Which iPad 2 To Buy? Get the 16GB WiFi-Only In Black. Here’s Why


iPad 2 with smart covers


Writer’s notes: this handy dandy guide was made with love to help you with your purchase of the iPad 2. If you’re looking to buy “the new iPad” which will be released on March 16th, 2012, click this pretty link for our updated guide.


We’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers and friends over which iPad 2 you should buy. Should you go with WiFi only, or the 3G version for when you’re not around a hotspot? How much storage do you need? And most importantly, how do you choose between black or white?

The answer is that you should get the 16GB WiFi-only model in black. Here’s why:


WiFi + 3G or WiFi only Model?

If you’re planning on buying your first ever iPad tomorrow this is probably the decision you’re struggling with the most, but in reality it’s the easiest choice to make. If you have an iPhone then it makes little sense to purchase a 3G enabled iPad 2 when you can simply tether the iPad to your iPhone using the new HotSpot feature in iOS 4.3, or jailbreak your iPhone and run MyWi 4.0. Why pay an extra $130 for the 3G unit AND pay an extra $25 a month just to use that data connection when you can save yourself all that money by tethering to your iPhone?

However, there are a lot of future iPad 2 users who don’t have a smartphone to tether too. Even so, it’s still probably better to just get the WiFi version unless you plan on using your iPad a lot on the road, or outside where there are no WiFi hotspots. When I bought my original WiFi-only iPad last year it was surprising how many open wireless hotspots exist everywhere, even outside of my neighborhood or school. Living in a rural area is the only place where I can think you might want to consider buying the 3G iPad 2, but even then you really should check AT&T and Verizon’s coverage maps to make sure they have good 3G coverage in your area.

So, avoid the 3G models; stick with WiFi only.

Mow Much Storage Should I Get?:

That 64GB model looks really tempting with all that juicy storage space. Think of how many Apps you can fit on that puppy! However, Apps don’t take up that much room on your iPad. It’s all those music, movies and photos that occupy most of the storage on an iOS device. Before considering whether to get the 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB model you really need to consider what you’re going to be using it for. Do you travel a lot? If so then you might want the 32GB or 64GB unit so that you can pack it with movies to entertain you on your many business trips without having to re-sync new ones all the time. Your average full-length movie occupies 700MB of storage space. But if you’re going to mostly be using your iPad around the house then you can use Air Video to stream videos from your iMac or MacBook. I’m a big music lover and have a 210GB music library. There’s not an Apple device that can hold everything I want on it, so I rely on great cloud services like Spotify for my music, DropBox for my files, and Flickr for photos, leaving me with plenty of room for anything else.

Unless you’re looking to do some heavy lifting on your iPad most users will get by just fine with 16GB.

Black or White?:

This one comes down to personal taste, of course. There seems to be absolutely no difference between the white model and the black model. Personally, I think the white iPad looks a little bit more like a toy than the sexy black iPad. Some people say that the black bezel makes video playback look better because it’s a darker background, but most people probably won’t notice any difference at all.

However, you should go with black. Why? Because you won’t regret it in 6 months time, like you’ll regret getting white. For example, a couple of years ago, I thought the white iPhone 3G was more distinctive than the black. Plus it would be easier to spot lying around the house. But I eventually got tired of the white. It started getting on my nerves. Plus it showed nicks, scratches and filth. Not so with the black iPhone 4.

Go with black — it is classy, timeless, and you won’t regret it later.

Wrap Up:

In conclusion, I think it’s fairly safe to say that the 16GB WiFi only iPad 2 will be Apple’s biggest seller. It’s the cheapest option but it’s also everything that 90% of iPad users need. Some people may have special circumstances where they need that 3G connection or extra storage space, but most iPad owners use their iPad around the house for simple tasks such as surfing the net, playing games, listening to music, watching video and exploring apps. While it can be tempting to go all in and buy the 64GB iPad 2 with 3G and WiFi, most people are going to find that paying $829 for all those little extras is a bit of overkill. Plus, you know you’re just going to want to sell your iPad 2 in 11 months or so to get the iPad 3 when it comes out.

Conclusion: 16GB WiFi iPad 2 in black.

  • Richard Earney

    I have a 16GB iPad 1 and would say 32GB is the minimum. With a few videos I am maxed out.

  • Matt Harris

    I have a 64 GB iPad 1st Gen and it is full. I will be getting the 64GB iPad 2. I have a lot of movies tons of photos and over 100 apps mainly large games that take up roughly 12 GB alone. I also have 12 GB of music. I wouldn’t buy anything less than 32GB.

  • mjselvig

    You go for what you want, what you need and what you can afford.

  • Marcus Sasiadek

    Really good write up, Thanks!

  • Duard

    Buster Heine? Really? If that’s the author’s real name he should have been an adult movie star.

  • Dean

    but i thought the Wifi only model does not include GPS? – Have i got that wrong?

  • Astericky

    I am going with the 32gig like last time…in white. Black shows more finger prints.

  • Craig Grannell

    I agree regarding the 3G aspect of the iPad, but 16 GB is only fine if you’re the kind of user who won’t buy many apps and games. Certainly, if you are a gamer to any extent, 16 GB will not be enough. Already, there are many 1 GB+ games (when unpacked), and unless you’re happy to regularly discard them (Apple does not enable any means of backing up and restoring game progress during reinstalls), you’re stuffed. 32 GB+ for gamers.

  • Forest Walker

    Unless of course you don’t want to sap your phone battery tethering, you work with large files and carry a ton of music and photos, and prefer the white… On top of your music, videos, photos and apps, a lot of people will be creating Garageband projects and editing in iMovie…

    Get a 16GB if all you do is check your email. I bought a 16 wifi on launch day last year… Shortly after I grabbed a 64 3G instead… Could never go back.

  • theman

    I disagree… Have you even ever held an iPad before writing this article? I have an iPad 1st gen – the 1st and 2nd gen iPads bezels are covered with glass and the side and back is aluminum so there’s no way to scratch or spot the whole surface so get white with no issues.

  • joecorbett

    While the WIFI only versions of both iPad and iPad 2 have some location functionality using IP address/known hotspots, the 3G version of both has a dedicated assisted GPS unit that performs much like the iPhone4, in my opinion a bit better too.

  • dj_aris

    GPS might be equally important to some people. Personally, I thought it would be very silly having a 10-incher GPS hovering around in my car, but then Navigon released an update for hi-res displays (iPhone 4 & iPad) and I was stunned by the looks of the app. It might still be kinda silly but it is also very practical and gorgeous.

  • brownlee


  • Scarnox

    The thing with color and white iPhone (that be 3G or 3GS) compared to a black iPhone 4 can’t be used here.

    iPhone 3 series has a plastic cover and the iPhone 4 is glass. So that’s a plain useless comparison if you ask me.

    I get your point though…

  • Nonprofit Tech

    If you’re purchase higher than the 16GB because of space due to content, such as videos; then you should look at apps like Air Video Server before getting an iPad 2 with more storage. Technically, if you consume a lot of video, even the 64GB iPad 2 won’t be enough space. But Air Video Server will let you have access to ALL your videos (well not ones with DRM) and stream the to the iPad. Saving you from having to store them. This can be setup for in-house only access or from the internet. WONDERFUL!

    I’m not a big gamer, so my games don’t take up too much space.

  • brnmbrns

    Your decision to get black iPad is based off of your iPhone? Nonsense.
    I’ve had a white 3GS since launch and I’m not sick of the white. I still prefer it to this day.
    But that’s really irrelevant. The back of the white iPhone is plastic. As opposed to the white iPad where only the front is white (back is aluminum regardless of color). Mind you, it’s under glass.

  • B1937

    I guess I am confused. Will the GPS work without being on a 3G connection?

  • vintagesax88

    DO NOT BUY AN iPAD 2.0
    To see why:

  • bmdonovan

    I agree… I’m also a 3G proponent as well. 16GB and no 3G makes you rely on too many other factors (tethering capabilities, wifi access, your home network, your desktop being both on and running iTunes). A huge selling point of an iPad is that it’s instant computing. Looking for WiFi, setting up hotspots, and streaming everything may be thrifty, but it sort of takes it from being magical to being cheap.

  • Mikescotland

    Its kind of like the iPhone. If you’re going to be away from your itunes library for a while (days or weeks while travelling) then a bigger one makes sense. Otherwise, you’ll probably be OK with a smaller one.

    Being able to stream from iTunes now without any 3rd party app is another reason a lot of users might not need as much space as they think.

  • Jhamct

    How do you stream TO the iPad from a Mac with Airplay? I wasn’t aware that you could do this…

    “you can use Air Play and stream videos from your iMac or MacBook”

  • Mickey

    The article context is “…planning on buying your first ever iPad tomorrow…” and I agree with Buster. New users who are not power-users will probably be OK with the 16G version without cellular connectivity. In Atlanta, open WiFi is everywhere and ADSL users of AT&T get ‘free’ access at many sites, including Starbucks.

    Unless the user is a Frequent Flier and in the air more than once a month, the 16G will suffice for several movies in a round-trip fashion and with ample music to sooth their trip. However, I would recommend the 32G for anyone that is too lazy to remove old movies and do routine house cleaning. I sat beside a passenger at Thanksgiving that watched 20 to 30 minutes of three different movies; clearly this person is using the iPad as a toy and will not do cleanup because they will never finish a movie.

    Verizon or AT&T… like the Devil and the Antichrist… you’re going to get similar treatment from the big boys. I personally think that a personal hotspot device is a wiser choice and then just use that device for multiple devices while you are traveling or vacationing: WiFi enabled Nooks and Kindles, PCs, iPads, etc. The lifespan for the 3G/4G hotspot will be considerably longer than for the end-user device and the dataplans are favorable. The first time my wife played with my iPad, I had to buy her one… same as with my Kindle. Additionally, last year was the iPad, this year the iPad 2, next year the iPad 3… don’t over invest in the toy base price because evolution is an annual event and it is much easier to replace a $499 iPad than $699 one.

    The WiFi only iPad will handle maps locations based on hotspot/WiFi assisted mapping. In my particular neighborhood, my WiFi only iPad “hits” my location nearly perfectly, showing me in the backyard instead of the house proper. But my neighborhood has been trolled by Google mapping several times and much of the WiFi modems have been in existence a while. Your mileage will vary with this feature. With most 3G/4G phones having GPS capability, I’m of the opinion that having full GPS inside the iPad is not a necessity for most people but if you are intending on sticking your big-screen iPad on a suction cup and then on your windshield, buy the A-GPS 3G version since you will not be happy with anything else.

    If you have the 1st gen iPad and are contemplating replacing it, then buy what you want and need. First time buyers are well advised to buy to the lower end unless they have a particular need for the higher-end models.

  • E J Carvalho

    You are entirely overlooking storage (16GB for music and film?) as well as the onboard GPS feature that is still only native to the Wi-Fi 3G models (does not require cellular activation plan to utilize).

    My advice is the Wi-Fi 3G, 64 GB in whatever color you choose.

  • pxlogs

    I thought Air Play was to stream from iOS to AppleTV. Home Sharing is what allows you to access iTunes content on a Mac from your iOS device.

  • Jhamct

    It is. The author is suggesting that more storage space on the iPad may be unneccessary, by implying that you can stream from your mac to your iPad with AirPlay. This is incorrect. You can’t serve up videos from your Mac to your iPad via AirPlay.

    “But if you’re going to mostly be using your iPad around the house then you can use Air Play and stream videos from your iMac or MacBook.”

  • perkiset

    I’ve had a 64G WiFi-only iPad since day one. I used my iPhone jailbroken with MyWi as well as a Sprint MiFi to connect. Given my needs, it was a total PIA to always have to get tethering going. I’ll be going with the 3G this time. Even still, I’ll use tethering to fool the new iPad for FaceTime, but predominately I’ll use it’s internal 3G for connectivity.

    As for size, I agree that 16G is usually fine for the n00b, casual user. I travel a lot and carry about 5K songs, as many as 25-30 movies, a lot of pictures and a whole bunch of apps, so the storage size is important to me. The only reason (IMO) you need to go this large is if you need to walk your video or music library out of the house often.

  • Mister

    i’m so happy i got an android tablet, already has wifi, 3g, cameras, real GPS that works OFFLINE ( yes the full map is on the device ) !
    good bye apple, i’m fed up with your never finished products

  • gaiusparx

    I’m maxed out with 16GB iPad. Mind you I have very little MP3 and zero movie files. Hate it when I need to constantly remove apps and games in order to have space to install new ones. iPad games are generally bigger. Infinity Blade is 800M for example. 32G is the minimum. Bad advice.

  • Yentrog31

    LMAO..you could NOt make that up….

  • Tfardella

    I tend to agree with the 16GB memory suggestion but I would go with the 3G+Wifi version. The GPS is definitely a must have feature in my mind. Maps look gorgeous on the 10″ screen. A great navigation device for road trips. Also, while you may not need 3G data service now having the option to turn it on in the future as need would also be a plus.

  • Eduardo Saucedo

    I’m a new user and I’m picking up the White 16GB Wi-fi model. Luckily my android is hacked and I can use wireless tethering for free! So that takes care of the 3G option. I’m going with 16 gigs because my music library is under 5 gb and I watch all my movies on my TV. That leaves plenty of room for apps. I think color choice is a preference. To base your evidence on the fact that your uncared for white iphone 3gs showed scratches and filth is completely irrational.

    I agree that the wifi 16gb is the way to go for ipad new comers. color is preference. I also recommend buying from any store other than apple because you can return it within 30-90 days (depending on the store) if you find that the version you got is not suffice.

    Good luck to all!

  • Susan16321

    The GPS works without having 3G on, but it is only installed on the 3G version of the iPad. Works fine without a 3G connection.

  • Perido

    last year you recommended 32gb + 3gs…what changed?

  • Miyabi

    Based on Apple’s stock where I live.. the WiFi 16GB IS the most common selection.. amongst the frugal.. but they haven’t sold much. Being that the rest of their models are shipping with iOS 4.2 while the base models are still on iOS 3.2.2.

    In the face of the new iPad 2 and iOS 4.3.. I suppose this will be an upgrade for MOST people.

  • Digital Shogun

    Don’t agree with the “Plus it showed nicks, scratches and filth” comment about white. The scratches don’t show on the white whereas on the black it’s a lot more prominent including fingerprints…
    And come on, 16GBs? Throw a bunch of PDF magazines, music, books, podcasts, home videos and apps and I’m sure you’ll be going over 16GBs in a few days… Most HD movies aren’t 700MBs but in the 1.5GB to 3GB range… Airplay is nice but you’re not always going to be near your MacBooks or Macs…
    And white is the NEW iPad look… More splash and status at least initially!

  • snoop

    the StreamToMe app has made large storage capacity for music and pics unnecessary for me (plus i have the iPod Classic). only time i’ll need movies stored on the ipad is for car/airplane trips where there is no wifi.

  • Leonardo Opitz

    I agree with you about the 3G. You can simply use your iPhone HotSpot…
    But 16GB is little… 32GB is a middle term. You will have enough for apps, movies, audiobooks, etc…
    Best regards,

    Leonardo Opitz
    Portugal – Europe

  • Scott

    The iPad2 is likely going to attract much more complicated and large apps- bigger games, etc. With some of them probably going to take up more than 1-2 gig each, it makes sense to get at least the 32gb version.

  • Joshua Stockwell

    If you don’t get 3g, then you won’t have a GPS on the iPad — something you may miss if you want to use it to navigate with.

  • [Deleted User]

    you guys are right. I was reffering to Air Video but typed Air Play instead. my bad.

  • Zzzz

    Didn’t Jobs specifically answer that the iPad would NOT be able to tether to the iPhone for web access? That seems like a fairly important point.

  • Chl

    Buster Heine FROM ROSWELL NM, Earthling….

  • Karinatwork

    Obviously, this article was intended for people who haven’t made their mind up yet. Thank you, it helped me – I’m not getting the one you recommended, but it still helped me to make up my mind. :)

  • silencets

    Further agree. It doesn’t take into account the ever expanding appetite that some apps have. The footprint of large apps can run between 700 MB (Nova) to over a gb by itself (Elements). It’s going to get even tighter when you add in the new GarageBand and iMovie apps whose files will eat into your overhead cap space.

    I would say 32 GB should be the minimum.

  • Rational Thought

    Have fun with your 16 apps.

  • MooseQuest

    I didn’t see a response to this but you cannot tether your iPhone to your iPad. I had initially thought about goeing this route but later discovered from AT&T themselves that it wasn’t possible. Basically you’ll need to switch your current data plan anyways to support that functionality.

    I chose to go with the 64GB + 3G for several reasons:

    WiFi, although everywhere, doesn’t offer the best throughput. You maybe be connected but often times there isn’t enough bandwidth.

    Having 3G available makes situations in which my information is in dire need of accessing, I want the ability to have it. I accept credit cards through SquareUp for photography.

    I’ve got 4GB left on my iPhone. 32GB iPhone that is. With the ever growing catalogs of TV Shows, video and music, you can’t gimp on storage space. You could always get a SD card and transfer when you need to add new flavor.

    My thoughts…

  • Kumar

    Great article.

  • Justin

    I got a white one yesterday from best buy and just returned it…because the screen was yellow, and there was light leaking from the edge of the LCD. I am gonna get a black one instead

  • [Deleted User]

    Glad to help


  • [Deleted User]

    Glad to help


  • [Deleted User]

    I second this


  • dbolander

    Buy the 16GB WiFi model because you can turn around and sell it on eBay or Craigslist for double the money. When in Rome do as the Chinese do.

  • Robert

    I thought about this route…but the reason I’m going with the WiFi+3G is that I travel outside the US on a regular basis. Free Wi-Fi hotspots are much less common in Europe than elsewhere, and even where they _might_ be easy to find, it’s tough if you don’t speak the local language. Data only SIM cards, on the other hand, are dirt cheap (far cheaper than paying for Wi-Fi).

  • Sdfa


    You complete miss one of the main points of the 3G. I’ll give you a clue (since you obviously don’t have one)…..its initials are: G….P…..S. There are a number of great apps that us the GPS regardless of whether you are using a cellular network. That alone is worth the extra money.

    Time to buy a vowel. Maybe you could wait tables in your local diner?

  • Jackleanjr

    What are you…12?

  • Dubyabush

    I’m going to get the rare non-existent 0G model. It won’t multitask, doesn’t connect to 4G networks or can’t handle MHTML, but it never crashes and I won’t have to sell a kidney to buy one before another lame sexy white version comes out in six months. Apple geeks, jeez…

  • editorkel

    I use Google maps on my iPad as my primary GPS at least twice per week. Love the big screen, and no need to update maps every year. You need the 3G model for this to work (or hotspot, if you have an iPhone.)

  • Dervish

    Yes, “Mow Much?” That IS the question!

  • Arto7

    Uh, what web site do you think this is? <said attendant=”” bueller’s=”” day=”” ferris=”” in=”” of=”” off.=”” parking=”” the=”” tone=””></said>

  • Arto7

    Lets, try that again. In the tone of the parking attendant in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Uh, what web site do you think this is?”

  • Vassilis Dimarelos

    So true. I sold my 16GB iPad and just ordered the 32GB iPad 2 in black. After a couple of months of use, 16GB seem very narrow space no matter if you sync often or not. Apps (and esp. games) are getting bigger and at some point you cannot download from iTunes a certain movie or tv show just because the iPad is full so you have to go back to the Mac and sync again… Sucks! So, for me 32GB is the bare minimum. Concerning colors, some say white is better for web surfing and text reading, whereas black is more suitable for videos and games… I believe that the black bezel becomes “invisible” easier than white, so I’ll stick with black again. Maybe a white iPhone V… :)

  • Goldenx1

    why would someone have an ipad full of movies! just watch them then delete them, freeing up space!

  • Alex Farmiloe

    The white iPad 2 reduces contrast because of the bright outline. The screen will appear duller. GO BLACK!

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  • Harry

    If you get an apple, it should only be white :))

  • Mike

    Proud apple geek!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adogownsyou

    Not true at all

  • Adogownsyou

    I had android tablet and the captivate phone. I moved to the iPad 2 and thhe iPhone 4. I can honestly say that iOs is better then anything out there

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  • ctalker

    I have to disagree on size. Always get the largest / fastest you can get. That’s what I’ve learned having used macs professionally for the last 15 years. Typically macs are ‘out dated’ after 3-4 years. So bang out the bucks now, get it all, then update later. As for me, black is classic and just what I’m used to (staring at mac screens 9-10 hours a day—I’m an Art Director). My first mac was an 8500/120 and while it was beige the trim on the screen still had black. White is trendy, but if that’s what you’re in to, then go ahead. Considering all of the free hotspots, I can’t see paying for 3G. For me the iPad is a toy, or at most something for show n tell in meetings.

  • highheeleddiva

    thank you thank you. ive been thinking a lot on whether i should just opt for the 16GB, because that’s 100 dollars less than the 32GB, which my mom wanted to get for me, thinking that 16GB would not be enough. but now that ive read your review, ill tell my mom to get the 16GB instead.

  • D.L. Orton

    Well, when you decide on which one to buy, there’s a (free) app for finding it at Target or Walmart: FindOne

  • San agarwal

    Are you retarded I mean are u serious Don’t get white because my back of my iPhone got dirty … Dumbest advice I ever heard
    And also 16gb is nothing on an iPad get the 32 gb

  • rahrz


    OK maybe wi fi is fine for some, but not for me. I don’t want the hassle of wi-fi tethering where my iphone dies in 1 or 2 hours because of it.


    I got the 64gb and now I have no space left.

    Reason, I got an app called AVPlayer and it plays any format HD video, So I have so many movies.

    And all the awesome latest games are atleast 700Mb each. So you will easily fill up your ipad.

    IS THERE A 128GB IPAD ???

  • Kookiemonstur89

    It’s helped me too. I’m still working on making up my mind though. Reading through the various posts. : )

  • Raven9000

    If you’re a gamer, you have better things to game on than this… Seriously.. how many REALLY good games not found anywhere else are there here and that are that huge? Off the top of my head, 3…

  • Troll

    good article… thanks for the heads up

  • Luke

    Did you forget about the article Cult of Mac had about the first Gen Ipad and how it said we should buy a 32gb 3g model???

  • [Deleted User]

    you live and you learn. After having the 3G model and rarely using the 3G it felt like it wasn’t worth it. and there’s so many cloud storage options that 16GB is good enough for most people.

  • Peter Gales

    very helpful. thanks.

  • Eamonn

    I’m not sure how you managed it, but you made up my mind for me over the colour, thanks :)

  • Tinge ong

    still have stock? i wan to by 2set white 16gb.. pls reply me!

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  • Nathan101

     LOL! Does it really matter 

  • Andrew13122

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  • Ecstasytrip

    I like my white iPad 2. It’s sexy and black just makes it look like a giant iPhone…

  • Carmel2k

     I dont really like the Android Tablet products. There is a limited amount of Apps in the Market. 

  • Carmel2k

     I dont really like the Android Tablet products. There is a limited amount of Apps in the Market. 

  • PhilMcKrevace

    no GPS chipset in the non-3G models, so it’s not just about 3G connectivity. If you want to use navigation features on your ipad, better get the more expensive model, even if you never plan to activate it..

  • Vincenttucker

    Completely true. Fingerprints don’t show up on the white bezel. Yay lack of contrast.

  • Fbi_usa

    Does wifi apple pad 2 encounter any problems whi;e connected to the router…
    B’coz there are many cases over net regarding this..
    plzz neone using dat model if u could guide me out..

  • BabyClothes

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  • Harveymak

    arguing over size… pathetic… apply should just include a micro SD card option…
    seriously, you’re all paying top money for this, why can’t they just include a micro SD card option, but Nooo… they have to suck you fan boys dry.

  • Harveymak

    typo : apple*

  • Supervaiu

    What’s wrong with waiting tables you vvanker????

  • mel

    harveymak they do include a micro sd card option you pulg it in to the charging slot but u have to buy it sepperatly.

  • LeakedDave

    Cause micro sd cards are dying, fandroid. Im glad there isn’t an ugly slot for one.

  • Bryce Armstrong

    Which apps work for the 3G nav?

  • Emily

    Can you explain to me what the cloud is? I keep hearing it and dont understand.

  • LLS

    Great and consistent review, thank you!

  • Tag12171

    That’s a rip off

  • Tag12171

    Omg the iPad does the same things dumbass. Aren’t you happy you spent 800 on a piece of s**t.

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    Thanks, this article was super-helpful to me.

  • asilomar

    You left one important thing out. Just like Apple. You don’t get GPS with a wifi-only ipad 2. So if you plan on using the ipad 2 for navigation, maps, or anything requiring gps…you can tether it all you want. It’s still useless for those things. Wish I had known this before buying a wifi only ipad 2. Thanks Apple, and reviews like this one.

  • justmescotty

    i have over 2 TB in movies will my usb 2 tb hard drive work on the ipad?
    all in avi format lol yes i downloaded lots of movies on the net 4 free lol

  • justmescotty

    oh yeah  i also play on pogo with this screen name i know u can play pogo on it 2 lol

  • sirguy77

    any rumors if and when the Ipad3 is coming out or should I go ahead and purchase the IPad2 32g 3g?

  • sirguy77

    any rumors if and when the Ipad3 is coming out or should I go ahead and purchase the IPad2 32g 3g?

  • sirguy77

    any rumors if and when the Ipad3 is coming out or should I go ahead and purchase the IPad2 32g 3g?

  • tomtyy

    16gb is wi fi only is fine. GET 32 IF YOU MUST

  • Zac Montero

    thinking of getting the 16g ipad but not sure since i plan on using sketchbook a lot and keaping all my notes for all my classes in it. anybody got suggestions.

  • atif

    i want i pad 2 3g 64gb aney body healp me +92-344-6526467

  • Mickeyb2k

    i have an ipad 2 why can I not recieve pictures taken on another ipad 2 and sent to me by email please help

  • Jlance1212

    what is your thoughts on wireless headphones for use with the IPAD2?

  • Lddewalt

    Thank you guys so much for all the questions and answers. I was undecided between 16GB or the 32GB and i have decided to go with the 16GB. Was afraid I would not have enough memory for some movies, books and games. 

  • Chris Stutzman

    I’m trying to decide between the 16 and 32 3g models, I can’t seem to find a solid answer on Spotify and if it works with the Ipad2? Can anyone confirm this for me? I think I want to go with the 16gb model but just need some reassurance. If anyone can put the 16gb into perspective a bit more for me I would appreciate it!

  • tammy stiles

    You really aren’t very smart.  Not only are they not “dying,” but they haven’t even reached their peak yet.  Currently, you can buy a micro SD with the same amount of memory as the max iPad has, for around 110.00 bucks. 

    But hey, just because every other phone, computer, camera, etc. uses them, don’t let facts get in your way.

    I have an iPad2, and you definitely sound like an ignorant fanboy.  “Ugly slot.”  Programmed by Apple much?


  • Eamonn

    If they included any external memory slot, then it would completely undermine their different size iPads/ iPhones.

  • atif

    i want to buy new ipad2 3g 16 gb 32 gb  healp me 0344-6526467

  • Sue

    Thank you! Your article makes so much sense. I’m about to dip into the world of iPads for the first time and it is like a minefield out there. You have helped me make up my mind. 

  • Sofiavizcarrondo

    I want to get an iPad. In your article you said that apps don’t take up much space. Not true. I have an 8gb iPod touch. I have no music or photos or videos on it but the 8 gb are full. All my apps are gaming apps so i think i am going to go with the 64gb model.

  • Stfu

    Thank yourself.  Had you done five minutes of your own homework to understand how GPS works, you could have made an educated decision.  Instead you blame others.  Good for you.

  • asilomar

    Hi apple fanboy n the cock of Steve jobs, sorry I disrespected the company you worship. It obviously upset you. But actually, research is my job and I’m better at it than you. The problem is, even the people who sold me the stupid iPad had no idea it had no gps. Even the guy writing this review doesnt say anything and probably has no idea. I dont blame them because it’s not listed anywhere and you have to actually dig pretty deep until you find it. I found it via a forum instead of apples website. This is an EPIC FAIL on apples part that user forums have more info on their products than they do. Just like their stupid product boxes which have no info at all on them. So yea, think before you speak and jump to the rescue of your beloved Steve jobs. And no, it’s not my job to “know how gps works” just to use it. We don’t all have to be ubergeeks like u just to use a product. But we do need to know what the capabilities are.

  • Nic

    After countless hours of searching for info to help me decide on WiFi or WiFi+3g … finally found an easy to understand explanation! Thanks to your article I’ll be shopping for my iPad 2 with WiFi only and saving some money! 

  • Sarubasmith

    Omg I got the new iPad 2 it is so awesome I got mine at radio shack I am only 11 years old and this is officially mine no one knows how to work it I am typing on it right now I don’t have no siblings so haas

  • Diana

    i just bought the the ipad2 and the only thing i got a problem wth is my grandson watches sponge bob on youtube on my ipod and it works great but he wanted to watch it on my ipad2 and it keep hisatating like stop and push play and stop cant ya tell me y?

  • Diana Brown

    i just got one 16 ipad 2 days ago and i love it but i it dont flash in itwht i dont know been tring to find out on my computer bc my grandson watch you tube sponge bob and it stops and then push play and etc. bout my ipod worked find so other then that its great but now i worry about buyn movies and if they stop or wont play so good luck…

  • Diana Brown

    i got mine for 499.00 at walmart yesterday

  • Jajcollie

    You should really shut up. Theres a reason Apple is rated highest in user satisfaction for all its products and has 98% tablet market share. Jesus, I bet you think the Zune is good too.

  • Jc

    Your an idiot dude….. get an IQ test!!!!

  • Lewalta

    I want to do the same thing, but how do I tether the iPad2 to my iPhone3? What and where is this HotSpot feature to be found?

  • Pasha40

    it is not useless for navigation, it just wont locate you on the map. maybe you are just directionally challenged….

  • asilomar

    No use arguing with apple fanboys. The reason they are rated best are people like you. That’s it. Android will destroy apple eventually. I give up in all of you. Directionally challenged? Lol. Maybe you’re just intellectually challenged? If you can’t even get simple context. Navigation is also possible the way you mean with…maps. Wow. The iPad is a map. Good job. No matter what I say, there will be endless drones ready to defend apple with a fanaticism not based on fact, but fervent opinion alone. This is the reason you fail. If you ever figure it out, maybe there’s hope for u. Good luck.

  • Taya786

    Okay send me a email on how much you can spend? I’ll get it for you…

  • Khalid_amjid

    i love ipad 2 and i have nomoney 03339205336

  • stacey

    I plan on buying my boyfriend an ipad 2 for christmas bc he gets his email to his smartphone and replying on that little keyboard is outrageous! Neither of us have an iphone or know much about ipads, so this website was perfect for me. 16gb wifi ipad, it is! Thanks!! You made my life so much easier

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    Bang…Bang…Bang…three questions…three hmmm…now three answers (that make perfrect sense).  Cheers

  • whopper247

    Bang…Bang…Bang…three questions…three hmmm…now three answers (that make perfrect sense).  Cheers

  • JeffSampson1

    I have a 32GB, but if I had it to do over again I’d purchase a 16GB w/ Wifi.

    With iCloud, Dropbox and Box.net you really don’t need a lot of extra storage. Almost everywhere I use my iPad 2 (home, hotels, airports, hospitals) there’s free wifi, so 3G is really just an expensive unnecesssary extra.


  • Brenda

    I plan to get the iphone in May. Are you saying that you don’t have to pay any additional fees for the tethering ability form Iphone to Ipad?

  • Jsouza

    I have a friend who works for Apple in China and was told that Ipad3 will be launched somewhere in April 2012

  • sirguy77

    Awesome news… Thanks for the update. I will get the iPhone 4S and wait for the Ipad3

  • Jane-messer

    struggled to get to grips on which ipad 2 to go for, i was sinking fast, thanks for the lifeline.

  • chourn

    WiFi only version is no meaning it is available only indoor,

  • Kingj1008

    You need to pay for tethering and it’s only with the verizon iPhone 4

  • Guest

    I suppose this is a no brainer – can you tether an Android to the IPad2?  Does the Ipad2 have the ability to insert a flash drive?

  • Forestercope

    Ya it is called iSwifter, it goes a little slower though when you are on a Facebook game. It is not a graphic.

  • Johnw68

    Good common sense article!  Not sure why I was struggling so much to decide.

  • M Taylor

    How I wish I had read this before I paid for my Ipad2 wifi only. As you say the salesman said I could tether my smartphone but never mentioned its lack of GPS. For a month I’ve been trying to figure out why none of my GPS related apps worked. Anyone want to buy a month old Ipad2?

  • cowgirl17

    how much for your ipad2?

  • Sweetingdecaro

    Thank you. I had a 32g ipad and now I’m upgrading to a 2 but I wonder if I should get a 16g bc I only used 3.02g with the other . . . 

  • Jg

    It’s also available on AT&T Wireless. This is the best self-help link I found…http://http://www.gottabemobile.com/2011/03/...

  • Pyrotechnic

    It thought the same thing. When I’m gaming, I really hate having bright rims as it distracts me from what I’m doing. Same thing with movies. Like you said, only special circumstances require 3G.   I still don’t know if i need 32gb or 16gb. I am only using 10gb as of  now, but I watch a  ton of videos.

  • Shovon_dcc

    If u r a game lover then go for 64gb, if you are a big movie fan then go for 32gb for adding few more movies.And, I am sure others can be happy with 16 gb.

  • Chelsea Redding

    I’m getting  2 for chirstmas, unless the three comes out before then. But I’m worried about those 16GB. I plan on music, games, and I dont think i’ll ever give the notepad a rest. Plus I’ma design student so I might do more with it. :/

  • stahlee

    Actually, the Apple website does, in fact, state the specs of each iPad.  Click on the Tech Specs tab and it states it right in plain text.  That info has been there since day one because I had no problem “researching” this information and I bought an iPad 2 when they first came out.

  • Suttypm

    absolutely superb article. Everything I needed to know – whether I knew I needed to know it or not! Many thanks for this valuable advice!

  • Djfennessey

    I bought a 32 gb 3G iPad 1 very rarely used 3G but regretted not buying 64 for movies for kids as average film is 1.5gb for standard definition and 3.5 for hd factor in 5 gb for music plus photos and new 4s phone has better camera so more mb per photo I would buy wifi 64 but I’m waiting for iPad 3 top memory wifi only

  • Lee

    I live in Europe ( England ) free hotspot wifi is in every shopping centre (MALL, yank translation) and every fast food outlet and in most bars, oh and the language thing you speak our language , you don’t have your own language and I believe Apples top designer is English, the Internet was also invented by the British military, so stop talking bollocks, the US is not the centre of the world.

  • Fairypaws

    I am grateful for your insight.  It all matters when you are considering a purchase like this.  Thank you :-)

  • Dave Kaiser

    If you want to win a free 16 GB Wi-Fi Apple iPad 2 you can get up to five entries into The Deal Pages’ iPad 2 or $500 USD Holiday Giveaway at http://TheDealPages.com/ipad2 … it’s white though … I hope that’s not a deal breaker.

  • qinky

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  • Lisa Nash

    So helpful! I actually already ordered the iPad you describe here, but I was worried I picked the wrong one (you know, second-guessing myself, etc.). Your article makes me feel like I made the right choice after all. :)

  • Dianne Kunz

    how much for it? 

  • Savonya Jones

    Thank you sooooo much for this! I’ve been agonizing over picking the right ipad for like 2 months! Now I know which one to get!

  • Sunny Lowe

    I could not disagree more with your conclusions. Not being rude here, just getting to the point.  The whole point of the iPAD is mobility, though few people use it that way. Do yourself a favor, buy the 3G version. Here is why. As soon as you leave home, the GPS ceases to work. You can’t check your email, or buy music or anything. If it is not already downloaded to your iPAD, it is not going to work, and about half the apps you have will not work at all once you are away from home.
    The tethering idea is a great idea, and you should try it. If you do, in your Car, plug your phone into the outlet, because you are going to need to keep it charged, and you will be using a lot of battery providing a hot spot.
    If you get in and out of your iPAD a lot, it can be a pain Tethering it every time. Connecting to 3G is instant and makes using the pad much more accessible.
    You really don’t get iPad until you carry it with you everywhere. When you do, you use the internet entirely differently.
    Suddenly, you use it all the time. Not incessantly, but you look stuff up at lunch, settle football arguments, check the news out, keep up with email. You really start getting productive when you can Skype, or chat or even do web conferences when not at your desk. None of this is really possible with out direct 3G.
    GPS is the killer app of the iPAD. If you take it with you, you will be amazed how muich you use maps.
    Lastly, get at least 32 gigs. When the iPad is with you, you will begin using it as a media outlet for when you travel. Who cares what airline has movies, if you can take a few with you anywhere. With only 16 gigs, your movies will be limited to one. You will tire of this movie, trust me. Get at least 3, and three movies requires more memory (once your pictures, documents, and the like are on the device, as well.

    Just my opinion.

  • RU_fking_kiddn_me

    Wrong, GPS is GPS. As long as you maintain an internet connection via tethering or 3g your fine.

  • RU_fking_kiddn_me

    Icloud stores your data and pushes it to all your apple devices (Iphone, imac, Ipad, etc

  • asilomar

    So many flamers against a simple fact. There’s no GPS on wifi only models. Yes. You’re brilliantly correct and GPS is GPS. But for some reason you think this has something to do with Internet connectivity. Do u actually think u connect to satellites via the internet? There is NO GPS capability in wifi only models. the HARDWARE IS NOT THERE. So no, I’m not fking kidding you.

  • Linda2013

    pls visit our site http://www.crazyelec.com

  • sangos

    For movies use ‘AV Player’ for less than $2. It transfers movies over wifi and does NOT use the iPAd storage

  • Lucy Youren

    I want to get an iPad for uni, so I will be using it mainly to download lecture notes (power points) and some recordings of lectures. Would 16GB be enough? I also want more space to put some photos and games etc.

  • Lucy Murphy

    I’m looking to get an iPad to use at uni. So I will need it to download lecture notes (power points) and lecture recordings (audio). Would 16GB be enough? I also want some extra space for photos and games. Thanks

  • JB

    Isn’t the cost of tethering comparable to the cost of 3G? The advantage of 3G is that you can switch it on and off whenever necessary

  • Dave Eick

    Do you have to pay a monthly for 3G?

  • Dave Eick

    Do you have to pay a monthly for 3G?