Apple Abandons Plans for Grand Central Terminal Store?


Photo from Trey Ratcliff at
Photo from Trey Ratcliff at

Plans to build a 16,000 square-foot Apple store in the balconies of Grand Central’s main terminal may have been abandoned by the Cupertino company, according to a source close to the M.T.A., who says that preliminary negotiations have fallen through.

Jeffrey Roseman, a retail executive for Newark Knight Frank, posted a tweet on Thursday that backed up these claims, and indicated plans for Apple’s largest store in the world weren’t going ahead: “Lets see if Apple NOT coming to Grand Central, gets as much press as it got, when the rumor started.”

The store was expected to open this September, celebrating 10 years of Apple retail, and attracting some of the 700,000 people who visit the terminal each day. A source for Cult of Mac confirmed Apple’s plans to build the superstore back in February, however, it seems that the M.T.A.’s strict guidelines made Apple’s plans too good to be true.

<strong>Note from Leander: I’ve reached out to my source who said the deal was signed, sealed and delivered. I’ll report here what they say.

  • Red Oak

    The MTA who is bankrupt. Who can not manage itself. The MTA with out of control pension costs, decrepit technology, and union thugs. Thank you MTA.

    How about implementing some strict guidelines to manage your own business.

  • JF

    Isn’t it Trey Ratcliff’s pic up there? I think you should give the credits…

  • TxCoder

    I guess the MTA was feeling Apple wasn’t negotiating hard enough…
    Too many regulations and strict guidelines just got your location excluded from attracting the one company that can save you with the NFC ticket payment system Apple is planning on initiating in their next iPhone / Touch devices.

  • James Katt

    Grand Central’s LOSES APPLE – which makes more money per square foot of retail space than Tiffanys.

  • auto99999

    dangerous place to work not surprised they shelved the idea.

  • CharliK

    Actually at this point it sounds more like Apple did NOT shelve the idea but rather was forced to because of price or some other factor that the other side (who actually control the space) wouldn’t agree to

  • markbyrn

    Just build more stores elsewhere and get on with it.

  • Fredo

    I think they must have been denied a 30% cut of the train passenger ticket takings, which they would have been rightly entitled to after bringing the passengers to grand central :-)

  • Image Rights Defence

    Seems kinda rude to appropriate someone’s really excellent photograph and present it without a credit.

  • whmurray


  • whmurray

    It is an awesome photo.

  • whmurray

    Perhaps. However, GCT is awesome space. Apple does awesome architecture. They deserve on another.

  • Aaron

    That’s a shame. It would’ve been a great spot for an Apple store.

  • hansmast

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    Also, when you goof up, at least have the decency to admit your folly and actually RESPOND to Trey Ratcliff when he has tried to get in touch with you. At least that way you can save some face…

  • Redbull

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    Not at all professional.

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    I have now changed the image.


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