CNET Finds JavaScript On The iPad 2 Is 4X Faster



While most journalists spent their scant Apple-given minutes with the iPad 2 playing with apps and snapping photos, CNET UK went straight to business, jumping into Safari and running the SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark to measure how much better Mobile Safari’s new JavaScript rendering engine was over the original iPad’s.

According to CNET, quite a bit: the iPad 2 is up to four times faster in JavaScript rendering than the original iPad, and it’s not just a matter of beefier hardware. Even on the original iPad running iOS 4.3, there’s a 1.5x boost in JavaScript rendering compared to an iPad running iOS 4.2.

Most impressively, the iPad 2 is faster at JavaScript than all competing tablets, with the Galaxy Tab processing JavaScript at only 1/3rd of the speed of the iPad 2. The web just is faster on iOS.

  • Gazoobee

    The only thing I can’t decide is if I want a white one just because they are being so heavily promoted, or because I actually want one.

  • markbyrn

    The CNET UK site removed the article – the Fandroids were going berserk and screeching about how unfair the test was.

  • Martin

    The wite one looks soo cool!
    I can’t decide 3G or wi-fi only..
    16 gb storage will do for me.

  • vonchambers

    how were the tests unfair? because the results weren’t in their favor? lol fandroids are a thousand times worse than Apple Fans.

  • vonchambers

    Can’t wait to get my hands all over this new iPad.

  • Muneesh

    Here’s my take on White – whether it’s iPhone or iPad:
    The white bezel in the front isn’t good when you look at the display – especially for videos and photos. It’s distracting as it’s shining white – and not blended in…

    White looks cool though – functionally not so great.

    I had iPhone 3GS White and liked it only because it was White in the back – the front was still Black all around.

    Other than a novelty White – it’s not really great.

  • Muneesh

    I’m in the same boat too…
    Here is how I’m thinking: Instead of buying 3G model ($130+tax extra) and paying for monthly subsription for Data Plan, why not get the Hotspot on iPhone4 (if you already have that) or any other smart phone…
    I’m going that route because that Hotspot/MiFi feature will allow for 5 other devices to be connected… including a laptop – which isn’t dead yet – not all functions can be performed on iPad. In addition, Hotspot will work for my wife’s iPad as well as I’m going to get her one too…
    I always have phone with me – so availability of Hotspot thru Phone isn’t an issue.

    One thing I’m pondering over is: By signing up for Hotspot feature, I’ll lose my Unlimited data plan on iPhone4 that I’m enjoying – actually I’ve never crossed the data usage of even 200MB… so it may not be as bad.
    I wish AT&T lets me keep my Phone Data Plan as Unlimited and offeres Hotspot for additional $20 for 2GB usage… That will make perfect sense and I’m sure lot more people will join it.

    Well… let’s see – 4 more days to go

  • Edward Chamberlain

    ALL OVER!!!

    ull get fingerprints everywhere… u gotta look after these things. too well made not to