Sexy Redefined The iPad 2 Unboxing [Photo Gallery]



Here it is the iPad 2. After spending long grueling hours in the iPad 2 line at the Apple Store inside of Baybrook Mall in Friendswood, Texas just outside of Houston — I’m worn out!

However, I thought you’d like some photos of the iPad 2 being unboxed before I head off for some grub and well deserved R&R.

So click the read link below and enjoy!

  • Woody

    Is this a light leak on the lower mid right of the screen?

  • mulliganandohare

    Apple, still haven’t sorted the IPS backlight bleed o iPad panels then ;)

  • DavidWMartin

    No light leaks – it was dark here and while photos look better under natural lighting I had to use artificial lighting. I think it was only a reflection. I’ll post something if I think there is a problem with the backlighting.

  • Mitch

    I just purchased a 16 GB black wifi model and it DOES have multiple light leaks in the bottom right hand corner. I thought it was the yellow spots from the iPhone 4 but when you press the side they get worse.

  • besweeet

    Hehe, I spent a total of 30 minutes at my local Walmart for a white 16GB iPad 2.

    I haven’t noticed anything weird so far. I’ve left the screen on for the past several hours. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t taken off the protective film yet…

  • Rigogibson

    I’m seeing light leaks in the lower right hand corner as well, opposite of the speaker input, this on a wifi white. I’m glad I’m not the only one, I was dreading the thought of having to take this back and wait a month!

  • iPhöne

    no earphones?

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