Apple’s Original iPad Case Works Great With iPad 2 & Smart Cover [Recycle]




I made an interesting discovery today. I took my original Apple iPad case ($40), you know the black one, that the original iPad was inserted into making it kind of like a book or folio. It turns out that my iPad 2 with black leather Smart Cover (see my in-depth review) fits perfectly and tightly inside.

Wow I thought this a great opportunity to recycle something I didn’t know what I was going to do with after upgrading to the iPad 2.  So hit the read link to find out how you can recycle your old iPad cover yet retain the unique Smart Cover and all its magic.

iPad 2 With Smart Cover

I can close the Smart Cover and slip it into the other case. This gives my iPad 2 additional protection on the front, but more importantly on the back as well. Once closed the original case offers adequate protection for the front leather cover, but also prevents the metallic back of the iPad 2 from being scratched as I take it in and out of my laptop bag.

I also found out that with some effort, more than I liked actually, I could slip the iPad 2 in with the Smart Cover folded over the back. I then had access to the touch screen just like when I had my first iPad. I doubt I’ll do that very often because the fit was rather tight when compared to inserting it with the Smart Cover closed. I think that over time putting it into and out of the older cover like this would probably cause the Smart Cover to wear prematurely. However, I think inserting it with the Smart Cover closed won’t.

iPad 2 No Smart Cover

The iPad 2 alone will also fit inside without the Smart Cover, but it was a bit loose and in some circumstances might slip out of the portion of the old Apple iPad case that gives you access to the touch screen. If you use it with care it might not be a problem. Unfortunately as is the case blocks access to the rear camera, but a crafty person could fix that with a knife or some tools. The buttons are also harder to access, but not impossible.

The good thing is I’ve managed to recycle my old cover and it won’t end up in a landfill or stuffed in a drawer or closet.

Now I have full protection for my iPad 2 on the front and the back. Plus I can simply remove the iPad 2 along with the Smart Cover from the old case to set free the magic of the iPad 2 and Smart Cover combination. Finally, I can ditch the Smart Cover all together and use my old case albeit carefully with the iPad 2. All things considered this isn’t a bad idea if you ask me.

I visited an Apple Store this afternoon and showed this idea to some of the staff — they liked the idea. What do you think about it? Have you discovered something like this about an old iPad cover that you have? Please share your experience with everyone by leaving a comment.