Go get it! Cydia 1.1 Released – New Features and Enhancements



Early this morning, Jay Freeman, aka “Saurik“, released Cydia 1.1 to the world. With it comes a number of fixes, new features, and enhancements to make everybody’s jailbreaking an even more greater experience.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this new release, what it means to you, and what it might mean when it comes to the iOS 4.3 untethered jailbreak.

First, the list of changes:

  • Speed improvement, such as with “Loading Changes”
  • Memory usage has decreased
  • Much improved search algorithm
  • Lets iOS run Activator, libstatusbar, and SimulatedKeyEvents while Cydia is running (custom status bar icons should now be visible)

What you should notice right out of the gate is the speed of Cydia. While it’s not greatly faster, it’s still a pretty decent improvement, one that most people should welcome. It also uses less memory, so there’s less of a chance that Cydia will crash.

If you’re unfamiliar with important updates, see my little how-to below.

To update to the latest version, simply open up Cydia. Let it refresh your sources, and an “Essential Upgrade” box will pop-up. Tap on “Complete Upgrade”.

After that, you’ll be taken to a confirmation screen, which will tell you everything that Cydia will be changing. In the above screenshot, you can see that Cydia’s going to be installing 3 new essential packages (required for the new Cydia). It will also be removing 3 of the old community sources, as those will be replaced. Finally, and most importantly, Cydia will be upgrading Cydia Installer. iFile is just a Cydia app that I have installed that just happened to have received an update recently.

Let everything process, and within a few minutes, you’ll be on the new Cydia.

Now that Cydia 1.1 is released, that means we’re only one step closer to seeing the untethered iOS 4.3 (and possibly iOS 4.3.1, if the exploit still exists) jailbreak, which is important because it’s going to be the first jailbreak for the iPad 2 (a tweak called RetinaPad is a must-have for any iPad user).

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  • brucewilco

    That would be “Lots”, with no apostrophe. Many = “lots”. A possessive thing relative to one lot = “lot’s”.

  • seb481

    A link to our website where you found the list of changes would have been the fair thing to do…

  • Samtherebel

    Your period told your comma, “I want to be inside of you.”

  • besweeet

    It’s more like an ad marketplace.

  • seb481

    This is irrelevant and somewhat unprofessional of you to say that. Reality is you used something that was exclusive to iDB, changed a couple words, and made it yours. Definitely not what you would expect from a site like Cult of Mac.


    I agree with Sebastien. Not linking to your source makes a site’s reputation go down hill.

  • SavedByTechnology

    Boys, boys…stop the bickering. In defense of Brian, I don’t see any photos that were copied from Sebastien’s website. I just compared photos from the two sites and the time stamps are totally different. If Sebastien had rights to the tutorial, then he should state so on his website. I’m sure if Brian had copied something from another blogger, he would give credit…right?

  • seb481

    No images were taken. The changelog is the one saurik provided us in a post
    we wrote last week. This changeolog has been used by many sites since (ie
    9to5mac this morning) and all the legit sites gave us credit for it (again,
    9to5mac did earlier today).

    I don’t expect crap blogs like coveringweb to give any credit where it’s due
    because these sites just steal content from others. But when a reputable
    site like Cult of Mac does this, I think it takes away from the great job
    they guys are doing here.

    At the end of the day, this won’t prevent me from sleeping tonight :)

    Now let’s return to our Saturday activities, which for me means a stressful
    wedding preparation. Have a great weekend you guys.


  • besweeet

    Saurik already posted most of those changes anyway. Doesn’t matter.

  • besweeet

    What I said was a true fact anyway. But, that’s the Internet. People take things, change it up, and make it their own all the time. If you don’t want people to do that, then don’t post anything on the Internet. It’s *that* simple. Plus, I took this information from @Saurik’s Twitter stream anyway. The post won’t be edited.

  • seb481

    Wow Brian, what a professional blogger you have become. /sarcasm

    You’re not at gumtech anymore, buddy. If you want to be a respected and
    professional blogger, you have to act like one. I doubt Leander spent all
    that time building a reputable site to have it disfigured by a careless

    Extremely disappointed (yet not surprised) by your reaction. At least now I
    know where to stand regarding your work. Reading what you just said, I
    assume it’s then ok for me to rip off whatever you write to reproduce it on
    my blog. After all, it’s the internet, right? The wild wild west. Lame!

  • besweeet

    It is the Internet. See all, take all. Being a blogger is not my goal in life (doesn’t pay well, unless I fill a website with horrible ads).

    I sold that website months ago.

    If you were a “professional”, you wouldn’t have started to spam these comments with your nonsense.

  • BeijingMac

    Jay Freeman may know alot about iPhones, but he knows nothing about UI’s. I have never seen an iPhone application with such bad design. Just take a look at the screens in the article – A Real Clusterfuck. Someone tell the guy to find a good UI designer. Oh, I just did.

  • Rebelord

    Sadly, the bickering between two bloggers seems to be turning into a more interesting article than either blog post about the Cydia Update. Hurry, quick, someone turn this into a blog post on their website.

    If I wanted to know about a Cydia Update, I would just get the notification from the app on my jailbroken iPhone. It’s a pretty lame article no matter who wrote it, and even if either is an original piece. And yet it seems important enough to fight over.

    Look, I’m repeating what Cydia has already told everyone, Hurray!!! I guess everyone is such a noob out there I better tell them how to update their own apps.

  • Spwn

    You’re right sebastian. The way the author is treating you isnt very professional. To his defense though I think he’s a new author here and he probably doesn’t know what to and what not to do

  • Hampus

    Hmm ok so it is a little bit faster and the finaly fixed the ipad homepage in landscape orientation, still have that welcome message talking about 3.2 and so on though…

    Not exactly impressed, like the stupid “start where you left off”, if cydia quits i want it to start at the front page not at some random package i looked at when I closed it. They should have added multitasking instead, just block it when installing packages if that is a problem.

    And where is that package backup/list feature that would come “soon” when Rock were purchased?

    Also, what has Cydia 1.1 got to do with being closer to getting an untethered 4.3(.1) jailbreak?

  • besweeet

    It just means that we’re one step closer to the actual release. The jailbreak creators were initially waiting for iOS 4.3.1. Now that that’s released, as well as the latest version of Cydia, they can bundle everything up, test it, and then release it.

  • besweeet

    I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years. I know when to give people credit, and I know when not to give credit.

    Should Sebstien have taken this situation in a more “professional” manner, then I’m sure he would’ve contacted me directly instead of having the spew into the comments section.

  • besweeet

    The jailbreak “community” is filled with quite a lot of noobs. Plus, not everyone opens Cydia everyday. If they notice that a website is reporting an important Cydia update, then they’ll most likely immediately open up Cydia to get the update.

  • Aaron Collins

    You just need to be intelligent and know how to use it, Cydia is a very easy to use UI. I can name a billion Iphone apps that have a worse UI. Don’t be hating.

  • BeijingMac

    “You just need to be intelligent and know how to use it…”

    Yeah right…

    You are probably a devoted Windows XP/MS fan. Guys like you wouldn’t know a good UI from a clusterfuck. Good luck!

  • besweeet

    So what are you? You are probably a devoted OS X/Apple fan. Guys like you care more about the UI than actual functionality. Good luck!

    An app could look super sexy, but if it doesn’t function well, then it’s not going to be good.

    In all seriousness, what you said makes no sense. You’re just a fanboy doing some average trolling.