Report: Apple Suppliers Produced 2.6M iPad 2s in March



Although any official hint at how many iPad 2 tablets Apple has sold likely won’t come until later this month, when the Cupertino, Calif. company makes a financial announcement, there are plenty of leaks. If ‘follow the money’ is the mantra in Washington, for the Silicon Valley press corps, the equivalent is ‘follow the supply.’ A new report suggests Apple sold 2.4 million to 2.6 million iPad 2 units in March.

According to chatter heard by DigiTimes, between 4 million and 4.5 million iPads are being shipped monthly for 12 million during the three-month second quarter of 2011. The report, based on touchscreen suppliers, indicates the next-generation iPad 2 is selling at a much faster rate than the original tablet. The first iPad took 28 days before selling the first million units.

The report highlights a potential stumbling block for Apple to keep up with demand: “cover lenses for touch panel modules.” This lends credence to Apple’s January $3.9 billion investment in unspecified key components. Although unnamed, iPad touch panels are said to be a potential target.

[DigiTimes, AppleInsider]

  • Luigi

    There are probably executives at Apple who don’t know how many iPads have been shipped. If you believe any of Apple’s suppliers are going to jeopardize their relationship with Apple by “chattering” to DigiTimes, well then I don’t know what to tell you.