Win These Nite Ize Gear Ties, Become Envy of All Your Friends [Updated]



UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who participated! I had a great time reading all your comments. Congrats to Mitchell Chin (youtube user: Sportwin) and Mark Fleser (youtube user: markfleser) on winning a small stack of assorted Gear Ties from Nite Ize. If you’re one of those two people, check your youtube account, I just messaged you!

If you missed my gushing review of these brilliant Gear Ties from Nite Ize, check it out here to see what all the fuss is about.

I love these little rubber-bonded-over-pliable-steel pieces. I use them so often and they work so well, they’ve become one of my favorite new products.

Well, I got to thinking that you, our dear CoM readers and viewers, might love them too. So I asked Nite Ize if they’d be willing to give some away to you, and they responded with a resounding “yes!” So, if you’d like to qualify to win some of these little wonders, you only need to do two simple things:

  1. Visit and subscribe to our Youtube channel
  2. Leave a comment below with your Youtube username

That’s it. Pretty simple. I’m going to pick two winners at random from the comments to win a small fortune’s worth of Gear Ties (remember you must also be subscribed to our Youtube channel). I’ll announce the winners on Friday.

  • Nick Tassone

    fingers crossed!

    youtube username: beecombs

  • jimlat

    These things are awesome!!!

    jimlat84 on youtube

  • rinnshop

    youtube username: kittencrumb

  • mitchell chin

    youtube account : Sportwin

    If I was a middle age man trying to look younger by sporting a pony tail, I would really need these, but since I’m not, I could really use these as my cables are taking over my house!

  • Westerley

    Youtube accout: Kobe3002

    Mac = The Evil Empire! Those who think we’re evil because we don’t fit the mold BWA HA HAAAAA

  • Trevor

    I bought some of these already after watching the video a few weeks ago. They are awesome!

    tmisisco on youtube

  • Barbara

    Where did you find them? I REALLY want to buy some! Thanks!

  • pmatiakis

    YouTube Account: pmatiakis
    I could really use them!

  • Guest

    Please help me get my rat’s nest of cables under control. I want my Mac’s to feel beautiful again !

    YouTube Account: shbracewell

  • cdrawdy

    Youtube Username: panozrule

  • Robert in SF

    robragland is my Youtube username.

  • Big Rik

    Youtube username: thehubbucks

    NOW READ THIS: I would like to win because there is an octopus behind my TV and it needs TYING UP!!!! Thanks for your very enthusiastic posts!

  • Gaurav

    youtube uname – tann81

    It really is a bunch on snake pile behind my TV. Xbox360, router, hard drive connected to the router, receiver, speakers .. you name the breed & its there. Would love to have a few of these to make the snakes behave :)

  • Kieran



    Thank You

  • randall

    FacelessBeauty is the YouTube account.

    I heard that photons have mass… I didn’t know they were Catholic!
    Aha, no matter how many times you hear that it’s still funny :]

  • Alex Acevedo

    Youtube: AuAce15

    need them!

  • Felipe Cordero

    felipesiny (1 second ago) my youtube name
    i alway read CULT OF MAC on my IMAC while eating a BIG MAC ,

  • Josh Ward

    youtube account: joshuajsward

    I have 5 rabbits that run wild in my house — don’t ask! — and one of my simple pleasures is finding technology to thwart their advances. Bunnies are smart and persistent!

  • Jenkinsb

    I pooped my pants, I ate too much corn.

    youtube name = applenewbee

  • Josh

    youtube account: yatesfamilymi

    Would LOVE these! Do I have to be funny, or are you choosing at random? :) Just thought I’d check.

  • carrie

    youtube account: carriedrazin
    EVERYBODY NEEDS CABLE TIES ! especially these :)))

  • Mark

    YouTube: markfleser

    I’m a Nite Ize nut! They make such cool products.

  • erfon elijah

    haha mine too. i hate the snake pit

  • erfon elijah

    i think REI sells them, maybe amazon too

  • erfon elijah

    keep the submissions coming!

  • erfon elijah

    i agree, their stuff isn’t just useful, they put a lot of effort into making them super high quality.

  • pipbonics

    Youtube username: Pipbonics

    I need them because the Flying Spaghetti Monster of cables lives behind my entertainment center.

  • b921a

    Youtube: b921a

    If Cult of Mac writers Erfon Eliza and Buster Heine combined, they would need Gear Ties to hold them back…

  • Sonja Lenning

    :-) Asjata on YouTube.

    I’ve been meaning to try these for a while.

  • dandymac

    TheDandymac on you tube!

  • James Poulsen

    i need more. i got a pack of only six for christmas.

  • Leslie D. Martin

    These look interesting. Zip ties are a pain when you need to adjust your cables, velcro attracts lint and other crap. The only question is cost… – AlaskaHome1959

  • Ed_Kel

    YouTube: kcimek – Hook me up with those cool gear ties so I can make some headway with the dozens of ethernet cables I got running!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tomas

    Ektomias is now subscribed to your YouTube channel. :o)

  • Timothy Murphy

    Youtube user name is thecakeisalie4251
    I love the colors, and one of them would work great for my long hair.
    Manly hair tie FTW

  • Kcassidys

    Holy Wow! These are the coolest things ever to hit a cable snarl! WANT! these make it safe to crawl back under a desk again, without worrying of rogue cable attacks!


  • Kcassidys

    The nite Ize website lists them at surprisingly reasonable prices, considering they are reusable. Not far off velcro prices.

  • Kcassidys

    The nite Ize website lists them at surprisingly reasonable prices, considering they are reusable. Not far off velcro prices.

  • miko023

    Youtube: miko023

    Twist ties & rubber bands aren’t cutting it. Need the upgrade!

  • Craig Brown

    Youtube: DocRyder

    The hordes of chords next to my laptop needs some restraint… :-)

  • Andy

    Pick Me, Pick Me!

    Username: ahill121

  • Salman Arif 13

    YouTube: fishy7988

  • kikofoshoyo

    Youtube: kikofoshoyo

    I hope that you randomly choose me!

  • Brooke Becker Habecker

    My YouTube username is BrookeHabecker. Yeah, so original. I’d love to have a pile of these, and money being tight, I’d rather win them than buy them. Cheers!

  • Bruce

    I didn’t realise CoM had a youtube channel. m0rt75

  • erfon elijah

    and they’re sooooo much more useful than velcro. i used to use velcro all the time and these are FAR superior. especially in dusty situation cause velcro gets so nasty

  • Jharwinbarrozo

    youtube account : jharwinbarrozo

  • Carterh63


  • emmteeproductions

    Youtube name: emmteeproductions

    Everyone at work thinks I’m crazy for getting a Mac… Yet I always hear “hey, can you fix my computer?” “Hey, did you hear about this new virus?” HA! I would love to win to show how AWESOME the mac community is to those non-believers… I mean haters!

  • MaFe

    youtube: mariafer89

    These are desperately needed to untangle the mess that tech has created in my home!!!

  • mikemueller

    my hovercraft is full of eels


  • omniemon

    youtube account: omniemon

    if you would see my cable management you would think it was Pasta Alfredo :)

  • Jamie Ruddick

    YouTube: JamesRuddick

    Audio cables everywhere o.O If not for me…do it for the cables.

  • Kyle Young

    youtube: TheBlackCyan

    I have a backpack FULL of cords, and a hook on my wall I hang the ones I use most often, these would be crazy useful!

    I have no funny insight so I’ll tell my favourite terrible joke.

    Why was the ink drop sad? Because its father was in the pen and didn’t know how long the sentence would be.


  • erfon elijah

    haha. A+ for effort though

  • erfon elijah


  • erfon elijah

    haha nice

  • erfon elijah

    haha i hear that!

  • erfon elijah

    rogue cable attacks: the cause of 1200 unnecessary deaths in the US every year

  • erfon elijah

    haha. geek scrunchie of the new millennium?

  • erfon elijah

    thanks for all the subs and all the great comments everyone. i love reading these

  • Amy Jo Russell

    youtube: doamyjo

    I am always looking for the best cord manager and from all the ones I have used these would be the bomb.
    I love all the information i get on Cult of Mac it keeps me in the know so I can show off my knowledge to all my Mac friends.

  • erfon elijah

    Congrats! You win Mark! I’ll contact you via your youtube account to get you hooked up!

  • erfon elijah

    Congrats! You win Mitchell! I’ll contact you via your youtube account to get you hooked up!