How-To Hack Your First-Gen iPad To Use A Smart Cover



The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 is undeniably pretty nifty. Even though it’s not much more than a sheet of polyurethane with some magnets in it, it feels less like a case than a gadget in its own right, thanks to its smart design allowing it to function as a stand, as well as the way the iPad 2 has been built to detect the presence of the Smart Cover and wake itself up or go to sleep accordingly.

If you’re happy with the first-gen iPad, you probably wish you could at least buy a Smart Cover that would work with it. Unfortunately, the original iPad lacks the magnets built into the case allowing the Smart Cover to attach… but you can always glue them on yourself

The guys over at Three Russians Used A Pencil have a pretty good walkthrough on how to make your Smart Cover work with the original iPad. It’s not perfect — the system doesn’t wake from sleep when you peel the Smart Cover off, and the stand functionality is a tad wobbly — but it works, and even without the “smart” part, the Smart Cover’s pretty neat.

[via MacStories]

  • Brandon


  • bluesuns

    This is good. However, without the “smart” part, it won’t be smart cover. It will just be merely a cover for your iPad screen. lol. But thanks anyways.

  • Matthias Breuer

    It’s “THE Russians Used A Pencil”…you might want to correct that ;-)