SHOCK: National Enquirer Wrong About Steve Jobs’ Death



The front page of the gossip rag The National Equirer February 17 shouted about the untimely demise of Apple’s founder and CEO Steve Jobs: “APPLE BOSS 6 WEEKS TO LIVE.”

That headline was derived from a medical source quoted by the newspaper: “One of our experts – Boca Raton, Fla., critical care physician Dr. Samuel Jacobson, who has not treated Jobs – told The ENQUIRER: ‘The poor guy! Judging from these photos, he is close to terminal. I would say he has six weeks.'”

Well, needless to say, the doctor was wrong and the whole “six weeks to live” thing was just sensationalist baloney. Jobs is very much alive. And since his paparazzi death sentence more than six weeks ago, he has dined with the president and launched the iPad 2.

  • catharinapin

    That’s surely shocking, Mike, and also really disrespectful, something the so-called Doctor should be ashamed of. All of his patients should read this.

  • Juddadredd

    I’m just suprised that Apple hasn’t sued for the loss of earnings and drop of stock that the whole episode caused…

    If I were Steve I’d have had the Enq and the Doctor so tied up in red tape that people would be scared forever t otalk about my health…

  • shahn

    What kind of a douche doctor predicts someone’s health by looking at a picture?
    The douchy kind i guess…

  • Nathan

    I am extremely shocked that the National Enquirer is wrong on yet another story…

  • oceanskate

    Who Cares!! I mean, I’d feel bad if he died… But the fact is most people don’t give a hoot. They are all mac tards and apple worshipers that care about their shiny little devices and when the next one will come out. And that’s the truth! And to top it off, outside the iphone and maybe the ipad, their computers are over priced, over hyped and slow. You can beat a mac tard with a brick over and over, and he will never understand this because like all mentally slow people they will go into denial and start preaching about Apple. You can’t convince someone uniformed that something makes no sense if they “love it”. They just don’t care. And that’s where the problem is. But Apple of course loves all it’s suckers pouring cash into the company.

  • Anti Oceanskate

    1 comment: you are a joke get a clue

  • Vik Sunny

    what are you talking about?

    I bought my iMac five years ago and it doesn’t show any signs of a slowdown.
    The only downside is 2gb memory limit which probably won’t be enough for running newer apps but for the time being it’s fine.
    Macs built with quality in mind. That’s why they’re not cheap. But PCs with the same hardware are not cheaper either.

  • Vik Sunny

    Steve wouldn’t do that.
    And people aren’t stupid to believe this speculations.

  • Junaidkureshi

    u r retard……apple ppl will f**k you this time real fast with ci7 processor inside…..F**k u

  • Junaidkureshi

    show some respect u asshole

  • Mathewkcrisp

    Sorry to chose your particular comment to rant, but i constantly see this type of post whenever anything apple is mentioned and i’m finally going to say something.

    In my industry (post production) we pretty much exclusively use macs (at least here in London) so I am pretty much forced to use them on a daily basis. The same can be said for pretty much every other company in our field based here. People are constantly going on about the ‘apple fanboys’ and how they are delusional etc. But they always neglect to mention the professional clients; the truth is we use macs in the workplace every single day… So they must be good for something!

  • Jw

    Well, now he’s actually gone, so don’t you feel like a jackass? As for the “worshipers” that’s a load of BS. Steve Jobs was an inspirational person. Check out his speech on YouTube at Harvard. He was charismatic and what he did with his life is commendable. 

    And this whole thing about shiny objects? Really? Sure, if some people only swear by it and see nothing of value outside of Apple products, then they have a bias. You obviously have yours. You sound pretty “uniformed” yourself. I take it you love Windows? I can’t see why you would want to be, beyond customization – oh, well if so, then get into the “cult” of Linux then and bash Jobs about his ideas on proprietary software and hardware when he’s gone, just like Ricard Stallman – who distastefully spoke too soon. See? I can do this too! It’s fun to troll around!Furthermore, Macs ARE expensive but for a reason, and I saved up to buy a refurbished one. You get what you pay for. I can tell you that using Windows machines all my life and seeing all the inconsistencies (on any given machine and any hardware profile), they just bog themselves down. They are full of holes. Not a problem with Mac, and no constant threat of viruses, since the root is WAY more secure than Windows ever was. Hell, I’m not as biased as you might think, because if Adobe CS5 was available for Ubuntu, I might check that out. Don’t be such an asshole. Beat yourself with a brick, huh?

  • Jw

    Yeah, but does he have a white lab coat?? If so, that’s legit, son!