Woman Dies in iPhone Theft





A thief fleeing with an iPhone pushed a woman to her death down a flight of metro stairs in Chicago.


At rush hour on Monday, a man snatched an iPhone from a woman who was using it at Fullerton station platform in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.


As he ran off, the man knocked over Sally Katona-King, 68, on her way home from her church receptionist’s job.

Katona-King died yesterday after tumbling down the station stairs. Hospital officials believe that she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.


“It’s a worldwide problem where iPhones are being taken, resold to fences, which are then resold for a higher price,” detective Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya said. “It’s something that police departments across the country are trying to find solutions to.”


Police have not located the perp, though they hope video surveillance footage will help lead them to him.



Via Chicago Daily News

  • CharliK

    Someone died and the quote is about fencing. Wow. Sure hope that was a bad quote job and he didn’t really ignore the dead woman in the scenario

  • Nicole

    Good point – I checked the original story and that’s all the detective said. The victim’s husband did say it is “senseless to die for an iPhone,” next time I’ll be sure to include more context…

  • Alex

    Sometimes when I take my iPhone out while riding on the subway, I think, I might as well be waving around $300 in cash to a thief. They resell that easy.

  • Nicole

    Yep — I have pretty much stopped taking mine out while walking around, which kind of defeats the point…

  • tychored

    Nicole, the image is tasteless with such a sad headline. There really is no need for a stock image, or any image for that matter.

  • Phil Reece

    Seriously… get a life.

  • mgs911

    This is just disgusting to see innocent people die for no reason!! But at least she knows where she’s going. She was coming back from church…

  • Doug Henry

    Do they even want to catch the guy? All they give out is he’s wearing a black jacket with WS on the back. Shirts can be taken off, it’s meaningless. He’s between 17-30. They don’t say if he’s white, asian, black, hispanic. WHY? In the future, will they simply say “the perpetrator was a human, either male or female, of a certain height and was wearing clothing”?

  • Bandit6r

    He’s black, we had to scrub all of our descriptions to the public.

  • tychored

    Thanks Phil. You sure showed me.