iPad 2 Orders Now Taking 3-4 Weeks to Ship Through Apple Online Store



If you weren’t fortunate enough to order your iPad 2 through the Apple online store yesterday, you may want to try third-party suppliers and Apple specialists if you want one anytime soon, as shipping time for the second-generation tablet has today increased to 3-4 weeks through Apple.

When the iPad 2 launched yesterday, shipping times started at 3-4 days. They then increased to 5-7 days shortly afterwards, before rising again to 2-3 weeks. Now you could face a month-long wait for that skinny new Apple tablet, while the company seems to be struggling with demand once again.

It hasn’t yet been revealed by Apple how many iPad 2s it sold on launch day, however, industry analysts have predicted that a staggering 600,000 of the devices will be sold during its first weekend. Supply shortages across Apple retails stores, third-party resellers, and now the Apple online store, certainly strengthen these predictions.

[via 9to5 Mac]

  • winski

    I ordered mine yesterday at about 7:30 am and got a ship date of 4/1… Just as a piece of personal research, I went this afternoon to 2 Wal-Marts. 2-Targets. 1 Best-Buy, 1 AT&T store and finally to the Apple store here in SOUTH Southern Orange county (CA).. between noon and 1:30 pm pacific time… NOTHING…ALL GONE…NADA… And some VERY irritated folks everywhere…

  • Gedsm

    I recall something about “the early bird . .” My order ack is time stamped 0630 CST on Friday. As of this morning (Sunday) I have shipped notifications on all items on the order via FedEx/Std Shipping. This is my 1st order with Apple since 2E days, and I am impressed!

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