Apple: iPad 2 Demand Is “Amazing”



Speaking to Jim Dalrymple over at The Loop, Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller says that demand for the iPad 2 has been “amazing.”

How amazing? Amazing enough that they’re admitting that there are supply shortages and they can’t produce them fast enough… at least by implication.

“We are working hard to get iPad 2 into the hands of every customer who wants one as quickly as possible,” said Muller.

Analysts are saying that Apple could have sold as many as a million iPad 2s over the weekend, based upon estimated shipping times online and the long lines outside Apple Stores for the iPad 2s launch.

This isn’t the first time Apple has admitted that they just can’t make iPads fast enough to satisfy demand: at Apple’s EOY earnings call in February, Apple COO Tim Cook admitted that he thought they could have sold even more iPads in 2010 if they’d been able to build more them.

Still trying to get an iPad 2, but unwilling to wait the current four weeks wait by orering online? Reports suggest you’ll have a chance to buy an iPad 2 tomorrow morning, if you get to an Apple Store early.

  • Thomas Adams

    Since this happens each and every time that Apple ships a totally new hot product or an iteration to an already existing hot product I begin to wonder if what we’re (again) seeing here is what economics call False Shortage. (

    In case we are not I really wonder why the people in Apple who run the supply chain management still have their jobs…

  • CharliK

    With 18 skus of course they will have supply issues. They don’t have unlimited storage and/or non stop deliveries to stores.

    As for that last line. Well duh. It is first come first gets. So yeah if you show up early on any day there is a chance you could get one.

  • donfelipe

    According to the news Apple may have sold 500,000 iPad 2 tablets on the weekend. Retail stores ran out of the precious iPad 2. This is a good indication that Apple will sell millions in the coming weeks as the manufacturer prepares to ship them to the stores. Apple fans will come out and buy them no matter what they cost. . But the iPad 2 can also be obtained for free on my website if you follow certain conditions.

  • CharliK

    Limited storage and no idea what folks actually want. Unless they are going to drop all walk in sales and demand that folks place reservations that they fill and alert according to available stock, there will be supply issues. Even maxxing out their production lines and store space. Because they have to second guess what folks want. So while in gross terms they could have enough units at any given time, there could be more demand for model whatever than they guessed so that will run out and so on.

  • Phphreak

    In the end, everyone who wants to buy one will buy one.

  • gregbish

    how peculiar, i mean its not like this has before or anything!

  • Leaf

    How can they tell people who have ordered/paid online to wait 4 weeks while at the same time putting more in the stores tomorrow? Kind of seems like those iPads going into the stores are already sold. I wonder how many thousands of people who ordered online already waited in line at the stores once or twice.

  • Allan

    This is a very disappointing roll-out. I just walked back to my office from the pop-up store in Austin. There were a few hundred people in line and the Apple folks who were there had no information whatsoever as to availability. Basically, if you are prepared to take off work you might get one. Apple did no one any favors by not having pre-orders, by not anticipating demand and ramping up manufacturing ahead of the launch and by making it damn-neigh impossible to get an iPad for people who actually have to work.

  • Gregory Yankelovich

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  • Walkinginlight

    LOL!!! Just be patient children..Wait a couple months till all the die hard geeks get theirs then stroll in and pick yours up. Really do you really have to have one right away? Why don’t you go volunteer at a homeless shelter, or even better send that chunk of money you were going to spend to Japan who really needs our help. We are too material in the US. We alway have to have the latest greatest device. Then we go and put it on our credit cards so we become slaves to the corporations. We stay in debt and can’t ever help our neighbors. Having said that I am guilty of this as well. But I am trying to make changes to fix my problem. Are you?