Flying House From Pixar’s “Up” Is Flown In Real Life [Video]



Engineers built and flew a replica of the flying house in Pixar’s “Up” — setting the record for the largest cluster balloon flight ever.

It took 300 balloons, each 8-feet tall and filled with an entire tank of helium. The stint was for or National Geographic Channel’s “How Hard Can It Be?” show. Watch the video report:

  • nvcplus

    What in the **** does this have to do with Apple? I am so done with this site and its hack job posts.

  • Ryan Thompson

    Since Cult of Mac covers all things noteworthy in the Apple/Mac/Steve Jobs-universe and Pixar is owned by Steve Jobs, and this is a recreation of a Pixar movie, I would say it’s apt.

    And someone actually figured out how to fly a freaking house with balloons, that’s FREAKING awesome!!!!

    What do you have against fun dude?

  • Mike Rathjen

    Let’s play six degrees of separation:
    1 – “UP” replica inspired by “UP” movie.
    2 – “UP” movie made by Pixar.
    3 – Pixar owned by Disney.
    4 – Disney’s largest shareholder is Steve Jobs.
    5 – Steve Jobs is CEO of Apple.

    Made it in only five steps! Of course, with 5 steps you could probably make this post related to Libya, Dick Cheney, or blueberry syrup.

  • nvcplus

    Yup, I knew someone would invoke “six degrees of”. Big deal? What about Pixar movie news? What did Brad Bird have for breakfast today? I mean, where does it stop?

  • nvcplus

    Got nothing against fun. I come here to read about Mac related news. This is related in the smallest sense of the word.

    Not to mention I have seen it on just about EVERY site out there today.

    Stay on topic or I leave. Simple as that. I am making the suggestion to CoM. Don’t worry, you don’t got to get your internet defense helmet on.

  • Don Pope


    Unfortunately, they kept the stupid ABC logo on top of the house and then cut the video off too soon.

  • Mike McKenna

    NPR & PBS have been running stories about the shortage of helium and how the govt sold off our national reserves. Seems pretty stupid when you consider that.

  • freerange

    Oh please, STFU. You looked at it didn’t you? Who cares what you think? Quit wasting our time with comments about stuff you think is a waste of time.

  • dxr

    Oh please? You sound like a little bitch.

    He’s right. This post is junk.

  • freerange

    No, you sound like a little bitch. Another asshole wasting people’s time.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Where does it stop? That was my whole point.

    Was relating it to Libya, Dick Cheney, and blueberry syrup too subtle for you? Wow.

  • dxr

    Who the fuck says “oh please”. My girlfriend doesn’t even say that.

    And who responds with, “no, you”. Are you in 3rd grade?

    We ain’t wasting people’s time. You’re the asshole who NEEDS to reply.

  • freerange

    Ah, another glen beck wanna be….the moronic rants of someone that needs to get a life!

  • dxr

    I got a life. It is irritating idiots as yourself. And it is fun as hell :)