Running Windows And Mac Apps Side By Side [Video How-To]



If you are a recent Mac switcher, there is a good chance that there are some Windows applications that you still may want to use. If so, Virtual Box is a great application to let you do this. In this video, you will se how to get virtual box, install an operating system, and run Windows apps side by side with your OS X apps.

  • mgs911

    Is it possible to install windows software, while doing this? For example install counter strike for windows simultaneously…

  • boastboy

    once you have windows on your Mac via any virtualization software you will be able to install any windows program for eg any games etc etc

  • CharliK

    I’m sorry. You get points for intent but your videos are crap. They are overly opinionated and often erroneous nonsense. Boot camp is NOT the same thing as Fusion, Parallels etc and since you try to front yourself as an ‘expert’ you should know this. Also free is NOT always better.

    Not to mention that your style sucks. You persist on showing only your favorite way of doing anything even when it is the least efficient, you skip steps and you clearly don’t bother to go back and check for your audio for simple things like not going ‘uh’ and ‘um’ every 3 seconds which just makes your videos sound like the amateur crap that they are.

    I keep watching these hoping that you’ll get a clue but clearly you won’t. Pity that CoM keeps letting you post them on their site. Just adds to the downfall of their overall quality

  • michaelblack

    Was that really necessary? If you don’t like his videos, move along. What a douche you are!

  • Anon

    Hiya Mike. Fair effort. I’m running Parallels and VMware and appreciate the heads up.
    Don’t mind lucas. His mum made him clean his room.

  • Michael Steeber

    Thanks! I appreciate it!

  • Michael Steeber

    First, I try not to put my opinions into my videos, in order to make them seem more professional and less one sided. I never said that Boot Camp, Parallels, and Fusion are the same thing, I only stated them as options. I also fail to see where I skipped steps. I try to cover what the viewer needs to know, and little else, in order to keep the length as well as complexity down. Where did I do things in an inefficient way? I feel as though I pick the most time saving ways of doing things that will be the easiest to follow. I admit I did make a mistake in the voiceover that I didn’t catch until I already had the video uploaded and the post written. Overall, I feel that my videos have improved in quality since the beginning, and I try to make each one better. While I can’t say that this was my best one, it certainly wasn’t my worst. Please don’t criticize me unless you have done better.

  • David

    What’s better – VirtualBox or BootCamp? Since installing bootcamp my OS X partition is extremely slow. How much does the computer slow down with VirtualBox in seamless mode?

  • sumit

    I need a way to run OS X as a 2nd OS on my windows machine, any ideas?

  • Ameer Gittens

    The problem with the Windoze taskbar running into the OSX dock can be solved by positioning the taskbar on the top of the screen before switching to seamless mode. Then you can auto hide it and it ducks under the Mac menu rather neatly.

  • Michael Steeber

    It depends on how much RAM your computer has and what kind of processor. Running multiple OS’s at once can be a real drag on your system. Personally, I have 1GB Of RAM and a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo on the computer I filmed the video on, so it gives you kind of an idea.

  • Ainkor

    /whistles innocently……


    /Walks away nervously looking for Apple goons

  • Alex Reich

    Thanks for the great tutorial Michael. Just deleted my Bootcamp partition, and used this. I rarely need Windows, but when I do, I’ll definitely use VM.

  • dude

    Lucascott……It’s Trolls like you, that make putting together useful information a real chore. Not only were your comments vindictive, but they serve absolutely no purpose at all, except to show what a complete and utter ass you are.

  • Beast_m

    I think we are just trying to cause trouble,
    the only point I see wrong with his videos is that they take a little bit longer than they should
    with so many youtube videos, people are most willing to give you 2m of their time, or it iwll start getting boring

  • AlmostDoneWith CoM

    How does the VM perform when running games on the Windows side? There are a couple of slightly intense games I’d love to play again but I’m having issues with Boot Camp and my drivers not getting installed properly. I was considering breaking out my copy of Parallels 5 and setting up a VM but the game performance that way is usually dreadful. Is this any better?

  • Ed

    anyone know how to run Mac OS X on VMware with a Windows 7 as the OS?

  • Rcrangel

    Arse Ho go blo

  • 011Bojan

    I don’t see the point of it, if I am already having Parallels

  • Jeff

    Ok so I followed the directions exactly and everything worked fine until I tried to run the operating system (Windows 7) and it said everything was loading then I got a blue screen that said there was an error.