Opening And Editing Microsoft Office Documents In iWork [Video How-To]



Have you ever needed to move Microsoft Word documents between your Mac at home and your PC at work, but you just didn’t know how, or if it was even possible? Once you know what to do, it is a relatively simple and straightforward process that requires nearly no effort. Find out what to do in this video.

  • DAvid

    Please, do tell me how to move Microsoft Word documents between my Mac at home and my PC at work. This video just tells me how to save a file created in Pages as a Word document.

    If you are entering the communications field, you will need to learn to communicate the topic you are actually discussing. The headline and the content of the video, are at odds with the text of the article and present two entirely different topics. The disconnect is jarring.


  • Michael Steeber

    Thanks for the tip, I’m always trying to improve my content.

  • boastboy

    I believe one of the best ways is to keep files that you want to work on in various locations, ie work/home etc in a dropbox folder. It is singularly one of the best options doing things like this or collaboration work. IMHO… check it out here use that link and you’ll get an extra 250MB free on top of the 2GB… just a suggestion. By the way, I’m not from dropbox, just use it a LOT

  • DAvid

    Of course you TOO will gain an extra 250MB. Interesting you chose not to include that small point.

    There are innumerable ways to accomplish this goal. Care to expand on the myriad of options, or will you stop at the one which benefits you?


  • boastboy

    Well you can always stick on a stiffy and lug it between work and home, oh wait, stiffies are dead! Try a flash drive, but hey there’s also Sugarsync, thats quite new… and of course fresh out the box from last week is Amazon cloud service… but hey wouldn’t an extra 250 MB from dropbox be cool :)

  • Sam

    What’ll improve both: your content and Cult of Mac’s sinking rep – is caption saying something – “Tips for Total Noobs”.
    That wouldn’t offend target demographic – they know who they are …
    That wouldn’t annoy users like me – who hate to waste a minute to tips that are beneath obvious …