Reporting Suspicious Activity? There’s a Homeland Security app for that


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Concerned citizens in Kentucky can report “suspicious activity” to their state branch of Homeland Security through an iPhone app.

Called Eyes and Ears of Kentucky, the app is offered gratis on iTunes. The handiwork of developers NICUSA, it has been in the store since March 7. So far, it has not received enough reviews to reach an average rating. Through the app, you can report a suspicious incident or activity along with details about the alleged subjects and their vehicles.

Gene Kiser, director of the Kentucky Office of Homeland Security, said the iPhone application is the latest step to protect the state. Kiser told the Associated Press “putting the technology in people’s hands will allow the homeland security office to receive the most current information on threats.”

My first thought: forget about terrorists, this app is perfect for vendettas large and small. Ex-paramours, evil bosses, neighbors you hate, report them anonymously and watch them squirm. What are the consequences for crying wolf, especially if the claim is as vague as “suspicious activity?”
Do you think this app is a good idea or not?

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    Well at least we know we’ll be safer than ever with maybe too many false alarms

  • JC

    I really hope this is an April Fool’s joke. Trusting that average Americans can judge a potential threat accurately and without bias or prejudice is a little naive isn’t it? Best of luck to all brown people in Kentucky!

  • prof_peabody

    wow. creepy. here’s hoping it’s an April’s fool joke.
    the website for the kentucky government is very creepy also.

  • Anonymous

    Has the internet even reached Kentucky yet? Maybe nobody’s downloaded the app because nobody in Kentucky owns an iPhone. ;o)

  • Nicole

    That was my first thought, but it seems to check out on the iTunes store and AP.

  • chromey

    this is disgusting.

  • GHo5t

    Imagine how this App might be used by air travelers in say Louisville or Lexington?

  • shahn

    A brown (Indian) person like myself, who is also a photographer and likes to take pictures of buildings & industrial areas (esp. at night), this kind of “vigilance” is nothing but trouble.

    This will be quite interesting.

  • anonymous

    Great, now the politically correct and racially tolerant people of Kentucky can be good citizens and report suspicious activity, while also perpetuating racial stereotyping and profiling.

  • T3RR0RH4WK

    What a fucking joke.


    Great! Push-button help to have the next lawn-watering neighbor shot to death in less time. :-(

  • Rich

    They used to put down the ‘Evil Empire’ for stuff like this. The enemy is us now. Time to wake up!

  • Jenna Satterly

    Ok enough of the ignorant comments about how people from Kentucky are backwards etc with no knowledge of electronics etc. For all your talk about stereotyping you sure as heck do a good job stereotyping all people from KY as rednecks. Sheesh!! But anyways, being that I AM a person from KY, I totally think this app is stupid and would be dangerous in ANY state!

  • 1amwendy

    If the peeps that thought that this was such a grand and wonderful idea get totally inundated with bogus “threats” maybe they will see the, um, the ‘error of their ways”. What a freakin’ dumb and paranoid idea.

  • Obamistake

    So I guess spying on your non-Middle Eastern descent neighbors prevents Islamic terrorism?

    What a joke. Are people dumb enough to believe this crap?

  • AdamTro

    This is sick. What a pathetic nanny tattle tale nation we have become.

  • Smith0475


  • Melewski

    o please, we are fighting with and supporting the people that hate our freedoms in lybia right now. the evil empire only cares about resources and keeping us suppressed!

  • Stuart

    Auto-xenophobic-paranoia-generator would be a better title.

  • Constitution

    Ring ring..DHS….Ummm yes I would like to report suspicous activity at the Federal Reserve,The White House,the border,The CIA,The FBI etc….DHS.. , I am sorry sir we don’t arrest real criminals,we only arrest those that get all uppity thinking the Constitution will protect them…also we sexually assault law abiding citizens at the airports…besides sir I work for the people you want me to incarcerate…I would loose my job!

  • Maxwell

    Apple needs to pull this application from the app store

  • NoBodyScanners

    Everyone should just flood the system with false reports.

    But I’m sure the DHS Gestapo will charge you with terrorism if you do that.

    Welcome to the Police States of Amerika.

  • Plazatree

    I hope that the people from the rico pollo state will get together and everyone at ones will send a report to this fuckers exposing the real criminals and teach them what they need to know that the KFC STATE it’s well inform about their “BS” plan!!

  • Coppermagnate01

    LOL!!! Ring ring..”Hello,DHS”…..”Yes, my neighbors are spies, acting all suspicious, observing the neighborhood, always on their iphones texting away,…..”
    Hahahahaha, In the ancient book, The art of war they wright about using the opposition’s own goods and hardware to help defeat them, for example wagons and food.
    When cases like this arise concerned citizens should do exactly as the above, rat on the rats….

  • Batesljbates

    Hello DHS … I would like to report the elite satan worshipers who are taking over the world through our own goverment under the new world order…The TRUE GOD will have the last word!!!

  • Daygodom59

    What has this country come to?? Rules…rules…rules…Do this….don’t do that….no smoking….no eating….I truly believe a REVOLUTION is not far off!!!! To hell with these pieces of SHI* that ask us to dime out our neighbors!!!! Do your own dirty work…ya scum bucket….oh, but wait!!! That would lessen the time you guys would have scanning over naked pictures of little girls and boys….you perverted waste of skin. Just remember 1 thing…..karma is a son of a bitc*…..

  • Hanks

    @Constitution: Exactly! F THE NEW ORDER OF THE AGES!!!

  • Freedom

    This is fucking disgusting.

  • Rwolf

    DHS Scanners To Secretly Search Your Body, Vehicle and Home—X-ray Deaths Next?

    Department Homeland Security and Police intend to use hundreds of new X-ray Back Scatter Vans and other scanners with long-distance capability to secretly scan and search lawful persons’ bodies—when driving, walking and X-ray Citizens in their homes. DHS plans to mount X-ray scanners on buildings and utility poles to monitor groups of pedestrians. Citizens that drive or walk to work or lunch in monitored areas may be radiated several times a day.

    There is nothing to stop government agencies and police repeatedly targeting (persons of interest) on the street and in their homes with X-ray scans that may cause cancer or induce other medical problems—including individuals afflicted by poor health. DHS new scanning will record eye and facial features of pedestrians, so subjects can be identified for covert X-ray scanning. Consequently some Americans may be X-ray scanned every time they set foot on the street.

    How could anyone prove his or her cancer was caused by repeated government X-ray scans? Can you think of one U.S. Government agency you would trust to limit the number of times and duration secret Government scanners can penetrate a person’s body with X-ray radiation, when walking, driving; inside their home? Citizens driving or walking to work, that must pass DHS X-ray scanners on buildings and utility poles, could be exposed to radiation several times a day. The press recently reported that X-ray scanners now used at airports are 10-times greater that what U.S. Government told the American People.

    Currently Citizens can purchase small sensitive radiation detectors on key chains that set off different sounding alarms for each radiation level detected. Key Chain radiation detectors sell for about $160.00 and some appear capable of detecting government X-ray scanners penetrating their home, or their body when walking or vehicle when driving. It should be expected more pedestrians might start carrying radiation key chain detectors to learn if X-ray scanners on buildings and utility poles are targeting their neighborhood, the streets they drive or walk. Radiated pedestrians and drivers should protest, especially if they are being hit everyday with X-ray scanners.

    The U.S. can’t become a total Police State until the 4th Amendment is either terminated or so watered down it has no legal effect. That will be the result if government / police are allowed (without probable cause or warrants) to expose the public to covert X-ray scans and scans at airports; train and bus stops and other check points.

    One can’t help wonder if today’s outspoken Americans that lawfully defend the Constitution, e.g., writers and bloggers will be deemed combatants by U.S. Government; constantly stopped, searched, and questioned by TSA and police; forced to endure no warrant searches of their car, body and forced cancer causing X-ray scans. The Nazi Military and Police repeatedly searched and delayed Citizens labeled politically undesirable boarding trains and buses and driving to work to cause targeted Citizens to lose their jobs. Citizens were placed on (Nazi do not hire lists) similar to the lists U.S. Homeland Security started in 2010.

    See: TSA, DHS plan massive rollout of mobile surveillance vans with long-distance X-ray capability, eye movement tracking and more at: