Apple Sues Amazon Over Use of “App Store”



Apple is suing Amazon over the use of the “App Store” name, according to Bloomberg.

Apple filed a complaint in California on March 18, accusing Amazon of trademark infringement and unfair competition in regards to the upcoming “Amazon Appstore,” an online marketplace for Android devices.

“We’ve asked Amazon not to copy the App Store name because it will confuse and mislead customers,” Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet told Bloomberg.

Apple is seeking a court injunction on the “App Store” name and unspecified damages. According to the suit, Apple has applied for a trademark on “App Store,” but the application has been opposed by Microsoft. The matter will go before the trademark appeal board.

  • Brandon

    Why anybody is looking for originality?

  • Jon Milani

    Good. I disagree with a lot of Apple’s claims/decisions, but they’re completely in the right in this case.

  • spacespeed

    Well, we all kinda expected this kind of complete idiocy from Apple after they trademarked the App Store name…- Although, I don’t expect too many companies to be free from this kind of trigger-happy suing, especially when they’re slowing down a competitor. In the end, only the lawyers benefit….

  • Deocliciano Okssipin Vieira

    Because it takes work and money!