One Week On, Still Long Lines For iPad 2 Outside Apple’s Stores


The line for iPad 2s outside the Waikiki Apple Store. The same lines appear every day, one week after the iPad 2s launch. Photo by Jayson Smith:
The line for iPad 2s outside the Waikiki Apple Store. The same lines appear every day, one week after the iPad 2s launch. Photo by Jayson Smith:

One week after the launch of the iPad 2, there are still overnight lines for the device.

Friday morning, there were 71 people in line for possible iPad 2s at the Los Gatos Apple store, according to columnist Mike Elgan.

Mike called neighboring stores, and was told there were similar lines at stores in Santa Clara and Palo Alto.

It’s the same story at Apple’s stores all around the country. Look at the photo of the Waikiki store above. “Still no iPad2!” reports the photographer, Jayson Smith. At the 5th Avenue store in Manhattan, there’s a perpetual line of several hundred hopefuls.

Most are turned away disappointed. All these lines are for “possible” iPads. Although many stores have been getting fresh deliveries of iPad 2s every day, not all do. Still, standing in line seems quicker than ordering online. Shipping for online orders has been pushed back 4-5 weeks.

The Apple Store in Charlotte, NC, gave disappointed customers free Smart Covers when deliveries of iPad 2s failed to arrive, according to AppleBitch.

The store… told customers the previous day that an iPad 2 delivery was due for the following morning. However, when no iPads arrived, the customers in line, around fifty of them, were apparently offered a free Smart Cover by the Manager as an apology for the mis-information.

Some Apple stores have resorted to telling customers there are no stocks right off the bat. At one store in Los Angeles, this is how staff are answering the telephone:

“Hello. This is the Apple Store and no, we don’t have any iPad 2s available,” reports Twitter user SB ARTS TV.

  • Berri Turtle

    The apple store in fair oaks, va sucks. They have a sign in front of their store (I’m sure that all of the apple stores now have this sign up) notifying customers that the ipad is sold out but will be available in limited quantities at 9 am daily. I got there at 8 and I waited in line with everyone else. The store was obviously not open yet so we were all waiting until 9am. At 9am they open the store but announce that there are no more ipads because they gave out the 15 vouchers between 6am and 7am. I’m not upset until someone else that was waiting in line asks the guy why they didn’t let everyone who was waiting in line know this or at least put up a sign earlier so that no one would be wasting their time. The guy said that they didn’t do that because they weren’t open yet. This is when I got ticked off because then why were they giving out vouchers if the store wasn’t open yet? This was a BS announcement. I now wonder how many of those ridiculously marked up ipad 2’s that are being sold on ebay and other websites are actually being sold by apple employees trying to make some quick cash. I hope that the apple corporation reviews their ethics guidelines with their employees if this is the case. However, if this store really did give out all of the ipad 2 vouchers earlier in the day they should’ve had the decency to let us know. And they should change that sign from 9am to the time when they plan to hand out vouchers.

  • gnomehole

    Show us the xoom lines, show us the xoom lines! (bwahahaha…)

  • Bill

    There are no XOOM lines- that tablet died on arrival LMAO.

  • Tdx27

    Dude you need to get a life. Seriously waiting in line for hours outside a store for a large Ipod. If you want it so much – pay a few extra $’s and get it off Ebay.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    What difference does it make how long the lines are? They’re all going to come up dry since there’s no stock left and even if Apple did have some stock, it wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Wall Street or investors to bump the share price up. The only thing good for the consumers on the lines is that they’ll get some sun and fresh air. Although, they might as well be at a park or something for all the good it will do for them getting an iPad 2.

  • CharliK

    Checked with my source and he is calling bull on the AppleB—- claims. Stores can’t give out product unless Apple approves it and they are limiting purchases of covers and forbidding giveaways of any kind including price matching. Anyone doing it will be fired as it is considered internal theft.

    Also according to my source giving out shipment info of any kind is verboten to the higher level. As in immediate termination, no appeals, with a manager and security walking you out the door. Even just guessing when it might happen, how much, which models or why delays are happening is a security walk out the door. Just for guessing. So no one is likely to say jack.

  • Gbohlken

    Boise Idaho Apple store has had small shipments everyday. This morning (1 week after launch) I arrived at 7am, 2hours before they go on sale. Already 2 others in front of me. At 8am, with about 50 people in line, Apple employee comes out. Says, “hi. We do have iPads in last night’s delivery. We’ll go into back room now to organize what we have, then come out at nine to sell them.” at 8:50, they came out again. “We have a small amount of iPads: mostly 16gig wi-fi, white and black. A small handful of 32 wi-fis. No 64s of any kind.” At 9am on the dot, 5ish employees came took and each took one of us from front of line into store, asked which model we wanted, walked to back wall, and a coworker was handing them to employees from a shelf. I got my wife’s 16 wi-fi no problem. i counted approx 20 iPads waiting behind the back counter. Sorry for people numbers 25-70 in line who had to go home empty. Amazingly, as I walked out, there were people showing up at 9:15am expecting to just walk in and get one, not realizing that this gig draws out a line like Black Friday. Good times!

  • Ladyhawke

    I own a IPad classic, so waiting 4 weeks for my IPad 2 is better than trying to track one down at any store!! I ordered my smart cover and that is coming from Hong Kong!! Will be here next week. My IPad estimated delivery is April 22nd!! Thats fine with me!! Patience is a virtue!! Happy hunting!!! lol!!

  • Russelldjmcguire

    love that the pic looks like my neighborhood apple store in waikiki.

  • Josephi44

    This is my store, lol. I thought waiting was going to be a waste of time because IPad 2s were going to be easy to get. Glad I waited 3 hours on a tsunami Friday now. Wish I’d got 2, a lot of friends are empty handed.

  • Charles

    I’m still waiting for the 25th here is Australia! Hope I can get in before it gets as hectic as it is in the states!

  • Guest

    No chance buddy. The states get first dibs on the iPad. Since the Japan quake, looks like the international rollout will be delayed.

  • Guest

    at least android fans dont have to wait 4-5 weeks. who’s laughing now. bam!

  • E Sizzle

    hmmmm….we can give you a steamy pile of sh*t right now OR…if you are patient we will serve you this exquisite gourmet meal? which would you like, sir?

  • winski

    And I ordered mine on 3/11 at 7:42AM – STILL got a ship date of 4/1…. So nothing has changed…

  • Mark Hosbein

    this line thing is nuts! apple should know better! http://markhosbein.wordpress.c

  • Goober

    I wanted to share my experience in SLC, UT apple store
    After 2 days of no luck, on friday night I arrived at 11:30 pm to a line of 20 people, the first person arrived at 7:30 pm with no promise of an iPad we all hoped, at 8:30 am an apple employee with a huge set off Ballz, in from of over 250 people calls someone out, that had bought “more than their fair share” had been in the front of the line for the last few days, just to gray market them – the old phase “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”loved it!!!
    At 9 am the doors were open and about 30 people that had gotten a ticket with the model were slowly let in, every one else was told that they were sold out.
    I can t believe the challenges to get an iPad, and yes I posted this from it!!

  • NYDiesel

    If Microsoft or Google did this Apple followers would be ripping those companies for that. Why do people who forked over money get told 5 weeks and yet the still have an international launch. Not that keeping your promise is a bad thing but lets take care of all customers who have their money ready. Hardcore Apple fans are nuts, take off early to wait for hours upon hours. Most people spending thousands of dollars online. Love the iPad 2 and am waiting for mine. But you have to understand that Apple doesn’t care about you, just the quarterly sales and stock holders. Oh well, at least I have my Xoom to play with while I wait.