Report: Siri Search Technology Acquired in 2010 To Be Baked Into iOS 5



What can we expect when Apple previews iOS 5 at this year’s WWDC starting on June 6th? More robust integration with MobileMe’s forthcoming digital locker feature, that’s for sure, but what else?

For a hint, look at Cupertino’s acquisitions over the last year, says TechCrunch’s MG Siegler. He points to Apple’s 2010 acquisition of Siri, a startup branding its services as those of a virtual personal assistant.

Siri released a cool iPhone app that allowed you to ask your phone real world questions and have it cough up and map answers to you. For example, ask “Where is the nearest Starbucks?” and Siri would draw you a map, complete with walking instructions, as well as allow you to call them with just the click of a button. Ask “What’s playing at the local drive-in?” might pull up showtimes.

Very swift stuff, and now it’s being reported that Apple has deep baked Siri functionality right into iOS 5. That’s always been the rumor, but the idea of iOS doing this sort of stuff natively is just so sweet it’s liable to make one a little nauseous if they think too long on it.

  • CharliK

    So long as it is an option I can turn off and on as I like, they can go for it.

  • P Bidlack

    I can really see them coupling this with the mapping companies they’ve been buying up and making, quite frankly, a truly revolutionary smart gps/guidance system built into iOS

  • joser116

    Nice to see Apple taking a page from Android.

  • Barbara

    “Android” doesn’t have this capability. An application that runs on Android does. Siri created the app for iOS long before anything comparable was available for Android. If Apple has this as a feature of iOS without the need for a separate app, then Android will have to play catch up.

  • Mike Rathjen

    I know four people including myself with iPhones. We all find the iPhone’s voice command feature to be comically unreliable.

    Hopefully this will work better when Siri/Nuance is implemented.

  • Corey M Kimball

    That’s ill as fuck.