How To Organize Your iPad The Right Way [Video How-To]



So you just got your iPad, and have loaded it up apps. Now what? It may seem like a hassle to hunt around for the apps you want and to page through all of those home screens. Well, there is an easier way. In this video, you’ll find out the best way to arrange your apps on your iPad.

  • Robert Pruitt

    There must be some really elementary users in this forum if they require this tutorial. If so, welcome to the fun & exciting world of Apple. I personally watched the whole thing waiting for some kind of tip or trick beyond normal knowledge. Maybe next time.

  • Tyler Hojberg

    Good video for new comers to the iPad 2 who feel totally lost, but being posted in a website called CULT of mac? I doubt this was new info for anyone.

  • tiresius

    “I personally watched the whole thing waiting for some kind of tip or trick beyond normal knowledge.”

    One reason why I am very reluctant to view any article or news report that is video only. Let me read a quick summary, and if I feel it might be useful or interesting, then I’ll start the video.

  • richlin71

    super basic info, though i did learn 1 new thing (that you can put folders in your dock). the article title is pretty misleading, as if it’s providing info on some new, smarter way to organize.

  • Michael Steeber

    I try to make the brief intro article a summary of what you can expect in the video.

  • Em

    good video mike – keep em coming.

  • Edgeofthewood

    Or you could go through this process on your Mac, with your iPad connected, which takes about a tenth of the time.

  • Edgeofthewood

    (apologies; I got bored after about 2 minutes and didn’t realise there was more to the video.)

  • Dorje Sylas

    First thing I tried on my iPod when iOS 4 came to it. Folders on dock = mega space help. I keep a
    Web (currently just Opera and Safari),
    iTunes for media players (Music, Videos, YouTube, Crunchroll)
    iWorks of file/doc apps (Aji Annotate, Notes, 2Do, DocsToGo, GoodReader, iTranslate/Translate)
    Utilities (Clock, Calculator, Talk Assist, Settings)

    Although Talk Assist was for that one week my voice cut out, in case I had to give a long lecture to a student. I really need to finish moving everything out of Aji Annotate and into GoodReader, that App is basically dead… thanks Aji for your “continued” support of iPod/iPhone devices while you snuggle iPads *roll eyes*.

    I’m blocked from the video currently. If it isn’t in there I’d also give an “advanced” tip about trying to position apps within folders at key places. I wish Apple gave us more control over that placement in the folder grid.

    For example I can almost get to my settings without looking by tapping far lower right and then up one “row”. If you get creative with App and Folder placement you can end up creating some very neat little two tap short cuts to favorite apps with little finger repositioning.

  • Magila

    what a lame tutorial! any one with IOS device now how to do that. This video is for an older person? WTF

  • CharliK

    “Right way” is rather snooty. Alternative way is more like it

  • jefflyall94

    crap. and you can have 20 apps in a folder, not 16

  • Chris

    great DIY iPad stand btw!

  • lemoon

    So nice video, great job! Thanks alot!
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  • Rigogibson

    I can not believe this is on Cult Of Mac. Either I’m a GENIUS or this is the most common sense advice in the world that I thought every person that picked up an iPad already knew. Hell, maybe I should start making videos of purchasing apps, finding free apps, etc. Come on!

  • Andrew Greenwood

    If thats your intention you fail completely, you should just write articles all your videos are so painful to watch. I’m sorry if you think im being harsh but i would rather just have a nice clear article i can read through than a few jubeled up sentences that provide no more information than the title. Please can the how to page start to get some non vide how to’s?

  • OK

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Bravoo!

  • Garza Kristal

    This video really helped. Thank you,mr.steeber.— my YouTube channel apple guy113