Digifit Churns Out New Bike Hardware, App And Connectivity Improvements


digifit case

The folks at Digifit seem to have been working feverishly on evolving their iPhone-linked fitness-monitoring system since the last time we covered them, a few months ago.


In fact, the system seems to be evolving very closely along the lines of Wahoo’s Fisica system — so closely that their new $50 Digifit Connect 2 dongle (that’s it pictured below) looks the spitting image of Wahoo’s version. No surprise then that the $15 Digifit app is now also compatible with the Wahoo dongle. In addition, there’s a new $120, water-resistant, iPhone 3/4-compatible Digifit Connect Case for mounting on bicycle handlebars.


The app’s capabilities have also been enhanced with improved multitasking performance, buckup of workouts to the Digifit Cloud Account and voice alerts that warn when straying from preset heart-rate zones.


A big feature of the Digifit system is its integration with the Zeo Personal Sleep Coach and the Withings Wifi-connected scale — and now with the recently released Withings blood-pressure monitor.

New Digifit Connect 2