björn Lindström

    This is not really a free choice, though. It should instead ask the foetus to spell the name out letter by letter by the same method.

  • Jonathan Badger

    And that. Zxvtygk, is how you got your name. Don’t blame us — you picked it.

  • God

    That is funny!

  • Verdetaurus123

    wish they had it for droid