Is There An Issue With iPad 2 Cameras? [Video]


The third time.
The third time.

We’re beginning to hear reports of potential camera issues with the iPad 2. Nearly a dozen people have reported this issue so far. Basically, for a few frames, the colors from the video feed of the cameras will completely go bonkers. I’ve been noticing this myself on my own iPad 2 that I’ve had since launch day. I made a few FaceTime calls on it, and I immediately began to notice the issues. It’s not clear if it’s hardware or software related.

Spoiler: According to some people on Twitter, the issue persists in iOS 4.3.1 that was just released on Friday.

I compiled some still images from a recording that I made while inside a car wash. I had my iPad 2 in my bag, and I figured that, since I’ve yet to record a video on it, I could just record my trip through the car wash. During the two and a half minutes that I was in there, I noticed that the colors were “glitching-out.” It’s happened three times now.

You can see the video glitches in my video below.

The video:

The first time it happened was at around 00:35. The mirror and some of the surrounding turned black for a few frames. The second time it happened was around 01:19. The third and last time that it happened was at around 02:08, and it was the most obvious (that’s what you’re seeing from the image at the top of this post).

The animation you see above is of the color glitch frame-by-frame over the course of 7 frames.

The first time.
The second time.
The third time.

Like I mentioned earlier, this happened days earlier during my FaceTime calls. Not only did it affect the rear facing camera, but also the front facing camera. It’s so fast, it’s nearly impossible to take a screenshot in time.

Sure, it only happens for a split second, but this shouldn’t be happening at all.

The issue isn’t widespread, but others are having similar problems. People commented on my video as well as my Twitter account about it. Maybe it’s just a few bad iPads (everything else seems to be great, despite having the slight screen bleeding issue). If you’re also seeing this issue, please let us know in the comments below.

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  • RetroMacCast

    I’d be happier if I had that glitch. My camera just quit working. When I open the camera, all I get is a closed shutter screen. I’m waiting to take it to an Apple Store when I’m near one.

  • Mrjmistry

    Turn it off then back on again

  • Chris

    which means you have to double-tap to see al your open apps, then press-and-hold the camera icon, close it and restart the app.
    Or just restart your iPad

  • Calebc1107

    This happens to me too. Hope there’s a solution soon.

  • Joseph

    It’s obviously a software issue.

  • Rasengen505

    That happened to me and I just quit the camera app and restarted the iPad and it hasn’t done that since then.

  • Clark

    Looks like the processor can’t keep up with the data input speeds… software may fix it, but the camera’s may lose resolution in order to solve the issue. I’m waiting for #3 then I may invest, but I can’t justify a Laptop and a tablet – it’s like have a laptop and a desktop (remember those big old box like things!)

  • Marcus Hammerschmitt

    But it looks kinda cool, doesn’t it?

  • mudpup

    Some people would pay for an app that did that.

  • Cmyjunkkmail

    I have the same issue with mine running 4.0. I got mine on launch dat as well, along with the yellowish screen and light bleed issue too.

  • Benclarkjr

    I am having this issues witt my iPad 2.

  • Hampus

    So you are saying once you get a tablet you’ll ditch your laptop? Seeing how you cant justify both?
    Personally I’d say the desktop and tablet is the best combo, I have a laptop too but it just doesnt have a purpose anymore, why would i ever bring my 13″ laptop that now feels big and clunky with a 3h when the ipad is smaller a lot lighter and have 10 often more hours of battery :p And a desktop simply beats a laptop in every way when you really need a normal computer.

  • Clark

    Hampus – I agree with you. That’s why I’m waiting for a tablet that is powerful enough to replace my laptop… should be only months away, but my laptop will have to do until the tablets improve.

  • AlterThending

    Haven’t had that issue but im sending my ipad 2 back for the backlight bleeding.

  • not in my name

    Obviously this is software related as the picture seems to be saturated aka bright areas of the image are clipped.

  • Mark

    I had the same issue, so I upgraded to 4.3.1… but the problem continued. Then I decided to restore the iPad back to factory settings and the problem has completely gone. Not exactly a satisfying “fix”, but it has worked in my circumstance.

  • aramishero

    This is absolutely make up story. I don’t have any problem at all…

  • guest

    Just because you don’t have a problem doesn’t mean others don’t as well.

  • Ztd3104

    Software issue

  • BigBobbaLoo

    I had this happen as well. A reboot appeared to fix the issue. Definite software glitch.

  • JeeBee

    Looks like a post-processing issue – some filter or enhancement is funking out and not handling over/underflow correctly, or something similar.

  • CharliK

    If you are having this kind of problem, book a tech appointment and take the freaking thing back. This is the kind of thing that Apple wants you to do a return/swap for. Getting their hands on the devices is what allows them to fix the issue faster. Even if it is only a handful of folks.

    I had a similar camera issue and barely said “the camera seems to be glitchy” and the genius was jumping to swap my ipad.

  • CharliK

    If you are having this kind of problem, book a tech appointment and take the freaking thing back. This is the kind of thing that Apple wants you to do a return/swap for. Getting their hands on the devices is what allows them to fix the issue faster. Even if it is only a handful of folks.

    I had a similar camera issue and barely said “the camera seems to be glitchy” and the genius was jumping to swap my ipad.

  • Justin Sanchez

    Just a software glitch. If rebooting it doesn’t help, then it’s a one in a few thousand problem, because that’s rare. Considering only a few have complained about this when there are millions of ipad 2s out there, I guess you just happened to be one of the very unlucky ones. I’ve used several ipad 2s already, none of them having any problems whatsoever, not even the more widespread bleeding problem (which is only temporary after the first couple of uses because of fresh materials, it’s not permanent).

  • CharliK

    Most issues only occur to perhaps 1% of the units, despite the boards and blogs often making them sound like major design flaws, so that you didn’t have a problem and might never doesn’t negate other folks experiences.

  • Tyler Hojberg

    -Had this camera issue with both cameras
    -3 dead pixels
    -Intense yellow backlight leakage
    -A pre-dented aluminum back
    -You can’t listen to sound in any third party apps
    -You can’t turn up or down the volume in apps
    -The rotation lock would NOT discontinue rotation or mute.

    …Thankfully Apple is replacing my product because this is the worst quality I’ve ever seen in an Apple product EVER!

  • iHate_Is_Back

    There’s nothing wrong with your iPad you’re just looking at it the wrong way it’s actually an added feature not a defect. The next time you buy an Apple product you should also buy the official Apple rose colored glasses and all possible problems will disappear.

  • Nick Papageorge

    You’re an idiot. Go troll elsewhere.

  • Nick Papageorge

    Mine has had the issue. It’s uncommon but has happened a few times, even after the first time I had it and rebooted it.

    I’ve got light bleed issues as well so I’ll get it all fixed at the same time.

  • Meash20

    I’ve seen this same issue on m iPad 2 as well. It’s an awful camera, awful.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Whats the matter dude? I thought Apple enthusiasts were supposed to be fun loving folk who appreciated a good giggle. Guess times change and unfortunately the type of people a subculture is associated with changes with it. Keep it up dude and one day every ones going to be watching you on YouTube doing the Steve Ballmer monkey dance during a Microcrap presentation. You should really look into letting your hair down and having a good chuckle now and again. Who knows you might actually become likable.

  • Nick Papageorge

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah

    That’s all I hear coming out of your mouth.

    Now, had you posted some useful criticism, then fine. I would have either not responded or done so with some respect.

    But you troll. When you troll, what else do you expect to get?

    Pointless troll is pointless.

    I should know better and listen to what mah mama tolds me, don’t feeds thems trolls.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    LMAO dude you replied to my post within 10 minutes of me posting it. Sucks to have a boring Sunday night doesn’t it? For your information I’m not trolling if I was trolling trust me this whole thread would be inundated with raspy comments. The comment was posted for the sake of a few yuks. Try exercising some humor and looking on the lighter side of non serious issues someday and you might find its an enjoyable endeavor.

  • Haha223

    And you replied within 8 minutes of that post. Sucks to say other people are having a boring night when you, yourself have nothing better to do than occupy yourself trolling informative blogs like this, no?

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Oh for the love of…………READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY


    Seriously you guys have to learn not to take some things so seriously. Never knew you people were so thin skinned sheesh.

  • hdoug

    Happened to mine today. Either that or I was having an acid flashback.

  • Christopher Clancy

    I posted a video just after release. I’ve seen the issue in Photobooth and the camera app.

  • besweeet

    Guys, guys, take it easy :). What iHate_Is_Back initial said was actually funny.

  • Speer

    I wasn’t haven’t any issue with my iPad 2 camera then all a sudden my was really bad . I took a bunch of pictures and it was happen while recording video . Theses camera in these iPad 2 are terrible quality in my opinion ever before camera started going crazy

  • Nick1706

    Same with my new iPad!! Funny thing is to many people are having problems with them that the replacement iPads are now backordered!!

  • Adam

    Yes this has happened to me. On hold for apple’s technical support now…
    iPad 2 wifi 32gb, White.

  • Sharyl

    I’ve had that problem! Taking it in to the Apple Store in a little bit. Apple Support wasn’t sure about it either