Simple iPad 2 Hack Enables Users to Take X-Ray Photos




Jason Bradbury, the self-proclaimed Apple Expert, has discovered a simple hack that allows owners of the iPad 2 to take X-Ray style photographs through clothes. By applying a filter after blasting a subject with infrared light, the iPad 2’s camera can see through clothing. The best part of the hack is that you don’t need any type of training in radiology as it is incredibly simple and utilizes everyday household objects (infrared light and cellophane) to make it work.

The steps are quite simple:

1: Flood a subject with infrared light. Bradbury recommends using a digital camera with a night vision mode, or a children’s toy that uses infrared light. The infrared light penetrates the clothing and will be able to be picked up with the right filter.

2: Cover the camera on your iPad 2 with two layers of cellophane. The cellophane acts filters out the natural light enough to wear the infrared light comes in stronger and is picked up by the iPad 2’s camera lens.

3. Start snapping pictures. With your infrared source in place and your filter setup you are now ready to start taking some amazingly cool photos.

This incredibly simple process could be quite dangerous in the hands of young adolescents and pervy old men, so use with caution.



….and Happy April 1st.


via [The Next Web]

  • Paul

    April Fools!

  • Mattshephard

    Whats the date again??

  • excelsiorian

    The image is so photoshopped it’s ridiculous. April Fool!

  • gazbeirne

    “The cellophane acts filters out the natural light enough to wear the infrared light comes in stronger and is picked up by the iPad 2?s camera lens.”


  • Koy Carraway

    hmmm…. posted at 12:01 on April 1st…. hmmm. I think that answers that.

  • BB Caspian

    hahaha…April’s Fool joke

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    April Fools’? Too bad. I thought this would have been a way for Apple to sell iPad 2s to iHaters. Even they would enjoy taking photos of women in their undies which might boost the status of the iPad from useless to useful in the iHaters’ perception.

  • prof_peabody

    more would have fallen for it if you hadn’t incorrectly used the word “simplistic” in the title. used this way it’s a pejorative.

  • lp640

    LOL thought this was real…anyway you can tell they took a pic with him wearing his superman undies and coloured his arms and added the star wars stuff on his chest in photoshop..

  • Matt56568

    what? april fool? i was just about to do this to my girlfriend

  • KeystrokeNinja

    This has been around since Sony introduced one of the handy cam models in around 1985…this can be done with any digi so I’m not sure why this warrants anyones time.