iPhone Photo Project Shoots for Change in Africa


©Stefano Pesarelli
©Stefano Pesarelli

Photographer Stefano Pesarelli, an Italian expat who also runs an tour company in Malawi, traversed six African countries documenting daily life with his iPhone.

The project, called Africa through iPhone, takes him and his trusty iPhone 3GS from his adopted home through neighboring countries Kenya, Zambia, Mozambico, Tanzania and Kenya.

Pesarelli’s journey shows scenes from everyday life, snapped with the lens of his iPhone and altered with various apps.

©Stefano Pesarelli”[/caption]

About his work, featured on humanitarian photography site Shoot 4 Change, Pesarelli says:

The dawning of photography had a ritual of exposures and clicks, laboratory exercises and alchemies that gave the reproduced image a distinctive feature. Nowadays, with digital cameras, we have tools and devices at our disposal that in many ways made disappear that sensation of uniqueness.

I believe that the “iPhoneography,” which is the art of taking pictures with an iPhone, together with new technologies, has probably made this uniqueness possible.

It might be a modest illusion and maybe we should investigate further but it’s certain that a new photographic language has been born…”

@Stefano Pesarelli

Pesarelli’s African journey is the first strictly iPhone project on the website, which features photo essays on humanitarian themes from around the world.

Via Shoot for Change