The First iPad 2 Lines Are Forming



Four days before the iPad 2 goes on sale, the first line is already forming.

Apple fan Justin Wagoner has set up camp outside an Apple Store in Dallas, Texas. Here’s a snap of his tent taken by a MacCast reader.

Wagoner appears to be the first person lining up for the iPad 2, which goes on sale on Friday at 5PM. Apple isn’t taking preorders, so its first come, first served.

Wagoner also camped out to be first in line for the iPhone 4 last year. He has set up a site to document his camping trip:

  • Gamerz78

    I love Apple products, and I REALLY want and iPad 2–don’t get me wrong. But that guy is insane/retarded. FOUR DAYS early? Seriously?

  • Guest

    Now this guy should be the editor of “cult” of mac. He is taking it really too far

  • teebee

    How stupid can you get !!??

  • cooks

    i cant wait to get an ipad 2 but seriously this bloke must have nothing else in his life to do this…. rather sad!

  • Neurofungus

    sad, so very sad.

  • AndyboothPhoto


  • Perplexed

    I’m typing this from an iPad, so it goes without saying my feelings for iPad2, but imagine if young people like this guy devotes this kind of energy to a cause…

  • Nando-360

    Sad very sad

  • markbyrn

    This man needs intensive psychotherapy – he’s not #winning. I plan to get to one of the stores offering the iPad 2 no earlier than 1 hour before it’s one sale; I got the iPhone 4 in 15 minutes from Best Buy.

  • Surrogatemarker

    Sad for him.. Brilliant for Apple. Did you ever wonder why Apple made the launch time at 5:00 PM on Friday.. Duh.. So the 6:00 PM national evening news will show live video of nuts like him camping out for the new iPad 2.. You can’t “BUY” advertising this good.. Anyone studing Marketing should make Apple’s launch plans “Required Reading”

  • Bill

    He must dont know you can go to Best Buy as well and get it LOL.

  • Bearpaw01

    Many of them do. See Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, etc. For that matter, see Madison, Wisconsin.

    How much energy did *you* devote to a cause when you were young? How much do you devote now?

  • Rob

    I have a question about getting an iPad2. If I go in to an Apple Store, say on the 13th or 14th, will they still have the iPad2 in stock? Will I be able to avoid people like Justin?

  • Edward Chamberlain

    not sad. maybe hes just having fun for the hell of it… u should try it… ull find it does wonders for your mood…

  • RyanKessler

    doesn’t look like a line to me. looks like one moron. thats like saying my favorite sports team won a game which puts them on a winning streak.

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile



  • Forest Walker

    Poor guy

  • srminton

    this is not a “line” by any definition – if I stand outside your house waiting for you to bring me some apple pie, it doesn’t mean that a “line is forming” until some others stand in line behind me

  • Whowritesthiscrap

    I plan to wait outside Wal-Mart where they sell them also. The people are so much more interesting.. Really someone should tell him they are sold everywhere now lol

  • Neogaki

    He is paid by Apple my sources say. I just wonder why Jobs is camping at my house. :)

  • Chris Sanders

    Thank you Dr.!

  • gnomehole

    Reminds me of all the long lines for Android devices… er… oh yea, there were none.


  • condy


  • condy

    Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and Sam’s Club…makes me wonder, does this guy have a job?

    “Hey boss, I need a week off”

    “What for?”

    “The new iPad launches this Friday at 5pm”


  • Muneesh

    He is just a bum – just showing off as it’s cool to like Apple products.

    I’ve been in no line as such, but I’ve always been one of the first 10 people to get iPhone starting with 3Gmodel… every year for last three years I’ve been 1st, 3rd or 10th person…
    I required no lines… just show up few hours before the show begins and simply work your way into the line…

    This is totally insane… and if that guy is on unemployment – then it should be totally revoked… Get a job – do some work…

  • Muneesh

    How so? Explain for rest of us – please…

  • dynamo

    Very true. This is a point, not a line. Get a second guy there though, and you have yourself a line.

  • CharliK

    Or because they won’t have to deliver the iPads until day of that way. Or least a nice chunk of them.

  • CharliK

    No one can say. It all depends on how sales go over the weekend. Plus whether they do a wait list after the opening weekend again. Because if they do the list, any they receive will go there first

  • nickp91

    who is Justin Wagoner

  • CharliK

    Actually Charlie told him to do it. And anything Charlie says is automatically winning

  • Ted

    Buying it at $13.50 a share makes me grin even more. Over $100,000 made for a $2,000 investment.

  • Wolf Satz

    Justin, you are a god among men. We who are about to buy salute you!

  • Mrerfan

    I hope he has his credit card in his camp. It will be awkward to go back to home to bring it back.

  • ZAP

    We can’t wait for this!! We’ve been anticipating this release all week!! :D

  • Charles

    So, does this dude qualify as an iPad stalker?

  • DrM47145


  • Aa

    Not at all. Your only chance is to go to the line. Right now!

  • Steve Swinsburg

    lol what a loser. Read his site, he writes from himself in the third person saying he is a ‘rising celebrity’. Next launch someone is going to line up one day earlier than he did and be even cooler. Someone should start lining up now for iPad 4! haha

  • Craig

    I went to school with this guy. He thinks Dallas is the capitol of the world (as TX is the world), and in eigth grade crapped himself in front of a group of girls. In ninth grade two visiting Norweigan and Australian girls decided to go around the school saying his fly was undone. It was awesome.

  • AmyWong

    He is hot. I want to have sex with him. Go to his site. He is so awesomely sexy. I masturbate every night thinking about him. If I leave for Dallas now maybe I can share his tent in peace before the crowds get there. Oh God, I need to come again, so wet.

  • Kdracco1

    So…how many of you rather buy your ipad 2 rather than help the japanese after they got slammed by that tsunami?