Breaking: Apple Pulls Christian “Gay Cure” App


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It looks like Apple has responded to the outcry over an app from Christian group Exodus International aimed at “homosexual strugglers” by removing it from iTunes.

Some 145,000 people signed an online petition demanding it be removed. (That’s the entire population of Pasadena, California, Rochester, England or Beihei, China).

The real issue: Apple has no coherent policy about what kind of content gets approved and remains in iTunes.

Apple has not yet released a statement about why it yanked the app, which had been available since February 15 and marked 4+ for containing no objectionable content.

Our obsessive checking for it just showed that poof! The Exodus International app was no more.

There’s nothing about it in Apple’s online press room, though it is likely a spokesperson will issue some kind of statement when reporters start ringing tomorrow — since they took the app out after close of business today here in California. (We’ve also put in another request for comment.)

As of this writing, Exodus’ site still has a prominent front page splash for the app and gay rights group Truth Wins Out hasn’t updated the poll with the news, either.

UPDATE: At they are still urging folks to sign the petition — until Apple releases a statement about why it was pulled.

Does that means Apple has pulled the app, like more than 140,000 customers have asked? It’s hard to tell; Apple hasn’t issued an official statement yet. Until they do, it’s important that we keep up the pressure, so that Apple hears loud and clear that “ex-gay” therapy deserve no place in the App Store.

More to come.



  • Tommy

    Absolutely ridiculous. I suppose only the opinions of certain groups qualify for freedom of speech and expression. Funny how those who disagree with people and groups who are “tolerant” of others suddenly are themselves found to be intolerable.

  • So sick of it

    Boo for Apple! The free expression of ideas in the marketplace should not be interrupted because some people object to another’s point of view. There are lots of apps that I object to and, guess what, I don’t download them.

    I detest Fox News so I don’t download their app. I’m no fan of Mormons; I don’t download their apps. But I think it is despicable of Apple to favor one special interest group over another due to a petition campaign. What will they do if churches start a petition campaign against apps promoting a gay lifestyle? Will they classify them as porn and remove them?

    I understand Apple has an image as a forward thinking company to look out for but I think it’s very weak of them to pull a group’s app because people out don’t agree with their message.

  • GBO323

    Incredulous. If people are going to want apps pulled that they themselves would NEVER want to use, why deny those that would use the app the right and availability to use it? Where IS that line of why one app gets pulled (public outcry) and one doesn’t(it’s the PC thing to do).

    Last time I checked, we are a free country and it is our personal responsibility to choose what we partake of or don’t. I don’t need an opposing group to make that choice for me. I can choose to download the app or not. I shouldn’t have to be protected from it by or by people that feel they know better FOR me. from. Apple doesn’t force me to download the app or abide by its tenets. That should be a decision left up to me.

    Sounds like some people are afraid of the truth and don’t want others to hear it.

  • Andrew Hanson

    Censorship is always the refuge of those who fear a real debate.

  • Michael

    I wonder how apple is going to respond to this one – what could they possibly say is the reason they approved it? This was a BAD move on apples part. Terrible

  • cavinsays

    I despise Exodus and the app itself. But it should perfectly fine for them to express their beliefs through any peaceful method, including an iPhone app. Despite the fact that being gay is not a choice nor is it “curable,” and I think it deplorable for them to think so, it is not my place to tell them not to express their beliefs about it. I thought the same thing about the despicable “Manhattan Declaration.” Even though I think it’s awful, it doesn’t mean Apple should interfere.

  • Dilbert A

    says the man standing naked in the middle of the movie theater, as he gets arrested.



    oyeahright it’s apple’s store, not your bible study.

  • Patrickometry

    Good for Apple. Just as their policy states, they do not allow apps which do harm.

    For all those crying “freedom of speech” and censorship, you really need to gain perspective on the number of lgbt youth suicides and homelessness. That Exodus directs their pseudo-scientific psychological manipulations toward these vulnerable gay youth is outrageous.

    As for arguments, gay people are winning those in courts of law where the fear and smear techniques of the religious fanatical right are powerless against reason, evidence and cross examination. :)

  • Patrickometry

    Of course Apple should interfere. They are made up of people with values. If they feel outraged and disgusted by the Exodus app.. if they’re convinced by the evidence of the false claims, the bearing of false witness, made about gay people.. if they worry about their brand being associated with apps that target minorities or make pseudo scientific claims that have been widely debunked and which demonstrably do HARM against vulnerable gay youth.. then YES OF COURSE THEY WILL INTERFERE.

    Just as Apple curates its hardware and its software, it also curates its app store. No news there.

  • Zen00

    Isn’t this not an issue with freedom of speech, and more about the scientist who’s work they were representing as the basis for their app demanded that it be pulled as he claims they’re misrepresenting his work?

  • TobyK

    I think this is incredibly stupid of Apple. Like many people, I feel that it is an individual’s CHOICE to download an app or not. This would be similar to let’s say, a group of “white folks” getting a petition signed by a bunch of racist white supremacists saying that they oppose a “black folks” app and then apple listening to them and removing it. This is the opposite of what this country was founded on.

    I am a straight white christian male with a family. I have seen countless times, homosexuality on my TV. I don’t call up the station or get a bunch of crazy ideas on how to complain about it…I simply press a button on my wireless remote and change the channel. Just as I would for ANY sexual scene that my kids shouldn’t be watching.

    While we are at it, let’s remove all of the porn and all of the gambling and all of the rated R movies from the theatre. Because I don’t like them.

    This is silly and apple needs to let anyone who wants to make an app and get a slice of the pie.

    Free speech and choice is just that…free. That’s it. If gay’s don’t like the app, then they don’t have to download it. If straights don’t like a gay app’s then they don’t have to download it. Be fair all the way around…seriously.

    I swear, if apple allows GAY apps then they should allow STRAIGHT apps….

  • Patrickometry

    The truth? You obviously know absolutely NOTHING about Exodus and its history of complete and utter lies. Their ideas have been debunked over and over again and shown to be harmful by a wide array of medical and psychological associations. They’re simply a religious cult of religious fundamentalist fanatics who can’t stand the idea that gay people exist and that we don’t believe in their shame based lifestyle of denial and repression.

  • Dilbert A

    so i should be able to post a pedo book in the iBook store for sickos like Amazon, rt? i mean its just my point of view. There are lots of apps that I object to and, guess what, I don’t download them.

    I detest CNN News so I don’t download their app. I’m no fan of Humans; I don’t download their apps. But I think it is despicable of the Government, …I mean Apple to favor one special interest group over another due to a petition campaign. What will they do if Kentucky Fried Chicken start a petition campaign against apps promoting a healthy food? Will they classify them as pig-pokers and castrate them?

    I understand Apple owns the App Store, is in business to make money by adding new customers, and as a forward thinking company has to look out for head-cases and zealots, but I think it’s very weak of them not to pull a group’s app because people out don’t agree with their message.

    and i’m glad they did it.

  • Dilbert A

    high five (Puddy voice).

  • Dilbert A

    high five (Puddy voice).

  • Dilbert A

    apple disagrees.

  • K Dub

    I agree, Cavin. This is a slippery slope. While I understand and acknowledge your point about LGBT youth, Patrick, I do not think banning an app is going to prevent any suicides. I also really worry about where this is going… are gay people going to become a permanent victim minority, needing to be protected at all costs from the thoughts and opinions of homophobes?

  • Patrickometry

    Oh boo hoo. Anti-gay bigots are discovering, just as racists did a couple decades ago, that their views are repugnant to a growing majority in this country. Most people have gay family members and most gay people are obviously good decent folk. This makes the ugly nonsense and the bearing of false witness by the anti-gay industries comprised of hateful confused groups like Exodus appear more and more strident, insane and unwelcome in the mainstream. As much as the KKK might like to march in the local town Fourth of July parade, they’re not gonna and for the same reason groups like Exodus will find that their lifestyle of smear and fear grows more and more disliked by ordinary, good, decent citizens.

  • Dilbert A

    i’m sorry whatdidyousay? i wasn’t listening.

    here’s a thought. don’t buy apple.

    the Android Marketplace has almost as many apps with absolutely no restrictions.

    hell, some the apps will even install themselves for you, even if they’re removed by Google.

  • Andrew

    Ridiculous. There will be a very severe backlash to this. Freedom of ideas and freedom to express those ideas is dying in this country simply because a few intolerant haters decide they are offended by someone else’s ideas. And make no mistake about it: the protesting homosexual community are the real intolerant people here. They are the ones who have spewed horribly negative insults against the creators of this app…and for no good reason at all. The fact that the homosexual community continues to call for tolerance and denounce haters while they themselves continue to be intolerant of and hateful toward others is the worst form of hypocrisy. Thankfully this ugly hypocrisy is obvious to any thinking person and the homosexual community now looks to be the equivalent of Hitler or Stalin or any other despicable, intolerant dictator. As ugly as this episode is, it’s actually quite a blessing that it happened simply because it reveals so wonderfully the disgusting hypocrisy of the anything-but-tolerant gay community.

  • Jessie

    Your a moron, I don’t think we need to debate that at all!

  • bladetech

    Quick Thoughts:
    I despise these religious zealots who had the nerve to create this app. It’s none of our business how people lead their lifestyle, and who are we to deprive them of their happiness? Isn’t that what religion is supposed to do? Give the underprivileged happiness and emotional comfort? There is no objective reason to pick and choose and become discretionary over who gets to be happy and who doesn’t, and any attempt to objectify religion is insane in itself.
    But Apple is on a slippery slope concerning free speech. I could see a valid argument of ‘it’s one’s choice to download the app, and making it available to the market place is within our rights’. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
    Alright, I vented, back to work.

  • CharliK

    The trouble in this case is that the text in the app could be bordering on hate speech, which is not clearly protected. Which could be why it was pulled.

    As for a statement from Apple, I won’t be shocked if they don’t make one. Pulling the app could be their statement. And remember, they have from day one reserved the right to pull any app they wish. So why spell it out. Assume intelligence and assume the people can figure it out themselves

  • Andrew Hanson

    LOL! Thanks for proving my point.

  • God hates your hate

    You are hereby given permission to stew in your own hate filled juices. I grant you this gift, but I hereby vote you off the human race.

  • cavinsays

    As much as I agree these views are damaging, as they were damaging to me growing up gay in the Bible Belt, I still think it’s their right to state their opinion. The information is still going to be available whether or not it’s in the AppStore. If people really want to find it, they will.

  • God hates your hate

    Your premise is empty. The same argument can be used to justify a KKK app, or a Neo Nazi app. You can get that in the same cesspool that child pornography is viewed as “freedom of Expression”. Enjoy those savory hate filled juices you are soaking in.

  • fred


    You can’t debate christians as they don’t share a common basis in logic. It is like debating a 3 year old.

  • Donplotner

    If you don’t like the app then don’t download it, why petition Apple to pull it. If homosexuals are indeed born homosexual then the app wont work and will not sell.

  • Ben Morton

    A real debate? There is no debate needed. “Conversion therapy” is debunked, pseudo-scientific, unhealthy torment that is opposed by ALL medical and psychological institutions. Suicide; isolation; and “relapse” correlate strongly with victims who are tormented into suppressing their biological sexual identity.

    As such – there is absolutely no place for such a provably unhealthy and failed pseudo-science in Apple’s AppStore. That is not “censorship”. Exodus International are free to continue their agenda of psychologically tormenting innocent homosexuals into thinking they are flawed elsewhere. They are just not welcome on a modern, civilised platform.

  • Donplotner

    Just how does this app do harm?

  • Ben Morton

    Because the practice Exodus International condone is an unhealthy, pseudo-scientific bogus practice that leads to depression, suicide and isolation? It is a matter of principle to remove it; because it sends a very disturbing message into the minds of innocent LGBT youth that they are “flawed”. Every single medical and psychological institution oppose “conversion therapy”, and there are hundeds of stories on youtube of victims from this disgusting cult and their agenda.

    Furthermore – this isn’t a matter of censorship. No one has stopped Exodus International and their attempt to demonse LGBT individuals. They are free to continue their agenda elsewhere. Apple are a private company and have every right to regulate the content available on their systems; and they most certainly have the right to remove a dangerous, false, misleading, and provably pseudo-scientific agenda from their store.

    This is a victory. A victory of truth, reason, and science. We irrevocably tend towards a society of enlightenment; where bigotry and mythology and superstition are dismissed to the trash.

  • ~ free speech issue

    freedom of speech does not apply to corporations. Apple can do whatever it wants. If Exodus finds someone to publish its program fine, freedom of speech legislation forces no one to listen to or support anyone especially corporations having to sell a particular product…its a free market not a forced one…thank Amun-Ra!

  • Jack

    Toby, listen… maybe no one has told you yet, but apps don’t have sex with each other. They can’t be gay or straight. Please stop being silly. Thanks.

    Also, Apple is a business not a government. They don’t have to let any app they don’t like in, nor do they have to keep any app that causes them problems. Publishers, game designers, music producers, etc. all get to decide on content. None of them are legally or morally responsible to keep all apps.

  • Donplotner

    How can you justify relating your plight to those of African Americans?

  • Schoogie2

    So, so true. Fundamentalism, whether Christian, Muslim or any other religion demands blind belief in whatever doctrine the religion subscribes. It make it impossible for people with a fundamental belief system to even hear the facts much less consider them. It is truly the antithesis of consciousness…which is ironic considering that is actually what all the great religions point to. Fundamentalism is ultimate distortion of reality.

  • just dropping by

    They’re both civil rights issues. Both come from oppression, ignorance and deep-rooted bigotry. When was the last time you picked up a newspaper?

  • just dropping by

    “Isn’t that what religion is supposed to do?” Your view of religion could be considered intolerant. I hope that you’re referring to fundamentalists and extremists, otherwise the thought of <gasp> gay folks who practice various religions might make your head exploder. Just sayin’… :)</gasp>

  • menelson

    There is NO medical or scientific proof that homosexuality is anything more than a choice. The TRUTH that won out is the conjecture and bullying of the vocal minority and not based on anything remotely factual, truthful or sane.

    Fear is driving this issue – fear of both homosexuality and hetrosexuality. IF we were all adult about this we would leave our sexuality in the bedroom where it belongs and get on with our lives.

    Acceptance is a two way street – and accepting that people have different views is no different than people having different attractions. Get off your hypocritical soap box and take a look at the intolerance you are encouraging.

  • Donplotner

    How does this app do any of these things. Does it tell you if you are gay, you should kill yourself, you are worthless and that you should live a live of isolation?

    I do agree with you that Apple has the right to do what ever they want with their app store, the own it and can sell or provide any app they want. But my question is and will remain, what exactly about the content of this app is so objectionable to the GLBT community?

    Are you trying to telling us that this app cannot help a confused person struggling with their sexuality? What if a person is strait, but confused? Are you saying that that is not a possibility?

    How do you consider this a victory when Apple was bullied into removing this app?

  • Schoogie2

    Sexual orientation is not a choice just as skin color is not. Was it your choice to be heterosexual?

  • Morgan

    Sure – publish a book about pedophilia – if we use the homosexual rational then they are born with that particular sexual disposition and it should be acceptable. I mean who are we to use any type of moral argument against anything if we are going to excuse any deviant behavior.

  • Mo

    OK – so can we push Apple to pull any of the LGBT Apps? They are extremely harmful and full of utter lies.They are determined harmful by a wide array of psychological and medical professionals. The entire “movement” is nothing more than a cult mentality – void any moral compass.

  • Donplotner

    Question. Does a person in the United States of America have the right to be gay? The answer is yes.

    Did an African American always have the same rights as other Americans? The answer is no.

    civil rights?
    –plural noun ( often initial capital letters )
    rights to personal liberty established by the 13th and 14th Amendments to the U.S. constitution and certain Congressional acts, especially as applied to an individual or a minority group.
    the rights to full legal, social, and economic equality extended to blacks.

    So again I will ask, how do you justify your plight with those of African Americans?

    You may think that I don’t read newspapers, but I do know how to read.

  • Kate

    >This would be similar to let’s say, a group of “white folks” getting a petition signed by a bunch of racist white supremacists saying that they oppose a “black folks” app and then apple listening to them and removing it.

    Erm, not exactly. It’d be more like a bunch of “black folks” (and white people who support their rights) signing a petition to oppose a “white folks” app that claims to cure the black folks of their “unfortunate color choice of skin color” through psychological torture. Pretty sure Apple wouldn’t have to pull that one, because it’d never make it into the App Store to start with.

  • Schoogie2

    There actually is a veritable consensus among the medical and mental health professions that sexual orientation is not a choice. The problem is that people with fundamental beliefs cannot even consider facts as they exist, if the facts contradict their belief system. Your solution is to simply believe what you are told without truly looking at the best scientific evidence that exists.

    Gay people are not afraid of heterosexuals. In fact, they are our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and coworkers. Many heterosexuals would like to resolve the silliness of making this into a big deal and allow gay citizens to get on with their lives and have the same rights as heterosexuals.

  • Dilbert A

    sooooo that means heterosexuality is a choice too, no?

    sooooo everyone has a choice.

    sooooo what’s the problem?


    heterosexuality is BIOLOGICAL?!

    well that just superstitious nonsense. we already know all there is to know about nature and the universe. it’s in the good book.


    if homosexuality was natural SOMEONE WOULD SEEN IT IN NATURE BY NOW!

    o, and the earth was created in 7 days.

  • kel

    I don’t support what this app does but, principle is principle… This app shouldn’t of been yanked.. There was nothing in Apple’s policy that stated that.

    Plus, Apple has a horrible app policy. Vlc, google voice and many others are yanked simply because “apple doesn’t like them”.

    Kind of like a ‘walled Garden’. Apple controls the in and out of the app store way too much and they use the excuse “content control” to cover it up.

  • Schoogie2

    Ummmm….if you read newspapers you might know that gay individuals do not have the right to marry their same-sex partner. Maybe this doesn’t seem significant to you but their are many rights and privileges afforded to married couples that gay couples are not afforded.

  • Wolfsangel_Slade

    i loved the “4+ for no objectionable content”
    sorry, i am a Christ like individual who grew up in the church(private school) and as i pointed and proved in bible studies, there is a lot of objectionable miss use of the bible, so no, its objectionable content in my opinion.

  • Dilbert A


    o, and one more thing…


    that’s the sound of apple booting your app;-)

  • Dilbert A


  • kel

    Your his comment to Comparing pedofilia… Comon

    By your logic, you would support incest.

    Apple has a history of pulling apps that DO NOT do harm, they control the ins and outs of the market and its absolutely unfair.

    vlc, voice, flac players and anything that does more interesting stuff than the everyday fruitless app

  • Wolfsangel_slade

    “The problem is that people with fundamental beliefs cannot even consider facts as they exist, if the facts contradict their belief system. Your solution is to simply believe what you are told without truly looking at the best scientific evidence that exists.” partially due to the fact that logic and faith cannot work together… they are opposing forces. logic uses facts and truth values to apply claims as true or untrue, faith considers itself true even if there is opposing information.

  • Dilbert A

    now now. i don’t think we need to resort to name calling.

    he’s just severely misguided, misinformed, and perhaps poorly educated.

  • kel

    That’s why Apple is to blame.

    Apple has had a history of removing apps it simply does not like, from netgear to google, big corporations find Apple’s way of handling products completely overruling and unfair.

    They make great products, don’t get me wrong, but their way of selling products to people who have close to no idea what they are doing is really mind-dumbing. Apple simply removing products because ‘they don’t like it’ conflicts with business ethics.

  • kel

    I wouldn’t mind KKK apps or Neo Nazi apps.

    I wouldn’t mind Nazi Marches in skokie either. I understand people will have emotional uproars, but freedom of speech comes with consequences.

  • TerrorBite

    “IF we were all adult about this we would leave our sexuality in the bedroom where it belongs and get on with our lives.”

    Hear hear! I don’t go around flaunting my sexuality, whatever it might be. I had a gay friend who did, he used it like his identity in fact: “Hi I’m Harry* and I’m gay!” Good for you, but keep it in your pants please! This just annoys me. Imagine meeting a stranger on the street who introduced themselves as “Fred and I’m straight”. What would you think? Sexuality should stay in the bedroom and nobody should care what another’s sexuality is unless they actually want to have sex with them.

    *Name has been changed

  • moehong

    People who have gone through anti-gay “cure” programs have almost a seven times higher rate of suicide than straight or gay people who embrace their identity. By allowing this application, Apple was silently but tacitly endorsing this, agreeing that suicide is a viable alternative to homosexuality. That is an abhorrent idea.

    It’s up to all of us to make the world we live in a better place. One way of doing that is to accept our friends and family members no matter what their sexual identity.

  • Bob

    If none else it sets a murky precedence. Just like last year when south park was censored for a muhammed reference…

    In the end freedom of expression is a two way street, you can change the channel or download a different app if it doesn’t agree with your lifestyle. You can decide what content you consume-if there is a need/desire for an app even for one person let it fly, the downloads that it receives will be the judge to the developers, if you don’t want an app delete and go on with your life.

  • Donplotner

    How does this relate to my question? African Americans could and still can marry? Again I will ask my question, how is the plight of the GLBT community the same to African Americans?

    You just gave me an example of how they are different I am asking how they are the same?

    What rights do a married couple have the a GLBT person do not have? There are 27 rights in the constitution, how many of those rights does a GLBT person not have? The answer, 0.

    A GLBT person has all of the 27 rights, provided they are American Citizen, a married strait couple.

    Rights are inalienable.

    in·al·ien·a·ble? ?
    [in-eyl-yuh-nuh-buhl, -ey-lee-uh-] Show IPA
    not alienable; not transferable to another or capable of being repudiated: inalienable rights.


  • Kate

    It’s in the preamble. The pursuit of happiness.

  • codymws

    Usually I’d go all “Apple sucks! They pull just about every other app!” then say something like “GO ANDROID!” but I think Apple was right on this one. I signed the thingy….

  • Rileybdarby

    It tells LGBT members that they’re not good enough for society to accept them for who they are and that they must change themselves for enlightenment. They can’t change who they are and their sexual orientation so they feel bad about themselves. This can lead to the suicides that have happened to those put in this type of situation by these groups that can’t learn to accept those as they are.

  • realchrisjones

    The totalitarian left always tries to censor things they don’t agree with. Apple being the leftist company that it is eventually caves to their demands. It sounds like a stupid app anyway. So how about people who don’t like it don’t buy it. Why is the mere presence of the app something that cannot be allowed? What are people afraid of? It’s not like the app is actually going to have an effect on someone’s sexuality. It’s ridiculous. But not allowing it to be sold is also ridiculous.

  • Dilbert A

    and there you go. for you it’s deviant.

    you actually believe that on ANY level homosexuals and pedophiles are related.

    soooooo how exactly?

    waitdontanswerthat, i know. they both don’t want to fuck you.

    interracial marriage is “deviant”. so is speaking out against injustice.

    when the mythical Mohammad, …i’m sorry Moses decided to break camp with the Prime Minister, i’m pretty sure those men with the headdress though he was a deviant sommbitch.

    and what would you know about the “homosexual rational” other than which you have been told. unless your gay, and your suppressing your sexuality. in which case, please explain that rather stunning assertion that gays find child rape acceptable. i should hope you don’t. maybe you just pull that one out of your ass.

    “There are two kinds of Christian morals, one private and the other public. These two are so distinct, so unrelated, that they are no more akin to each other than are archangels and politicians.”

    – Mark Twain
    an excerpt from “Taxes and Morals”
    a speech delivered January, 22 1906

  • Dilbert A

    “Your his comment to Comparing pedofilia… Comon

    By your logic, you would support incest.

    Apple has a history of pulling apps that DO NOT do harm, they control the ins and outs of the market and its absolutely unfair.”

    Kel, i’m having a hard time understanding your comments, but i’m going to give it a try.

    here we go.


  • Dilbert A


    holly crap!!!

    what are the lies? can you name some the ones you saw in the app?

    o, and can you provide some links to 1 or 2 of those “wide array of psychological and medical professionals” medical journals or papers?
    but not the 700 Club or Jim Jones Online aka those links never work.


  • Dilbert A

    “They make great products, don’t get me wrong, but their way of selling products to people who have close to no idea what they are doing is really mind-dumbing.”

    “Apple simply removing products because ‘they don’t like it’ conflicts with business ethics.”

    “mind-dumbing” indeed Kel

  • Dilbert A
  • Dilbert A

    “… This app shouldn’t of been yanked.. There was nothing in Apple’s policy that stated that.”

    App Store Review Guidelines

    The app approval process is in place to ensure that applications are reliable, perform as expected, and are free of explicit and offensive material. We review every app on the App Store based on a set of technical, content, and design criteria. This review criteria is now available to you in the App Store Review Guidelines. These guidelines are designed to help you prepare your iOS and Mac OS X apps for the approval process.

    The App Store Review Guidelines provide rules and examples across a range of development topics, including user interface design, functionality, content, and the use of specific technologies. Ensure your apps comply with the App Store Review Guidelines before submitting them for review.

    App Store Review Guidelines for iOS apps

    Kel, it’s pretty clear you want android os on apple products.

    so why don’t you just go android.

    what you’re doing amounts to complaining about Burger King not selling a Big Mac.

  • Ben Morton

    Read this slowly and carefully: Conversion therapy is a false, deceitful, non-scientific practice opposed by all medical and psychological communities – because it doesn’t work and causes more harm than good, as proven by all available evidence.

    Of all statistics and research available, there is zero to support that conversion therapy is successful. In fact, all the available evidence proves that conversion therapy is bogus; and that all it does is subject innocent people to psychological torment; creating guilt and anxiety depression.

    For example, examine how much “conversion therapy” fails by some of the statistics here:


    – Or if you want some anecdotal experiences, search youtube for the victims of Exodus International.

    – Or google “suicide conversion therapy”.

    The simple truth is that what Exodus International advocates is a cult-like practice of using “magic” and peer pressure into forcing victims into suppressing their sexual identity. They don’t help “confused” people – they tell them they are flawed and need “correcting”. A person who is confused with their sexual attractions does not need to be told they are wrong, evil, or “against God’s will”. That merely worsens their problems, not improves them.

    Applause for Apple for standing up for what is right: That under no circumstances should a bigoted, hateful, and 100% provably unscientific agenda be supported on a modern communications platform.

    Rejoice, for… as the saying goes.. Truth Wins Out.!

  • minimalist1969

    What makes you think the App Store is supposed to be fair?

    It’s unfair that Wal-Mart chooses to sell certain things in their stores but not others (many times for moral or community standard reasons). Same with Barnes & Noble, Target, and just about every other retailer in the world. These stores don;t exist in order that they can act as soapboxes for fringe causes. They exist to make money by serving the market. When the market speaks (and 140K signatures is exactly that) these store’s respond.

  • Dilbert A

    i agree. that pos app should’ve never been approved.

  • minimalist1969

    VLC was yanked because a few open source ideologues didn’t like the VLC app being on the app store with DRM. Apple responded by removing the app as they were required to do when such a complaint is received.

  • Ben Morton

    Actually; there is innumerable evidence to support biological aspects of sexuality. It’s just that individuals who base their reasoning on mythology tend to ignore that which contradicts them.

    Indeed – for you to suggest that sexuality is a simple choice is rather laughable. Embarrassingly ludicrous, even… Because you have just implied you choose what gender to be attracted to. Really? How amazing. Can you please demonstrate that immediately then – and immediately find the opposite sex repulsive, and the same sex extremely arousing. It’s a simple choice, apparently, so come on. Find your same sex attractive. Right now. Immediately. It’s a CHOICE, right?

    Hmmm… Having difficulty eh?


    One thing you said is correct though. Fear of homosexuality most certainly drives Exodus International. Their perverted agenda to torment and harass innocent LGBT is based on fear that being gay is “wrong”.

    Lastly – acceptance most certainly is a two way street. Exodus International are free to continue their message on their own platforms. They are not welcome on Apple, because Apple is a modern civilised company. People who use Apple products are progressive, modern, young, affluent, etc – many gay. Such an archaic and hateful agenda (that is 100% bogus, doesn’t work, and harmful) as Exodus International has no place there.

    Would gay parades be appropriate in churches? No.
    Is Exodus International appropriate on the App Store? No.

    Acceptance is a two way street. It is heart warming that religious bigots are finally starting to be forced into realising they do not have unlimited power to harass others.

  • minimalist1969

    Um, where does in the constitution does it guarantee us all the right to publish our apps in private stores? I think you might need to revisit what “freedom of speech” really means. It’s not a flag you get to wave when a business transaction doesn’t go as you would like it to.

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    the same as US constitution declares that ( enslaved FREE people ) Africans are 3/4 human only?

    Why people fear homosexuality?
    I mean why fear a sexual orientation IF it is not yours and IF you have nothing to hide?

    I doubt.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    To bad the same kind of pressure isn’t levied when it concerns Chinese workers jumping off buildings. I guess the western world has it’s priorities and third world sweatshops used by big business isn’t one of them. It’s good to see that some people in the Apple world are taking an active roll in human rights though. So tell me Martinelli considering an example has been made concerning hate mongering against sexual orientation does this also mean that apps such as Bible Thumper will also be pulled from the app store? Considering Bible Thumper openly discriminates against the Christian religion and the definition of racism covers discriminatory behavior against someones creed I would think apps like Bible Thumper would also be pulled. Or am I wrong in my assumption that everyone no matter what race, gender, sexual orientation OR CREED should be equally treated with the same respect? I’m curious to hear your thoughts Martinelli.

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    It is quite sad that the ones who demand tolerance for their beliefs display intolerance towards those that hold different beliefs than them.

    It makes me very sad that we all can’t just disagree with each other in a loving way, and be tolerant of each other’s beliefs…however passionate they are held.

    Shame on you.

  • Notgay

    “which is not clearly protected.”

    Except even hate speech is clearly protected under the First Amendment. See R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul 505 U.S. 377 (1992). Not that it’s relevant to Apple’s decision, seeing as it’s a private company.

  • Notgay

    “which is not clearly protected.”

    Except even hate speech is clearly protected under the First Amendment. See R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul 505 U.S. 377 (1992). Not that it’s relevant to Apple’s decision, seeing as it’s a private company.

  • Ija

    What happen to free speech?

  • the Great Offender

    If it’s purely biological, and there is no aspect of choice, I’m trying to figure out how many identical twins manage to have different sexual orientations. Weird…

  • Aeshaettr

    God you are ignorant! Nature is full of gay couples, dolphins have lifelong partners that often happens to be of the same sex, and don’t tell me you never saw male dogs humping other male dogs…well that’s gay behaviour mate!

    get used to it !

  • Karl Arsch

    Shameful how you fanboys cry for censorship and still feel righteous. Please get out of my internet.

  • zato

    Today will be a good day at CNet and Exodus International. Nothing brings is the clicks like an Apple App pulled story. The online Apple hater/creeps are probably good for 50K-100K clicks. Exodus International friends and supporters should bring in another 50K clicks. Exodus International will be known all over the country. They probably wrote the app knowing it would be pulled or rejected. Apple is being used by sick, egoistic, and self-righteous people.

  • Shea Laverty

    Methinks your sarcasm detector is broken.

  • Bogie635

    Biology doesn’t necessarily equal genetics. There is some evidence to suggest that exposure to different levels of the female hormone oestrogen in the womb, passed via the placenta and umbilical cord, can affect how the child’s brain develops and may affect eventual sexual orientation. This accounts for the examples of different sexual orientation in identical twins.

    Studies have also suggested that the more male children a woman has, the more likely the youngest of them will grow up to be gay.

  • JDWages

    Nicole, I’ve still not heard back from the folks at Exodus yet, although it has been less than 24 hours since I contacted them. Suffice it to say, if they don’t setup a petition or “supporters signature” page in defense of their app, it will basically be an admission by Exodus that their app wasn’t worth much. I’ll let you know immediately if they contact me.

  • Arm Hol

    Well this article has prompted a lot of discussion but has completely glossed over a glaring factual mistake. Quote:”145,000 people signed an online petition demanding it be removed. (That’s the entire population of …. England)” I’m pretty sure England has a few more that 145,000 people – more like 65Million!

  • Alex Hart

    There are tons of posts here already expressing my concerns and views about this app. Let it just be said that I am, for one, very happy it has been removed.

  • K Dub

    Ben, the problem here is you are confusing your political agenda (which I happen to agree with) with the right to limit others’ expression. The giveaway is when you say “religious bigots are finally starting to be forced into realising they do not have unlimited power to harass others.” The problem with this statement is this app does none of those things. It is basically a calendar app, video hub, and links to their “literature.” Persons who do not agree with their agenda won’t download the app, and certainly they won’t be harassed. The only people who would download and use this app as intended would be people already under the sway of Exodus. In short, Exodus may be misguided, offensive to many, even dangerous, but the app itself is not. If anything, the harasser here is you, browbeating Apple into rejecting an app from a group you vehemently oppose.

    Apple is going down a very dangerous (and slippery) road here. If Apple starts rejecting any product that is unscientific, virtually every religious app would be out. For example, the basis every Christian fundie uses for their rejection of homosexuality is the Bible. Should every Bible app be thrown out? (I would argue that the Bible is far more harmful than Exodus International towards gays everywhere). There are plenty of diet and exercise programs that are fraudulent shams, that potentially do real harm. Is Apple now going to police them?

    You seem to think you “own” Apple – because you see it as “progressive, modern, young, affluent, etc.” That’s great, a triumph of Apple marketing. But plenty of old, conservative traditionalists also buy and use Apple stuff (although I’ll concede on affluent..) Michael Jordan said it best: “Republicans buy sneakers too.”

  • Ronwp54

    The so called open minded Homosexual community once again shows how closed minded they are. They’re so insecure they can’t even handle this stupid app that only portends to want to help people struggling with their Homosexuality. What’s next, Apple should pull all the diet apps because their anti fat people. It’s this kind of fascism mindset in the Gay community that makes the whole group look silly. Shame on Apple for bowing to this hate filled group. I gotta believe the vast majority of Homosexuals could care less about this app, if you aren’t one of them then maybe this app is for you.

  • Nicole

    It’s Rochester, England not just England…

  • Nicole

    OK, thanks for the update.

  • Jessica

    Those who are saying “I don’t see why they did this, if you don’t like the app, then don’t download it, how can it hurt you?”, I have this to say:

    It can hurt someone who is gay who hasn’t downloaded the app when their parents (or even those near to them) download it and use it to force them into Exodus situations.

    “You can’t be gay, it’s not natural, we can change you, see, this app says so.”

    Several glbtq youths are already put in situations where they would have to live on the street, hide their sexuality indefinitely, or go to these Exodus things to retain parental love. This kind of “well-meaning” diatribe hurts glbtq immensely on a psychological and emotional level: “My love for you is dependent on you being straight.” Sad that parents would act that way to their children, but it happens. I’ve had it said to me.

    The first ammendment, in addition to protecting freedom of speech, also protects freedom to petition. And as a private company, if Apple sees this petition and wishes to remove the app, they have that right.

  • Johannvii

    Also, just because something isn’t a ‘choice’ doesn’t mean it has to be genetic or even biological in nature (there ARE weak biological correlations to sexualities, but all of them are mediated by social processes). For example, going to prison if you kill someone and are caught isn’t a choice, but it also isn’t a biological imperative; social systems direct our behavior, often in ways we can’t simply ‘choose’ to ignore.

    Even if sexuality were a completely free ‘choice’ (by the way, if it were, who on earth would choose to be gay in our culture?), that fact would not make tormenting and abusing non-heteronormative people in any way okay.

    Finally, ‘free speech’ just protects one from government censorship except in a limited number of (unfortunately, woefully vague) circumstances. A lot of people find Exodus’ message to be hateful and inappropriate in any publicly-accessible (and perhaps also privately-accessible) forum, and we have every right to petition Apple to stop spreading such a hateful and inappropriate message. You/any supporters of Exodus are free to petition them to continue carrying the message. This isn’t censorship, it’s discourse; all discourses both include certain things and exclude certain things, and that which is either included or excluded is negotiated by all participants within a discourse. Censorship, on the other hand, is a top-down action in a power hierarchy that is undertaken by an empowered/privileged class in the interests of said class (and often at the expense of everyone else).

    The demands for tolerance of intolerance have been thoroughly discredited at this point; you can whine all you want and play every last victim card you have, but it’s not going to matter. We’re done taking the bait.

  • Emily

    If the application was something like a pro-anorexia app no one would debate it getting pulled. People would be like “yes, yes. These apps are not safe for confused young girls.” But I don’t see the difference between a pro-anorexia app and and anti-gay one. Both apps promote fear and self-loathing. Pulling it is not a denial of free speech. It is protection for the bullied and confused young gay folks of the world. The application is not scientifically sound and could be detrimental to mental health in the exact same way that anorexia is detrimental to your physical health.

  • Crafty Beaver

    ‘biological sexual identity’?

    So they found the gay gene & I missed it…Where have I been…?

  • Nick R. Brown

    And you know this because of your apparent lengthy studies in Christian doctrine and theology? Thanks for once again proving that atheists love talking about how intelligent they are…on one side, their own.

  • Sen Doku

    You’re pretty uneducated. Married couples are allowed to buy homes together, adopt children, their partner can make medical decisions for them in case of emergencies, and when death occurs in a marriage a married couple receives benefits such as pensions, as well as make their partner left behind the beneficiary to their assets. Gay couples are not afforded these rights. Learn your stuff.

  • Schoogie2

    Yes, this is part of the problem. You so take your right as a heterosexual, to marry the person of the choice, for granted that you don’t even know what they are. There are over 1000 benefits, rights and protections afforded by the federal government to legally married couples. If you truly care enough to educate yourself, go to this link:… and find out what some of the most important are. If you only care about your incorrect and distorted view of reality then keep spouting had and ignorance.

  • Schoogie2

    Yes, this is part of the problem. You so take your right as a heterosexual, to marry the person of the choice, for granted that you don’t even know what they are. There are over 1000 benefits, rights and protections afforded by the federal government to legally married couples. If you truly care enough to educate yourself, go to this link:… and find out what some of the most important are. If you only care about your incorrect and distorted view of reality then keep spouting had and ignorance.

  • Nick Bridgland

    Happy to see Apple do the decent thing but I particularly enjoyed the reporting: “Our obsessive checking for it just showed that poof! The Exodus International app was no more.” Couldn’t have put it better!

  • Gary

    Presumably, there will also be an effort to have Apple ban:

    I think we all know what Islam teaches regarding homosexuality. Here we have an app specifically designed to help convert the youth to Islam, or solidify those beliefs. Isn’t it at least as egregious for an app to convert you to a religion that teaches death or stoning of gay individuals, as it is for an app to try to convert you from gay to straight?

  • Cyberspice

    Glad its gone. To be honest I have a little cheer anything anything religious is gone. I can’t believe people still believe in the great sky pixie(s) in the 21st century.

    As for free speech. If you allow free speech you should allow apps that help you find children to rape, apps to help you find women to rape, apps that help you find POC to attack. There are some things in civilised society you should not allow.

    I don’t believe in completely free speech. Minorities should be protected from the majorities.

  • Fake

    Biological does not = genetic, dumbass.

  • Fake

    I hope you never mention your wife/girlfriend (or husband/boyfriend if you’re female and heterosexual). Or your children. Or have pictures of your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend or children on your desk at work. Or ever make a comment about someone of the opposite sex. Because you wouldn’t want to FLAUNT your sexuality.

  • Fake

    Lengthy studies in Christian doctrine and theology won’t magically make evidence for God appear. When you’ve got some evidence for God, then we can talk. Until then, don’t get angry when you get dismissed for believing in non-factual fantasies.

  • Fake

    Yes, because raping children who can’t consent and having sex with consenting adults of the same sex ARE EXACTLY THE SAME THING. Dumbass.

  • Fake

    “OK – so can we push Apple to pull any of the LGBT Apps? They are extremely harmful and full of utter lies.They are determined harmful by a wide array of psychological and medical professionals.”

    [citation please]

  • Fake


  • Fake

    Can a gay person be denied the right to marry? Yes.
    Can a gay person be fired from a job for being gay? Yes.

  • Fake

    How about you fuck off and get off OUR internet.

  • Fake

    Yes, heaven forbid that people be intolerant of lies that destroy lives.

  • Fake

    Nothing. Any other stupid questions?

  • Fake

    Where the fuck were you when Apple was getting hit with stories about Foxconn?

  • Fake

    What’s it like being an idiot who lives in his own world?

  • Just another intolerant bigot

    True, biological does not equal genetic. But “love” and “sexual identity” are mental, not physical. There will be no torment of anyone if they choose to claim some different mindset than before. The real issue is that the only people who get free speech are the gays. If I want to create an app that helps straight people become gay, I guarantee no one says one word against it. But someone creates an app that does the opposite, and everyone’s up in arms. I think ANYONE who says a word against this app is a biased, hypocritical bigot. If you don’t like an app, don’t download it for Christ’s sake. If I don’t like Angry Birds, if it offends me that they are trying to kill pigs and I think pigs are sacred, then I WON’T DOWNLOAD IT. I wish some people would use a little common sense and courtesy. You think anti-gay people are intolerant? Gays are just as intolerant. 145,000 people showed their ignorance and intolerance when they signed that petition.

  • Preston Burford

    You need to research before commenting. I have read a few of your replies and you seem to not know anything about what you’re are talking about.

    Identical twins are not fully identical. While the DNA might be almost exact, DNA does not make everything identical. For instance identical twins can have different birth marks, feet size, finger prints… the list goes on. While you say that’s a reason that being gay can’t be genetic… that’s like saying “being smart” isn’t genetic… well maybe not completely… but partially yes.

    I would like you to actually be a kind human and take an instance to realize that not all people are like you, we weren’t raised like you, and we don’t need people telling us that we are “not right”, because in the end, you are the one who is not right for telling me that the way I love someone is wrong. Yet the reason you feel this way is a book and culture who have killed more people through their wars, than all the gays in the world right now.

    Someone above said that if I have the choice to be straight, then you have the choice to be gay… and I would like you to test it out for a week and see if you body is telling you it’s not right… because that’s what our bodies tell us when we try to make it work with the same sex.

    In conclusion, the Apple store had every right in the world to pull this app, and you saying free speech is not an acceptable reply. If I came out with an obviously racist app that “prayed” for blacks/asians/hispanics, or even other religions, to change… thats not what the definition of free speech it. Free speech is only free until you start impeding on others rights to the pursuit of happiness.

    I guess after you re-read the bible to clarify where jesus says you should change homosexuls, you should then read the constitution and it’s specifics on free speech. Ohh and also the Apple App Stores TOS.

  • Preston Burford

    Thank You!

  • Preston Burford

    I work at a gay club and all the straight men walk in and exclaim that they are straight… while the gay men don’t need to… now why would the straight men feel the need to say it out loud? Ohh right because they are in a place where they feel uncomfortable. Maybe it was the situation, or maybe he did want to sleep with you, or maybe he/you are a douche? Who knows… but in reality… which we all live in… most people don’t say hi i’m blah blah and I’m gay.

    Your friend sounds annoying, and it wouldn’t have mattered if he was gay or straight. Rethink your friends.

  • Jessica Sideways

    The issue is that the techniques that Exodus International DO NOT WORK. They simply teach someone to suppress their inborn sexual orientation. These kinds of “therapies” are promoted by the bigoted religious right to justify their oppression of LGBT people.

    Gay people are intolerant… of the pseudoscience that hurts many gay and lesbian people.

  • Preston Burford

    That’s true… i’ve never been to a lions wedding, or to elephants birthday party, or even to a sharks divorce hearings.

    I forgot that humans and animals are exactly alike… doesn’t the bible say that? How we should treat animals exactly like we treat each other? Ohhhh wait… no we are told to sacrifice them because they have no conscience or any humanity.

    Great point on bringing up animals. Because why would god give them the feelings of heterosexual love if he didn’t want us to be hand in hand with them… and not slaughter them constantly. If you think animals are all heterosexual… then you haven’t done your research. Obviously they have to be to procreate, but when it comes to actual sexual feelings, most animals love both sexes. Dogs for instance hump everything in sight… male femal… human legs. That’s natural bestiality. I had a feeling that’s where you were going with your point right? That god made them do that.

    Also many animals eat their young, eat the male after conception, and even kill themselves… so should we emulate that?

    See the difference between you and a dog may not be much, but for me, I don’t hump everything in sight. I also don’t let a 2000 year old book tell me how i am really feeling. I am not hurting anyone, I am actually loving someone. Show me perfect straight relationships before you come and say we aren’t perfect.

    Also show me a perfect animal relationship while you are at it.

  • Luthor

    Liberalism = lies that destroy lives, so we should ban hufpo and other left-wing news apps as well.

  • Word

    A person did not always have the right to be gay in the United States as recently as 2003. You claim to be literate, but maybe you need to read a little harder.

  • Preston Burford

    you can only study things that have facts. I respect religion, but once you start telling me my feelings are wrong… then your beliefs get thrown out the door. Christian doctrine is not a weapon, but you use it as one. And really… you are saying that atheists say they are intelligent 24/7… pot kettle black.

    Go read the bible again and tell me if you attitude is what christian doctrine would allow. I am who I am am… sadly i didn’t choose this, so as much as you want to debate this over and over… I wasn’t sent to this world to “test” you, I am not doing this to upset christians, I am just this person… just as much as a black person is their own person, or a genius was born a genius. It’s just the way the world is, and YOU are the ones causing the problems. I just want to go about life normally… YOU are the ones causing Drama… YOU are the ones spreading your beliefs on me… and YOU are the one saying we are different, when in all reality, we are exactly the same.

    Go spread your hate on other people.

  • Patric Westerling

    This isn’t censorship. A private company reviewed a particular product, decided it didn’t meet company standards, and removed it from their shelves. Free Enterprise, baby!
    bible-huggers use their influence to try to have gay television, gay …products, glbt-supportive companies shut down. should we exert LESS influence than our detractors? bugger that!

  • Schoogie2

    Wrong. That is why you see such ridiculous claims by the religious right. To claim that the planet came into being in 7 days flies in the face of indisputable facts. I have an M.S. in geology and there is absolutely no doubt that the earth is at least 4.5 billion years old. It has been proven. That life, as we know it, evolved over the past 450 million years is not disputable.

    What amazes me is that in the minds of some, religious beliefs and science cannot co-exist. I happen to believe that intelligent consciousness (or God) put all this in motion. Could the bible actually have passages that are figurative???? Obviously.

    Here’s my solution to fundamentalism: if you can’t accept there is truth in science, then you aren’t allowed to live with electricity, use any modern mode of transportation or … you get the picture? You can’t have it both ways!!!

  • Schoogie2

    I am not atheist. If one does not take a fundamentalist view to religion does that make one an atheist?

  • Patric Westerling

    Scientific data shows that it is biological, not mental. A certain hormone wash at a particular point in fetal development determines sexual attraction in life.

    Sure, we petition for change we want to see; bible-thumpers petition for change THEY want to see. Ultimately, a private company reviewed the issue and decided that the app didn’t meet a company standard so it was pulled. Free Enterprise, baby!

  • Schoogie2

    I was born and raised Methodist, studied the bible for years and can see the larger truths that exist in all the great religions.

  • Bill

    I think it should have stayed up. It was kind of fun seeing how gay of a review you could submit before the censors caught it.

  • Fake

    [citation needed]

  • drakhul

    Those are not fair questions…

    Question: Does a person in the USA have the right to be gay? Answer: yes.

    Do African Americans in the USA have the right to be gay? Answer: yes

    Did an African American always have the same rights as other Americans? Answer: no, but the bloody well do now

    Did Gay Americans always have the same rights as other Americans? Answer: no, and we still don’t

  • Americaontime

    Homosexuality is as wrong today as it ever was. Trying to help men behave like men is noble. It is cowardly for Apple to take the side that anal sex is better than biologically productive sex. Homosexuality is sinister and devilish. New HIV infections are 53% caused by men having sex with men.… This is the #1 cause of the spreading of this disease! Please take some resposibility for your deviant lifestyle that hurts so many innocent people (needlesticks in healthcare, etc.) The much predicted growth in heterosexual cases has never materialized. 30% of cases are caused by heterosexual contact: “Heterosexual contact with a person known to have, or to be at high risk for, HIV infection.”

  • Fake

    “But someone creates an app that does the opposite, and everyone’s up in arms.”

    When straight people are routinely denied their rights and are told they’re sinners for not being gay, THEN we can talk about an app that espouses discredited theories about turning straights gay. UNTIL THEN, you should shut the fuck up and take your bigoted bullshit elsewhere.

  • Fake

    “Fear is driving this issue – fear of both homosexuality and hetrosexuality.”

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Afraid of heterosexuality?

    “Get off your hypocritical soap box and take a look at the intolerance you are encouraging.”

    You’re promoting intolerance of our intolerance of your intolerance! How dare you be intolerant of us not liking your intolerance!!! Hypocrite!!!!

  • drakhul

    It would be nice if these homophobes would learn how to spell and use proper grammar… it would make their arguments LOOK more intelligent at any rate.

  • drakhul

    What LGBT Apps?

  • Fake

    “You just gave me an example of how they are different I am asking how they are the same?”

    Because both groups were denied rights on the basis of something about themselves that they can’t change. What the fuck is so hard for you to fucking understand, dumbass?

    “There are 27 rights in the constitution, how many of those rights does a GLBT person not have? The answer, 0.”

    Are you an idiot? Ever read the ninth amendment? “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.” JUST BECAUSE IT’S NOT IN THERE DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT A RIGHT.

  • Fake

    So you think that white supremacists should be able to have apps in the store where they can talk about how anyone who is not blond and blue-eyed should be deported? After all, you might think it deplorable for them to think so, but it’s not your place to tell them not to express their beliefs about it!

  • Fake

    “I do not think banning an app is going to prevent any suicides. “

    [citation needed]

  • Fake

    Shorter Cavin Graves: “They’ll find it anyway, so let’s help make it as easy as possible!”

  • Fake

    Have you purchased that app and watched it to know that the video promotes stoning gays? Nope? Then shut the fuck up.

  • Fake

    “The so called open minded Homosexual community once again shows how closed minded they are.”

    Your mind is so “open” that your fucking brain just fell out of your skull.

  • Jason

    The fact is simple – Apple doesn’t disclose communications between themselves and developers, and developers are not allowed to disclose communications between themselves and Apple. It’s all part of the developer NDA that one signs when becoming a registered iOS dev.

    We will not know the exact reason as to why the app was pulled from the app store. For all we know, it could be a completely separate issue from the content. Maybe it was a technical reason, or a billing issue between themselves and the Exodus group. Who knows?

    All I can say is this – Apple’s app store is a curated platform, much like *any* other retailer out there. They have standards, policies and safeguards to deal with products like this app. They reviewed the app, made a decision, and will live with it. To anyone complaining about free speech, that is exactly what Apple is doing – exercising their freedom of speech, and their freedom to allow (or not allow) any app they chose.

    If Exodus does not agree with this decision, they are perfectly capable of building a web app that utilizes the iPhone’s HTML5 web browser and distribute it themselves. Apple cannot, and will not, do anything to stop that.

  • Fake

    Yes, we wouldn’t want to set precedence

    Precedents, however…

  • Fedor Golubev

    That’s odd Jessica because I found that gays are very tolerant of pseudoscience when pushing to be considered a genetic race or trying to debunk the idea that heterosexuality is natural (projecting human traits and choices onto animals that can’t even pass the mirror test is meaningless).

    Ideally we would do away with all political perversion of science, but that’s not the world we live in, in this case gays will stamp their feet over Christian half-truths only to push their own, no matter who wins, logic and reason will lose out.

  • Jason

    You mad, bro?

  • cavinsays

    Both your points from this post and your other are valid, but I do think it’s a bit different when the supremacists’ message is a forward attempt at spreading hate, i.e., they say with pride, “hate these people.” Whereas, although Exodus is ignorant at its core, they are not blatantly saying to hate anyone, nor will they ever. I honestly don’t think these people have the sole intent on trying to harm or belittle. It is their belief that gays can be changed. It is white supremacists’ beliefs that other races are actually lesser and therefore deserve to be hated. A Westboro Baptist Church app would be the same — their message is blatantly hateful and should not be in the app store. Maybe you don’t see the difference, but I do.

  • Jason

    I have news for you – Apple’s app store isn’t the internet. It’s a curated store. Lots of stuff is allowed there, yet there are plenty of things that aren’t. Porn, excessive gore, violence against women and babies, etc…

    Remember, Steve Jobs said it best. If Exodus doesn’t like Apple’s terms, they’re free to shop their app somewhere else. Android perhaps? Or even a web app, freely distributed over the internet and onto iOS devices without Apple’s approval.

  • drakhul

    Your name says it all…

  • drakhul

    Cavin, I agree they (Exodus) have the RIGHT to spew their venom if they so desire, but Apple is a private company and they get to decide on what appears on their shelves just like Wal-Mart or Kroger does.

  • drakhul

    best reply I have read all day… LMAO

  • TheYeasayer

    There’d never be an app that tries to convince straight people to become gay, because gay people aren’t stupid enough to believe it’s a choice you can make.

  • TheYeasayer

    It remains in the U.S. Constitution, where it continues to apply to the lawmaking duties of Congress and not the business practices of private corporations.

  • Delafina

    Biological != genetic.

  • Oceansizesound

    You’re an idiot. That same mind set would allow an app that promotes becoming a Nazi and promotes hate toward anyone who isnt a Nazi. Telling anyone they are intolerant because they think promoting Nazism is wrong is beyond the pale.

  • Magicthighs

    – The mental is an emergent property of the physical. What are you, some sort of Cartesian Dualist?

    – Self-denial is in fact incredibly destructive.

    – Only gays get freedom of speech? Have you been keeping up with gay marriage news lately?

    – How on earth do you make someone gay?

    – Is intolerance of intolerant people intolerance?

  • Dilbert A

    lol! thanks Shea.

    Aesh, take a breath mate. i’m with

  • Dilbert A

    no that’s not where I was going with that Preston. The meaning is closer to: it’s natural, therefor it’s no more your business than how someone takes a shit. or to put it more poetically: it about the journey.

    but since you brought it up….

    you’re a beast of the field Preston. afflicted with a deep psychosis in which your existence has some higher purpose. you’ve developed a delusional belief system to cope with your intending mortality, and from this, you’ve structured a rigid world view which excludes rational thought.

    however, if this brings some comfort to you, go for it. I mean, this is America after all. you’re bigoted lies, however have no place in the App Store. you have the right to believe what you will, but not the right to publish it wherever you want.


  • Dilbert A

    damn, i shouldn’t laugh.

  • Pierce Nichols

    The App Store is a walled garden over which Apple exerts direct and forceful editorial control. That’s not news, or a secret, or even particularly unusual. One of the side effects of that is that Apple is effectively the co-publisher of every app… and therefore responsible for its content. They should no more have approved this turd than something from the Klan or the National Alliance.

  • Pierce Nichols

    Concern trolls can fuck right off. Apple is effectively co-publisher of every app in the App Store… and therefore responsible for its content. They should not host apps from Exodus any more than they should host apps from the Klan.

  • Pierce Nichols

    They have the right to express themselves — nothing about Apple’s actions changes that. They do not have the right to Apple’s assistance, however.

  • Pierce Nichols

    Exodus’s core mission is to sell fraudulent therapy. The App Store bans fraud, and therefore they should have never approved it on that basis alone.

  • Pierce Nichols

    Apple is not obligated to assist Exodus in spreading its vile frauds.

  • Pierce Nichols

    Exodus’s primary line of business is selling fraudulent conversion therapy. Therefore, its app is in support of fraud which is prohibited by the App Store TOS.

  • Pierce Nichols

    When did you choose to be straight?

  • Pierce Nichols

    Exodus’s app is fraudulent, and violates the App Store TOS on those grounds alone.

  • Jessica

    ….And I guess us Lesbians just don’t exist.

  • Philip Day

    You really don’t understand, do you?
    your statement “…cannot help a confused person
    struggling with their sexuality? What if a person
    is strait {sp), but confused? Are you saying that that is not a possibility?“
    – there isn’t a “confused“ involved – you are born straight or gay. That has been determined scientifically. The term you should be using is “tormented” because an intolerant portion of society has managed to demonize those born gay. A large portion of that group happen to be religious and continually sends out a message that the way you were born is WRONG!.
    As others have commented, I didn’t choose to be straight – I just AM. Likewise my neighbour didn’t choose to be gay – he just IS – and his torment comes from those who insist-by deed or speech – that he somehow made a sinful decision to BE gay – when he was, oh 13 years old.
    I’m sure gay people choose a “lifestyle”(your term, not mine) where they know they will be reviled and spat on by your kind – hunted down and even killed for their “behaviour”
    Consider this: what if in actual fact, being gay IS a biological factor.?
    A true christian would realize the horrifying things they have been doing. Another sanctimonious group would excuse themselves…

  • Junck

    seriously??? some loser pulled my comments becuase of hetero-phobia!! Who’s intolernat now? Who’s the hater now????

  • Junck

    It’s apparent you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Junck

    Really? That’s mature.

  • Junck

    Funny, the LGBT community always says ‘dolphins’ and ‘dogs’ can be gay. Really? Do these animals also choose to involve themselves in other extreme perverse habits?

  • Junck

    That 2k yr old book has stood the test of time & hate. You’re wrong – you are hurting someone. You only tell yourself that to justify your actions. So….if male dogs ‘hump everything in sight’, as you say… then what about the females? I;ve never seen a female dog ‘hump’ anything or let anything ‘hump’ her other than a make dog. So what lame excuse do you have for lesbianism??

  • Kate

    Since when does perversion have anything to do with being gay? I’m straight, and I choose to involve myself in various “perversions”. One has nothing to do with the other.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Where the fuck was I? I was here calling the resident site’s iSheep a bunch of assholes for acting like a bunch of brain dead dickheads for denying the problem? If you have a problem with what I just posted I couldn’t care less so go fuck yourself.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Dude your a fucking idiot. Go back to swilling beer and watching stock car racing in your trailer. Stupid inbred hillbilly.

  • Marblefoot

    Uh…let me see, sauce?

  • Adambravo

    Umm… what?
    I’ll admit that human behavior and animal behavior are not 100% compatible, but I have never seen an LGBT site propose the notion that heterosexuality is unnatural.

  • Fake

    What is a “make dog”?

  • Fake

    Well, answer the question. When did you choose to be straight?

  • Fake

    You are so full of shit.

  • Tommy

    It is also ridiculous to be called a “bigot” for disagreeing with a particular idea or worldview. The Exodus people are not calling anyone “sub-human” or calling for the subjugation or destruction of a group of people; they simply disagree with the idea that Homosexuality is unchangeable. You are correct that people are born with predispositions toward things that are not healthy for them: alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating, etc. (homosexuality included). The choice comes in deciding to follow those unhealthy urges or deciding to do and be what is best and right. It is not “Anti-Gay” to disagree with the GLBT mindset. I personally hold no ill will toward anyone and do not call for anyone to be treated poorly, but I absolutely disagree with the idea that homosexuality is normal and good for anyone.

  • BKR1986

    By your philosophy, I’ll create a National Socialism app that idolizes Hitler and his Nazi party, if you don’t like National Socialism then don’t download it, it will not sell. I just want a big red swastika to appear on the app store.
    How does it look in that sense?

  • iHate_Is_Back

    No Jobs as well as certain people who come on here are full of shit. Open your eyes and get it right.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    No Jobs as well as certain people who come on here are full of shit. Open your eyes and get it right.

  • Stephanie

    Apple has always been a firm supporter of gay rights. They donated over 100k back in 2008 to the No on 8 campaign. Definitely a sign of our times that we have apps to “cure” homosexuality. It’s too bad this is even an issue in 2011. If we all just took a little bit of time to love and accept, we wouldn’t even have an app from a church that still lives in 1497.

  • Junck

    HAAA! Ooops!

  • Junck

    Sorry, that’s the old ‘Do you still beat your wife?’ trap. It becomes a ‘choice’ when someone decides to deviate from the norm. It’s also a ‘choice’ to remain in denial about living a lifestyle that is blatantly wrong.

  • Junck

    So let me get this straight (no pun intended)… you think just because you are unable to successfully argue with a Christian, you relegate them to the likes of a 3 yr old and insult their intelligence. Hmmm…. sounds like another case of a ‘sore loser’ syndrome.

  • Junck

    Preston – it isn’t hate, as much as you’d like to think it is. As a Christian, our moral standards are held to a higher level. We will all (you, me, everyone) need to give answer to God for the choices we’ve made. The Bible is clear about how people are to be treated; it’s also clear on what God views as sinful behavior. It’s not about who is wrong & who is right; we are ALL wrong, we ALL sin. ALL of us are causing the drama. You are absolutely right – we are essentially the same. The one difference is – some people have realized they’ve offended God and decided to do something different. They made a choice. They asked for forgiveness. Other people just aren’t there yet and may never be. Regardless, we’ll all need to give an answer to Him when the time comes.

  • Kate

    And do you answer to your god for everyone else? Sex is, itself, the original sin. That’s between a man and a woman, in case you’ve forgotten the whole Garden of Eden thing. So why aren’t you protesting people who have sex? Why isn’t there an app to cure lust? We don’t see this much outcry when a “Christian” commits adultery, gets arrested for stealing, or even when they commit murder. So what makes the “sin” of homosexuality so much more important to you people than the ones listed in your own Commandments?

    That’s the part I don’t get, and it’s my beef with most Christians: you don’t even follow your own damned holy book. You pick and choose whatever works for you, and use it to justify your hatred and intolerance. It’s disgusting. How can you seriously claim to have a higher moral standard? What gives you the right to pick and choose what’s moral and what isn’t? DO you still beat your wife and your children? The Bible says you should. Same book of it that says homosexuality is a sin, in fact. Do you wear blended fabrics? The Bible says that’s not allowed. So why focus specifically on homosexuality and ignore the rest?

    And the last time I read the Bible, it said Jesus was the Savior. Not you, and certainly not this awful Exodus group.

  • James_Smith

    As always, the religious reich will stop at nothing to spread their sick beliefs of intolerance, hate, and guilt.Nothing bothers them. Not the law, common sense, or even human decency.

    Then they demand unearned “respect” and a free ride on everything from taxes, exemption form laws, and being a public nuisance.

    Most of the problems of the world are, and always have been, caused by religion. For example, Northern Ireland, the Middle East, and family planning clinic bombing in the USA. Then there were the crusades, the inquisition, and the dark ages. Get the idea?

    Humanity will never truly be free until the black yoke of religion is lifted by the clear light of truth and rational thinking.

  • James_Smith

    Biased, hypocritical bigot? You mean like yourself?

    Talk about showing ignorance and intolerance, you have done that very well.

    Where is the proof of any of your claimes? But facts and logic are not part of your world, are they?

  • James_Smith

    Tell us when have gays pushed to become a genetic race? That’s a typical bullshit statement by the ignorant and intolerant. Do you wish to align yourself with that? If so, stop using terms like “Logic” and “reason”.