Switching From Aero Peek To Exposé [Video How-To]



If you are a recent Mac switcher and were a fan of Aero Peek on Windows 7, you way be concerned that you are going to be missing out on some handy features in OS X. Well, fear not. Mac OS X has a easy to use feature as well, called Exposé. Exposé brings many of the features you may know from Aero Peek, and integrates them with Mac OS X. In this video, I’ll show you how to use Exposé.

  • Metroview

    This is exactly what I like to see on tips for when I permanently switch to OS X. I’m still learning the ins and outs of it and this helped a lot. Thanks!

  • Icyfog

    Expose was first.

  • pfml07

    please tell me what you used to record that video!

  • Mkleinpaste

    “Well, fear not. Mac OS X has a easy to use feature as well, called Exposé.” should read as “Well, fear not. Mac OS X already had an easy to use feature, called Exposé.”

  • Michael Steeber

    Whoops, I have issues talking some days.

  • Michael Steeber


  • Michael Steeber


  • jdog25

    Your video makes me want to stay on Windows 7 even more. I do almost every thing with my Logitech mouse on my PC because it is hooked up to my 46” TV and I don’t want to have to sit right next to it and have to keep pressing keys to do what I can do with a mouse on windows. I would love a post on apps that can let pretty much take the best features of Windows 7 and put them on a Mac. I already know that there are apps like Cinch that make the move to Mac way smoother. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • Genyus

    I never use the keyboard shortcuts on my Mac. Four-finger swipe down for Expose, four-finger swipe up for desktop. There is no way to do that as quickly when I’m working in Windows.

  • jdog25

    Since my laptop sits a few feet away from me I was thinking about buying a Magic Mouse if I buy a MacBook. I’m trying to get the best of both worlds.

  • c.t

    where did he get his desktop backround

  • 011Bojan

    Great video!

  • Ommie Gonzales

    This video makes it seem as if Exposé was added to ease Windows switchers into the Mac OS. It should be noted that Exposé was a feature introduced in Mac OS X Panther (2003); years before Windows 7 and its much maligned predecessor, Windows Vista!