MarsEdit Makes Blogging Super-Simple [50 Mac Essentials #34]



MarsEdit is the best blogging tool for OS X, bar none. If you do blogging for money or just for the love of it, MarsEdit is a dream come true for you. It will save you lots of hassle and hours of time.

To start with, MarsEdit frees you from the tyranny of the browser interface. WordPress, Blogger, and all the others are wonderful online publishing systems, but sometimes you just wanna be offline. Or you have to be, because there’s no handy internet connection.

And even when you’re online, web hosts aren’t always as responsive as you might like. Sometimes you want to combine the convenience of instant web publishing with the speed of a local application, and that’s what MarsEdit gives you.

Once your blogs are set up, you can create your drafts as and when. You can upload images just by dragging them into place – even when you’re offline (MarsEdit has an ingenious “pending” feature for image uploads, by which it inserts placeholder code for an image which gets uploaded later).

MarsEdit is fast, easy to use, and it handles multiple blogs with ease, remembering your different settings for each one. No Mac-using blogger should be without it.

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  • randison

    Oh, this is great. Actually, this might even be a faster way to create drafts for your website or blog and a faster way top publish the website. Thanks for sharing this thing here.

  • So sick of it

    You should put that it’s 40 bucks.

  • Doh!

    Ouch! Yeah, $40. I don’t blog for a living so I’ll stick with free variants like blogspot.

  • Martin

    Bar none? I have it and it’s a real let down. You can’t resize an image once you’ve put it in the post. You can’t put a margin around an image so the font hugs the image. Ugh…
    If only they’d make Windows Live Writer for the Mac.

  • Guest

    Windows Live Writer is the only blog software my girl will use. I had to install a virtual machine with windows on it JUST FOR THAT!
    Amazingly that is still easier than updating her website for her with the disappointing mac blog tools.

  • Derek Martin

    Most obvious “advertisement as content” i have ever seen.

  • TheWatcher

    Ugh. This reads like a paid advertisement.

    Here’s the reality: it’s way, way overpriced, handles images incredibly poorly, and has some other issues, as well.

    I have zero idea why ME continually gets so much love in the Mac community. It’s a mess.

  • gilest

    Or, you know, maybe after years and years of writing about Mac software, I know the good stuff when I see it, and like to write positive articles about good things. Could happen.

  • Bakari C

    I am totally dependent on MarsEdit for the writing and blogging I do. The latest update features a visible word count. Something as small as that in a big thing in my workflow. My other big request, though, is that you could somehow sync drafts between MarsEdit on different machines. Otherwise, though, very useful especially for WordPress users.

  • Bakari C

    Yeah, but if you do make money as a blogger, an app like this is a huge time saver. Worth every penny for the work i do.

  • Martin

    I bought it and regret it. For all the eye candy it’s a bare bones, and I mean really bare, editor. Case in point, you can’t resize an image once it’s in the editing window. Another thing you can’t do is add any kind of spacing between text and an image. They’re butted up right next to the image. I wrote to the company about this asking if there’s a way to correct this or if there’s some setting I’m missing. After waiting two days for a reply I get a note that the person who could answer my question is out of the country, aka, I’m screwed and either I publish something that looks like a 5 year old did it, or just not publish anything until their guy returns.
    MarsEdit is a major disappointment and I strongly recommend that you find something else to throw your money away on.

  • jeetkl

    I think here people mostly dislike this tool. Might be overpriced or it is not effect-able as it is advertised. But for me it woks decent. You will never get full blogging tool from a single software. remember that.