Report: iPhone 5 Enters Limited Production, On Track For Summer Release



With the iPad 2 set to launch internationally on Friday, it’s time to set our eyes upon the next big thing… the iPhone 5’s debut in June or July. Apple certainly is: China Times is reporting that the iPhone 5 has entered trial production and is scheduled for wide scale release in Q3 of this year, which aligns with the iPhone’s traditional late June / early July release date.

As for what the iPhone 5 will look like, the latest report supports rumors suggesting that the iPhone 5 will mostly be similar to an iPhone 4s, with the major differences being a slightly larger 4-inch touchscreen in the same form factor (accomplished by having less room between the side bezels of the device), as well as a metal chassis to make the device lighter and improve antenna sensitivity.

Coupled with an A5 processor and a new aluminum back plate, it sounds like the iPhone 5 — while not quite the evolutionary leap that the iPhone 4 was — will be a bit more than just the iPhone 4s many people anticipated this generation.

[via GadgetsDNA]

  • ryanmitchell

    Can’t wait for it. Already started saving.

  • Barbara

    I just hope that there is a non-contract version for pre-paid phone users like myself. I refuse to sign a contract for my phone and am willing to pay full price for an iPhone outright if I can use it with AT&T or Verizon.

  • Manuel Viramontes

    I consider myself an Apple fanboy buying the latest & greatest new products but If it turns out to be a modest upgrade when other phones have pulled ahead in the lead I will refuse to dish out 600 dollars.

    Apple cannot expect to be the innovator and maintain the lead when they have been behind the curve within the past year. I really hope they plan to surprise everyone with a phone that can blow all other devices out of the water like the first 3 iphones were.

    Somehow I have a feeling I will be dissapointed at the end of the keynote. Only time will tell…

  • Dinopepperoni

    my contract is up on the 14th of june so looks like my upgrade may come at teh right time

  • guest

    The Iphone4 happens to have the same A4 processor and the aluminum frame,,,just was wondering since they stated it in their informational video regarding the new Iphone4.

  • guest

    So my question was how might the A5 processor differ from the A4?

  • Bdmx3

    “major differences being a slightly larger 4-inch touchscreen”

    That amounts to a 30% increase in screen size. Sounds good to me!

  • Merpinky_309

    that is not an iphone 5. its an iphone 4 with a gelaskin on it. wow people really believe that?

  • Wp

    przecie? na zdj?ciu to tylko naklejone zabezpieczenie na iphone’a 4