Put Your iCal Calendar On Your Desktop With Blotter [Review]



This is Blotter, a new productivity application that’s turned up in the Mac App Store.

It does one job, and that’s display your calendars from iCal on your computer desktop.

Note the word “display”. It’s not a calendar app in itself, it’s a viewer. You can see your calendar stuff, but you can’t really interact with it. If you want to add new items, or edit what’s there already, you have to go to iCal (or whatever compatible calendar app you’re using) and make the changes there.

So what’s Blotter for? The point, I think, is to make sure you don’t forget things. It’s easy to have a calendar full of stuff, but to forget to check the calendar. If you have Blotter running and set to auto-start every time you switch on your Mac, you’ll be sure to never miss anything.

All that said, there are still some limitations. You can only see one week – either the week starting from today, or the current calendar week. No monthly view, or agenda view.

At $10, Blotter seems rather expensive given these limitations. Then again, what price can you put on being more organized and remembering all your appointments? I’d hazard a guess that if you’re the forgetful type, and have a calendar crammed full of reminders for precisely that reason, Blotter could be just the thing you need.

  • Jay Floyd

    Ten bucks for for what amounts to an aesthetic-only function?


    When a reviewer has to write, “The point, I think….”, there’s a problem.

  • krazygoat

    This is what Lion’s iCal should look like instead of ancient leather baby poo. You know modern like your hardware. Ditto for Address Book

  • Amazed

    Geektool does much more than this, and it’s free.

  • Amazed

    I hope this is an April Fools Day joke.

  • JFMD

    I like.
    I can have my calendar available to see and not worry about my toddler deleting important info


    I bought Blotter when it first came out as an impulse buy. It is very helpful and cool when you are extremely busy but I still have some feelings of regret.

    Also, Does anyone know what that background is called? I like it!