Saving Energy With Your Mac [Video How-To]



Have you ever found yourself thinking that your Mac takes too much power or that your MacBook battery is draining too quickly? If you have, you’ll want to check out this video. In it, I’ll show you some of the best, yet most overlooked options for saving energy on your Mac.

  • Michael

    I think these videos are way too elementary for all of us here at Cult of Mac. CULT.

  • Magila

    Again another video without any interesting thing to show. I’m the only one who is missing something here with this type of elementary videos? This is ” Cult of Mac” please!

  • Ben

    OOO THATS how you put your mac to sleep!!!……..

    Sense the sarcasm?

    I agree this video is far to elementary. My 8 year old cousin knew how to do this when I asked him, and he has used a Mac about 5 times!

    This ‘how to’ as well as the last one about organising your iPad’s apps into folders are really a bit pointless.

    99% of people here are Apple enthusiasts, and know pretty much everything about a products features, and how to use them.

    -Arranging iPad apps. You posted a feature recently showing how good 2 year old kids are with these things. I don’t think it takes a scientist to work it out how to arrange you apps effectively.

    -Power management. Really!? Is a whole video needed? Maybe just put these features in your ‘100 tips’ section or something, unless its about something obscure or remotely interesting. Mac’s are so easy to use and all the setting are very self explanatory, even for a beginner.

    Stick to what you do best. Its why we come here :)

  • Jameson

    Having your harddisk constantly spin down and up again instead of just letting it run might actually shorten its lifespan, not extend it as you said.

  • DAvid

    My Macbook Pro draws about 9 watts. That’s about $7 annually in electricity if I left it running 24/7. I’ll see REALLY big savings by implementing these steps. I (used to) come to CoM for informative articles, not to see someone showing their first attempt at making a screen video.


  • buggietechnica

    I don’t see wake for network access or the auto reduce brightness… checkbox either. What gives?

  • Michael Steeber

    These videos are supposed to be for people who are relatively new to Macs or unexperienced. I realize that to many experienced Mac users, this may seem very basic, but there is people out there who do not know these things and can benefit from these things.

  • Ben

    The best thing about getting a new Apple product is exploring it for yourself. I highly doubt anyone will be looking on this site to find out to do any of these things. Like I said they are very self explanatory. When I got my first Mac, I figured this out in about… 5 minutes?

    As for benefits of changing a few setting to save power. Its a laptop. Like the other guy said, I costs about $7 annually to power. My kettle uses more power than that.

    I really don’t mean to have a go at your article, I just think there could be other topics you would be better off covering. It seems all the other comments also reflect my feelings. Maybe a few videos on the new features of OS 7 Lion, as there has been little news covering it.

  • Jugney / Colin Arndt

    I think it says something when 87.5% of the comments on an article (7/8, mine included) are negative.

    These How-To’s stand in such stark contrast to the tone and level of knowledge of the user of the other posts here. And I think that is why there is continuous backlash to them.

    So Cult of Mac is trying to appeal to new users, perhaps to broaden their readership, to get more hits from Google searches. OK. But right now you’re just appealing to two ends of the spectrum – new users and experienced users – and it makes for an inconsistent experience that will be frustrating to both groups.

    I don’t plan to watch more of these How-To’s, but for others who actually subscribe or read through all your articles, and who haven’t yet discovered that these videos are for new users, you might mention that they are for beginners.