The MacBook Air and iPhone 4 Fit Together



With any other company, you’d chalk this up to coincidence, but with Apple, you suspect meaning: Swedish designer Mattias Östergren noticed that the iPhone 4 fits exactly inside the dent below the trackpad in the MacBook Air that allows the ultraportable laptop to be easily opened.

At the very least, it shows what the base unit of reference for Apple’s designs are these days: everything’s measured in terms of iPhones.

  • Reinaldo Versuri ?

    The trackpad will be the iPhone? What the advantage?

  • Arya


  • Jeff Schader

    Slow news day? :-)

  • ademS

    They probably use the extrusion from the dent for some component, just like they use the extrusion from the iMac screens to make keyboards.

  • landoncube

    I’m going to go try it on mine, right now.

    I assume that they pull together magnetically and both screens activate and the WALL-E Apple boot sound fills the room…

  • Tyler Hojberg

    Of course they fit together, they’ve also created a child together that combines the thinness of the macbook and the touch screen of the iPhone…this is how the iPad 2 was actually conceived.

  • Jason Sheehan

    Exactly is an exaggeration. It’s a close fit, but not exactly.

  • imajoebob

    Maybe they actually started out together, like Africa and South America? In a few more years some techno-anthropologist will discover that ALL Apple products actually split away from one another after starting out as one giant device, called Panjobea.

  • Amazed

    Also the iPhone 3G/S fits on MacBook/Pro dent

  • davidfrick

    I knew about this months ago. Does that make me a Swedish designer?