The iPhone 5 Is Rumored To Get 64GB of Storage... And It Might Spell The End Of The iPod Classic | Cult of Mac

The iPhone 5 Is Rumored To Get 64GB of Storage… And It Might Spell The End Of The iPod Classic



Remember that 64GB iPhone 4 prototype we posted about yesterday, seemingly legit right down to its blanked out serial number and crossed out capacity? The lovely lads over at MIC Gadget got a chance to play with it hands-on themselves, and unless they’re in on the conspiracy, their hands-on time seems to confirm that the 64GB iPhone 4 was very real indeed. It even has the same silver ring around the camera lens that the lost Gizmodo bar prototype had.

But who cares if an iPhone 4 prototype has 64GB of storage if you can’t buy one, right? Interestingly, though, MIC Gadget’s source for the prototype — who says it was leaked from Foxconn’s Shenzhen factory — says he’s heard that the next iPhone will bring 64GB of storage capacity to all users.

That’s interesting for more than just the obvious reason. The iPhone has only one flash module inside of it, compared to the iPod Touch’s two, so it implised the iPod Touch might make the leap to 128GB of capacity in September. Once that happens, say goodbye to the iPod Classic: it’s managed to hold on until now simply by being the iPod you buy if you want to carry your entire music library with you, but once the Touch reaches 128GB, it’s all over for the iPod that started it al.