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Report: iOS 5 To Be Revealed At Early April Event



At last week’s iPad 2 launch event, Apple surprised many of us by failing to announce anything in regards to iOS 5 or the forthcoming MobileMe revamp. In retrospect, it makes sense: although comparatively modest an update, the iPad 2 event was jam packed as it is with sales figures, new software, new accessories and hardware improvements, all of which needed their presentation time. iOS 5 is going to need an entire event all to itself.

So when will Apple debut iOS 5 and MobileMe? German site Macerkopf is citing a source that says Apple plans an early April media event to introduce iOS 5 and the new revamped MobileMe.

The easiest way to tell what Apple is going to do in the future is look at what they’ve done in the past. Last year, Apple held their event debuting iOS 4 on April 8th, 2010, giving developers two or three months to get on board with changes in the operating system before the release of the iPhone 4 in late June pushed it out to end users. It would make a lot of sense if Apple did the same this year with iOS 5 as well.