Valve Is Working On Bringing Steam To iOS



Valve Software’s incredible Steam platform came to OS X last year after years of Windows exclusivity, and as far as I’m concerned ushered in a refreshing new era in OS X gaming, in which Mac gamers were afforded all the same perks on our platform as Windows gamers have long taken for granted on theirs.

It looks like Valve’s love for Apple might not stop at OS X, though. Valve is now apparently looking into expanding Steam into iOS.

According to a gamer who recently dropped by Valve’s offices, during which time Valve honcho Gabe Newell dropped word that they were looking into expanding Steam to iOS and Android.

It’s hard to say what form Steam would take on iOS. Certainly, it wouldn’t work as it does on OS X, as a digital delivery platform: Apple’s locked that down tight. More likely, it would bring Steam’s social networking features to iOS, or bake Steam achievements into iOS and Android games (a la Game Center or OpenFeint).

Too bad they likely can’t do more. Frankly, I’d live to see some of their more advanced Steam functionality on iOS. Imagine if Steam for iOS could sync your saved games and settings between multiple iOS devices, as the desktop client can do, or even if Steam Play came to iOS, allowing you to buy a game once on your iPhone and also have access to it on Android.