Nokia Targets Apple iPhone, iPad in Second ITC Complaint



Just days after Finnish cell phone giant Nokia was rebuffed by the U.S. International Trade Commission, the Finnish company is back with another patent-infringement complaint against Apple. Tuesday Nokia filed suit charging the Cupertino, Calif.’s devices – including the iPad, iPhone and iPad – violated seven patents.

Although not offering specific patents, Nokia claims they cover technology used for multi-tasking, data synchronization, call quality, positioning and Bluetooth. “Our latest ITC filing means we now have 46 Nokia patents in suit against Apple, many filed more than 10 years before Apple made its first iPhone,” charges Nokia’s Paul Melin, vice president of intellectual property.

Friday, the ITC ruled Apple had not infringed five Nokia patents. The ITC began investigating Nokia’s previous infringement claims January 2010. Nokia disagrees with the commission’s ruling, saying it will wait to see the ITC’s full decision before deciding its next step.

Nokia has also filed patent infringement lawsuits against Apple in Europe, including the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Apple has countersued Nokia. The legal exchanges threaten the Microsoft battle with the U.S. Justice Department as one of the longest-running exchanges in the tech industry.

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  • Barbara

    Sooo…. Nokia joins a long line of patent squatters hoping someone infringes so they can make money in a lawsuit and/or licensing agreement. Typical.

  • Breakink

    @TGB or Apple could be stealing every ones works, and putting it in there product. I think it’s funny how Apple sells their product. They portary them self as if they are the underdogs, when in turn they are the biggest dog on the block. For example, In I’m a PC, I’m am MAC….. Apple are the oldest computer company, but PC is the old fat guy. It’s how the sell their good, and make it as if they are the new kid on the block. Apple would not be a company today if they didn’t make the Ipod.

  • Dominekers

    Actually, IBM has been making and selling computers before Apple was even a company.

  • Harold James Johnson

    Actually, Apple wouldn’t be a company today if Steve Jobs hadn’t returned and introduced the iMac line. Once he’s gone, Apple may go bye-bye.

  • panbin
  • Dominekers

    I object to that statement. Apple Inc. is too big to fail. That is why we have the Congress and a President of the United States: to make sure this type of catastrophe will never happen to us. If Apple Inc. assets drop, I’m sure Congress will cut them a check.

  • Bcholka

    Take an english class-PLEASE!!!!!