My iPad 2 is Being Replaced And Other Screen Defects Reported



The picture above is an edited version of a photo that I made while I removed my iPad 2 from its box to create a gallery of photos for Cult of Mac recently. The arrow, which I added to the original picture, points to an anomaly the most obvious out of a handful of them on the display of my iPad 2. I purchased the iPad 2 last Friday on launch day.

Once that gallery went live I started receiving comments from readers stating that it looked like I was encountering a back lighting issue on my iPad 2. I honestly wasn’t sure what was going on because to my eyes the anomaly had a yellowish tint to it. I thought it was just the adhesive problem that plagued some iPhone 4 users last year. That problem actually disappeared on its own as the adhesive dried and dissipated.

Unfortunately that isn’t the case for me, since according to the Genius at the Genius Bar this afternoon the problem is with the backlighting after all and it isn’t a problem that will go away.

My iPad 2 Is Being Replaced

Apple is replacing my iPad 2, but not right away. Supply constraints mean that I’ll have to wait for less than a week to get a replacement. I’m not overly concerned about that since I purchased AppleCare and one way or another the problem will be resolved to my satisfaction. Apple is good about that.

Other Screen Defects Reported

In the meantime I keep seeing reports that other early adopters are faced with the problem I’m having and other screen defects. For example, additional information surfaced on 9to5Mac regarding one customers attempt to find a good working iPad. They have been through at least four of them and all of them had display issues. The issues ranged from backlight problems to dead pixels. In once case, see below, the back light pushed through the display in the shape of a glowing orb.

Original Image Credit Annotations by David Martin.

While in another case there was a dead pixel on the display as shown below.

Original Image Credit Annotations by David Martin.

The bottom line is this — if you think there is something wrong with the display on your iPad 2 call AppleCare or make a Genius Bar appointment at a local Apple store immediately and make arrangements to get the iPad 2 replaced. Once you receive the replacement examine it throughly to make sure it meets to your satisfaction before accepting it.

In the meantime Apple PR remains silent and unresponsive to my query about this issue. I plan on sending a second request for comment today, but I don’t expect an answer. Sadly, I never do. Apple generally remains silent about things like this.

I’m only returning my iPad for exchange at Apple’s request and recommendation. I’m not complaining about it being defective. These kinds of things happen in mass production. The important thing is that Apple will take care of it until I am satisfied. They’ll do the same for you — all you have to do is ask.

Oh and in case you are wondering I owned two of the original iPads. Both were 64GB models one with 3G and one without. Neither of these iPads shipped to me last April with any defects. Eventually I’ll find an iPad 2 that lacks manufacturing defects and wait patiently for iPad 3 to come — hopefully without the problems I had with the iPad 2.

I’ll keep buying Apple products because I like them and because Apple does take care of us when there is a problem.

So although it looks like Apple has another quality control problem on their hands, which Apple doesn’t care to respond to, at least they are still taking care of their customers.