Mac OS X 10.7 Almost Ready For First Gold Master



TechCrunch is reporting that Apple will release the first Gold Master release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion sometime in the near future.

It’s an interesting rumor. Although they are classifying the release as “GM1,” Apple traditionally releases Gold Masters only a few weeks before the actual software ships. If Lion is already at Gold Master status, barring any huge problems, Apple must be fairly convinced that Lion is fully baked.

Lion is slated for a Summer release date, but if Apple does release even the initial Gold Master in the next month, it bodes well for Lion debuting very early in summer… and very possibly late spring.

  • Luke Lucas

    interesting. considering the amount of bizarre and REALLY annoying bugs since the first developer release (and subsequent lack of updates since then), this is surprising.

  • Liam Butler-Lawrence

    @Luke Lucas: exactly. I’m expecting *at least* one more build before the GM. Probably a couple, seeing a) the amount if bugs and inconsistencies, and b) that SL, even though it was announced at WWDC, wasn’t shipped until August. On the other hand, it would be rather strange (if they’re doing it through the app store) if they announced it at WWDC with “and you can buy this on the Mac App Store in 8 weeks!” ;)

  • Amazed

    I wouldn’t find it strange if Apple will sell Lion through the App Store, in fact it would be great and the price will drop drastically (OK, not that much but it’ll drop nonetheless) because of the exclusion of shipping fees and other fees like that.

  • DannyR9

    “TechCrunch is reporting that Apple will release the first Gold Master release of Mac OS X 10.7 Lion sometime in the near future.”
    What A Prediction! oh wow! no way, i didn’t know that lol!

  • Marksumtin

    awesome mac os x lion,,i update already my sytem,,,?

  • Luke Lucas

    just to add: second kernel panic in two days. lame. no way is this anywhere near ready for GM.

  • JustMe

    Pass on savings to the consumers?! We’re still talking about Apple, right?!

  • Lizzy

    10.6.7 still has issues that need to be resolved, just take a look at widespread problems on the Apple Discussions board. Apple really needs to focus on that right NOW.

  • Lizzy

    Yep, and Apple does that all the time with their products. Look up the unibody design, etc.

    Oh, and enjoy the restrictions, hassles, time and expense of dealing with genuine “advantage” Windows BS where MS DRM costs on its OS is passed on to YOU.

  • Omnimoeish

    Snow Leopard cost $29…and it comes with an actual CD that can be installed any time anywhere without calling Microsoft and having them question why you installed it more than 3 times (which is especially ironic when Windows must be reformatted every 6 months).