AT&T Doles Out 1,000 Rollover Minutes To Beggars




I don’t know about the rest of you, but I didn’t get the initial text from AT&T offering me 1,000 free Rollover minutes.  I had to beg for mine by sending a simple text containing the word “yes ” to a  number (11113020) that people shared with me.

I’d heard that AT&T was sending out texts or notices (not sure which) that some of the people asking for these minutes would not be getting theirs, but today beggar or not I got mine as you can see from the screen shot above.

Thank you AT&T!

So what about you? Did the AT&T overlords grant you 1,000 free Rollover minutes?

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50 responses to “AT&T Doles Out 1,000 Rollover Minutes To Beggars”

  1. trex67 says:

    Yep, I just got the same message.

  2. BJ Pichman says:

    When you call the # back they try to sell you their DSL svc. You are not required to subscribe to get the bonus 1000 minutes. For what it’s worth, they aren’t pushy at all. A simple “no thank you” got me off the phone very quickly.

  3. Gmail says:

    I texted yes weeks ago and got the same text today as well. Forgot about it since I don’t really even need the extra minutes. Dd it for the Hell of it.

  4. Rodneyok says:

    Got mine today as well.

  5. DJR says:

    I admit I got them too… but rollover is a brilliant marketing scheme with little practical application. After all, if you use your minutes regularly each month, you won’t build the rollover minutes up. If you build them up, you probably won’t need them. So unless you generally don’t use your minutes, and then all of a sudden need a billion… they aren’t really that useful. Wish I could trade mine for bill payments.

  6. Dave McCarroll says:

    My message says that they will add my 1000 minutes within 4 weeks subject to verifying my account eligibility………………

  7. Djenningsii says:

    I added a second line a few weeks ago and raised a ruckus when they told me that my rollover minutes would be vaporized. The guy helping me out told me about the text and I did it immediately. It took about ten days, but they showed up.

  8. that guy u wish u were says:

    Got mine too, who needs rollover when you can get unlimited mobile to any mobile..

  9. Aaron Renner says:

    I didn’t get text, but sent a “yes” anyway. They appeared on my account 3 days ago, and I got that text today.

  10. Harold Haynes says:

    Yep. I got my 1000 to add to my 4700 I currently have.

  11. Vin says:

    I begged and received…got them today.

  12. Lake Elkhorn Park User says:

    This method of getting free rollover minutes was in a lot of articles/blogs last month. I called ATT and if you reply to this message, you get added to their mailing list for advertising promotions, but you don’t get the minutes unless you were in an invited group for the promotion. I replied to the text message and got NO free rollover messages, although I got the response text message.

  13. Catfilip says:

    I just sent “yes” to that number and the response that I got was: “Thank you. Your Rollover minutes will be added to your account within 4 weeks, subject to verifying your account eligibility. Limit 1 credit per account.”

  14. Samuel says:


  15. The_BORG says:

    Yup! Got mine!

  16. divebum says:

    Just got ’em as I was reading your article. The suck thing is, I have 1400 minutes that expire (that’s right, they expire) in two days.

  17. Barry Johnson says:


  18. Monty says:

    COMPLETELY empty gesture on AT&Ts part. Most have tons of Rollover minutes (I have over 10k myself). I don’t need any more. I’m not going to risk finding the hook later when they jerk on the line to set it. If they want to reward or entice then they should at least make it look like they have an interest in keeping business rather than offering candy coated crap like this.

  19. Pakalo says:

    Got it! Now I have 5,000 rollover minutes that I’ll never use.

  20. Stefen Hernandez says:

    never got the initial text either, but I got my minutes… maybe you just have to wait a little longer..?

  21. Whiskytwo Dot Oh says:

    They said I’d get them within 4 weeks, pending verification of account eligibility.

  22. Rgillman says:

    I got the same message. I am not holding my breath.

  23. Dballering2 says:

    I texted the number and istantly got a message back saying they’d be added in 3-4 weeks…

  24. Scott Coxey says:

    Got it yesterday. Couldn’t remember asking though…

  25. Guest says:

    The Mrs. and I both texted yes to this number and we now have over 2000 rollover minutes! Not sure how it happened since AT&T said only one offer per account but it did!

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