iPad 2 Compatible Camera Apps [First Look]



One of the first things I wanted to try out on the iPad 2 was the cameras. I found them to be nice to have for convenience and Facetime calls, but less than adequate for photography. Let’s face it they suck at photography when compared to my iPhone 4 and Canon G12.  The iPad 2 won’t be replacing either of these anytime soon. I think that is okay, because I don’t see myself wandering around trying to catch that special moment in time wielding an iPad 2. After all it is kind of big, right?

However, the cameras are there and I might as well make the best use out of them that I can. So I launched iTunes and I looked at the iPhone and iPod touch camera apps within my app library and installed some of them onto my iPad to test.

Here are the results.

All of the following apps worked fine during my preliminary testing on the iPad 2. I did not go into heavy testing so some feature may or may not work. However, the gist of the test was to see if the apps could see the two cameras or not.

Out of the 15 apps I tested only two, ProCamera [iTunes link] and UStream [iTunes link], refused to see the cameras on the iPad 2 or just didn’t work. The rest worked fine in either 1x or 2x display mode on the iPad 2. If you are new to the iPad this is a feature on the iPad that allows you to see iPhone or iPod touch apps on your iPad in their normal sized resolution or “biggie sized” for the iPad screen in 2x mode. You simply tap the black circle labeled 1x or 2x to swap between the resolutions. Sometimes apps can look pretty bad in 2x mode, but they should still work okay.

I found that the following apps could access both the front and rear cameras with the features I tested intact.

Although the iPad 2 could make a great camera its unwieldy size won’t make it a camera replacement. However, if it is in hand and you need to capture the moment it would be nice if the tools available to you would support that. So hopefully some of these application vendors will update their apps to support the iPad 2 cameras.

Have you tested any other camera apps on your iPad 2? Tell us about them and the results you had using them on an iPad 2 by leaving a comment.


  • Johnnsen

    I would love to know if HDR enabler works. (Its for the 4th Gen iPod touch from Cydia and unlocks the HDR functionality, makes the stills look a good deal better).

    Also, does Camera+ allow you to import photos from your iPad 2, that you have transfered with the camera connection kit? Would be handy to quickly edit some DSLR shots.

  • Commission Crusher

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  • Sudzmonn

    I would had liked it better with a usb and a SD slot . Something so I could add an external hard drive with and SD for data transfer . I surely don’t need another camera – they’re getting so cheap to buy now ~ ~ ~

  • alternet-14395

    “I think that is okay, because I don’t see myself ··wondering·· around trying to catch that special moment in time wielding an iPad 2.” ———— WANDERING…..

  • Anton

    Does DynaLight HD works with the camera on iPad 2?

  • jessicamagert

    With better performance than the original, and the front & back cameras on-board, this opens up a whole lot of opportunities for new apps.


    I agree with sudzmonn don’t really need another camera. The best thing you can get for your iPad2 is the DISH Remote Access app from DISH Network. With this app and my Sling Adapter hooked up to my VIP 722k, I can watch live streaming content anywhere I have access to a 3g or Wifi signal. It brings out the best of the iPad. I work at DISH and started using this app on my iPhone before I purchased an iPad.

  • jessicamagert

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this list of Apps, it saves people like me so much time.

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