Adobe Debuts PhotoShop for iPad


If you’ve been wondering when Adobe’s Photoshop offerings on iOS are going to stop being so lame, don’t worry: Adobe’s working on an awesome new iPad Photoshop App, and they just debuted it at PhotoShop World. Make sure to stick around to the end when they show off the 3D style layers animation at the end. Wow.

[via MacTrast]

  • Jack Roberts

    When’s it Out

  • Jbogard5

    Your Flash video in this article is causing Safari to crash

  • A Name

    Why do you guys insist on still using Flash to output a simple video? Is this a Mac site? Have you heard of the iPad? Steve Jobs?

    Ditch the damn Flash and move up to HTML 5.

  • fortninety

    I think Adobe should concentrate on making Photoshop suck less on the Mac before building a new version first.

  • kingv84

    Video does not work on Safari for iPad. HTML 5 please.

  • mlahero

    What are you talking about? Photoshop on Mac works perfectly fine.

  • Graphaks

    Photoshop on the Mac is a f(&^&*& rock star. I’m so sick of the Adobe haters.

  • Mwenvironments

    What a brilliant way to market to iPad users make your marketing video in Flash! :-o

  • Torbjoern Karlevid

    Hell yeah! This is what I need.

  • PCWiz

    This looks fully awesome. I’ve been waiting for this and Logic Pro on iPad. Once desktop programs start coming out for iPad it’ll be game over…

    PC Wizards Los Angeles

  • Tom

    Better ask Steve to allow Flash on ios, brainless followers!