Try This: Google For “Tilt” On Your iPhone



This is all over Twitter today.

Grab your iThing, open Safari, and use the Google search box to search for “tilt”.

Your search results are… tilted.

Is this an easter egg? An April Fools gag that someone forgot to switch off?

  • Morgan Washburn

    wow must need some real work to do over at google.

  • pditty357

    Nope sorry “iThing” is to broad a term as my iPad 2 does not tilt when looking up tilt in google.

  • pditty357

    Well just tried with my iPhone 4 and still no tilt… I call BS or maybe this is a UK feature…LOL

  • Ben

    Works on my iPhone 4 in the UK

  • reg park

    works in southern california

  • M0UL

    tried on my iMac not working, i think you meant a ios devices

  • Nicolas Gut

    it works on my iPhone 3GS in France

  • Ahmed Alkhuzae

    i got it ,, oh and BTW

    from now on guess what part of my body i will call ithing

  • Gmxperry

    I’m in the US and I just tried this on my Android phone and it worked.

  • UndefinedAJ

    Works with iPhone 4 – Florida, US

  • Cybjorg

    No luck with either my iPhone 3GS or my iPad 2 in North Carolina.

  • Jack Maddden

    this works on my 2nd gen itouch

  • Alex

    crooked does the same thing.

  • Aaron

    You have to turn off Instant (beta), if you have it on, to make this work.

  • Everyone

    Really?? Who cares. This story is garbage. I hate posting just because it admits I actually ready this pos.

  • babdoc

    Kind of like googling “elgoog”….

  • chelios

    worked with iphone4 in cameroon

  • Anon

    Looks like a nifty css trick:
    -webkit-transform: rotate(1deg);

  • HammyHavoc

    I wasn’t aware of it and found it interesting as somebody who tinkers with CSS on a daily basis.