New York Times Will Use iTunes In-App Subscriptions



Despite widespread controversy over their revised policies, Apple has just gotten one of the biggest names in publishing to agree to play by the new in-app subscription rukes: the New York Times has just announced that they are signing on with Apple’s new subscription plan and give 30% of all revenue to Apple if those subscriptions are signed up for within the New York Times app itself.

They’re also launching a paywall to exclude most non-subscriber access.The three different packages all include access to the New York Times website, and are seemingly priced according to which apps you can use in addition to your web browser.

• New York Times + smartphone app: $15 per month
• New York Times + tablet app: $20 per month
• New York Times full access: $35 per month

That’s over $450 a year for full access. The good news, however, is that the New York Times will continue to offer metered free access to their website, allowing non-subscribers the option to read 20 articles online for free each month, and possibly more if you are referred through Twitter, Facebook, etc.

The New York Times beefing up their iOS apps and offering subscriptions is good news, but we’ll have to see about this paywall. That could, in the long run, be a decision that the New York Times regrets.

  • paulbarden

    Its all about the price: I won’t pay that much for a subscription. The Daily, though flawed and of a different slant, is more likely to get my $.

  • poppa1138

    I don’t buy newspapers anymore,I will read free editions or read free newspapers online,I think I will pass on the subscriptions.

  • Arm Hol

    Ruke = Verb

    1. To puke, but to do so in an awesome fashion. To ‘rock’ the act of puking, by being totally not gross about it.

    2. To be awesome, and then puke stoically.
    Ex. 1: That guy is totally gnarly, he is going to ruke, but he’s awesome.

    Ex. 2: After saving the world with his usual awesomeness, Charles ruked.

  • Dave

    not good news! i read the technology part of the app every morning over breakfast, and now i have to pay for much as i love the app, i wont subscribe, its another cost i dont need

  • jkahiko

    $15 a month for full access to the NY Times iPhone app? Please. Not going to happen.

  • Peter

    Odd pricing. You can subscribe to the paper edition for as low as $8/wk and get a free online sub (plus various other benefits) for free.

  • winski

    N F W…. As the Terminator said to the c-store clerk in Rise of the Machines – “TALK TO THE HAND”….

  • Lab

    As someone who has has been a regular delivery subscriber for must of my adult life, but who has let my sub lapse as I found myself reading on my computer and iPhone & iPad more and more, I am delighted by this news. I’m assuming, of course, that they improve the iPad app which kinda sucks right now. But either way re-upping my hard copy subscription and getting full online access too is a no brainer. I’m so there.

  • CharliK

    I love that this story forgets that NYT doesn’t really have a choice. Come July 1 if there is no in app purchases there is no more app.

    So all they really did was go ahead and just add it now instead of teasing it out or as long as they can like the other kids

  • Cgs101

    I love reading The New York Times (and I live in the UK!!) and I don’t mind paying for news online and good apps (hint!) but their online subscription packages are a rip-off. The New York Post is something like $3.99 a month… I’m not comparing the papers… just their attitude towards charging customers …