Quicksilver: It Ain’t Over Yet



Patrick Robertson got in touch with Cult of Mac to tell us how keyboard launcher Quicksilver is getting on.

Yes, the very same Quicksilver that a few weeks ago I said had faded from the limelight. Not so.

According to Patrick, Quicksilver is alive and well and enjoying a new lease of life and a new website.

Patrick said: “Alcor, the original developer, stopped developing for it around 2-3 years ago and made the project open source. It wasn’t touched or maintained, and became a bit buggy in Leopard.

“But since then, at least 5 developers have been actively working on Quicksilver and maintaining it for Leopard and Snow Leopard. It still works on Lion 10.7, so it’s going to be around for a while.”

The new stuff isn’t just bug fixes, but new features, new and updated plugins, and soon a new auto-update system for the app itself and all installed plugins.

The team have created a new and much more informative website at qsapp.com, which has an accompanying Twitter account, documentation wiki, and a tips blog.

So in summary: there’s plenty of limelight for everybody, and Quicksilver still has plenty to offer.

  • luxivore

    I so wish that quicksilver would rise again. I have recently, so reluctantly, abandoned it, in favour of alfred and keyboard maestro. Quicksilver was just so slow on snow leopard and it started opening behind every other window I had open. I just couldn’t tolerate it any more. But – as good as KM and Alfred are, I would go back to QS in a flash if it was properly resurrected. Fingers crossed…

  • lovequicksilver

    A thread about this issue: http://bit.ly/egA0XS. Changing the interface might help. I understand if it’s too much trouble though!