Fit Your MacBook Air With A Security Lock Thanks To MacLocks



Apple had to shave a lot of extraneous features off of the MacBook to come up with a device as blade-thin as the latest MacBook Airs, and while we can obviously point to things like the presence of an optical drive as hardware that didn’t make the cut, one lesser known edit is the traditional notebook security slot, which allows you to fit your laptop with a lock.

MacLocks has a solution: the MacBook Air Lock and Security Case Bundle, which works with both the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBook Airs. It’s basically a case that you fix to the bottom of your MacBook Air, which comes with a security slot through which you can fix any compatible lock.

The MacBook Air is extraordinarily portable, so it’s natural you’d want to try to protect it from a run-by snatch and grab when you’re out writing at the local cafe. Even so, though, the MacLock solution seems to work by permanently grafting a case to the bottom of your Air, presumably by some sort of exoxy.

Do you want to protect your Air so much that you’d be willing to graft a case onto its underbelly permanently? $75 then. Me, I’ll continue to take my Air along with me when I have to go to the toilet.