Top Keyboard Shortcuts In Mac OS X [Video How-To]



Keyboard shortcuts are a handy thing to know when working on your Mac. They can save a ton of time and make your workflow much smoother. If you are used to using a PC and have recently switched to a Mac, you will have probably noticed that none of the keyboard shortcuts are the same. If you are confused, look no further. In this video, I show you the top Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts.

  • moopenguin32

    I would have liked to see a listing of the keyboard shortcuts rather than have to watch a 5 minute video about them.

  • Someguy

    Maybe that guy should have blown his nose first before making this video. A list would have been equally useful btw.

  • Raja Sen

    Speaking of time-saving, why was this a video at all? I can’t think of any conceivable reason this wasn’t a list. Also while I am all for newbies and basic shortcuts, I clicked on this video hoping to learn at least one new shortcut as opposed to being told that apple has a command key.

  • Oskar

    As much as I would like to appreciate the fact that someone took time to make a video, I was expecting something a lot more useful. Now I regret spending five minutes watching it. Although these examples may be very useful for beginners, a much better way is to teach people to look in the menus to find the shortcuts perfectly printed out to the right of each command.
    A quick internet search “mac keyboard shortcuts” yields for example this quite comprehensive list, which also includes a lot of shortcuts that are not shown in the menus. (For example a lot of shortcuts involving the use of the control key.)

  • Chris

    You forgot alt-cmd-esc for the instant-app-quitter, that is the ‘real’ counterpart to the windows task manager, based on it’s main purpose, which is quitting stuck programms

  • boastboy

    another great video, a pdf download with the list of shortcuts would have been great… just saying

  • Uthred

    ??? – Sorry – this video is total worthless crab.
    Nobody needs it. Kindergarden!

  • Statosphere62

    alt cmd esc to access force quite menu

  • vLyonJE

    Maybe the author is young or new to computing — I certainly would not wish to discourage anyone who takes the time to put together a nicely-presented video to help the community — but CultOfMac editors should really have spotted this was too basic to warrant posting. And if anyone wants freeze key shortcuts, check out Finder Help for freeze…

  • Brad Patty

    Those were pretty basic commands that I learned within 10 minutes of using a mac. I thought the video was more in depth but good video. It should make the transition over to mac a little bit easier.

  • Michael Steeber

    The video was geared towards people new to Macs and Windows switchers. It is meant to be basic.

  • Michael Steeber

    PC switchers might need it!

  • Michael Steeber

    Sorry, wasn’t feeling well that day. Did my best but my nose was kind of stuffy.

  • Michael Steeber


  • Michael Steeber

    I just figured that activity monitor was more in depth, and was most comparable to task manager.

  • Mbmoore

    Flash video? Really?

  • Ken

    Great job Michael! Very helpful piece I’ll forward to family and friends who finally switch to Mac.

    It’s funny how many people took the time to watch the whole video and then complained about it. That’s life though, so get used to it. There are always plenty of critics and negative voices. Bottom line is, you did something positive, you got props from Cult of Mac and you are helping people. NONE of these people are! For every one of them, there are 10 others who were too tickled by their new found shortcuts to bother posting a response or a thank you.

    Don’t waste your time answering every detractor who complains about something you do. They don’t deserve it and you’re time is too valuable for that. They’re only posting to make themselves feel a little better or smarter. Just smile and let ’em have that little bit of joy, since it’s likely the limit of what they are capable of producing.

  • Jdanielw

    i know this is off subject, but does anyone know where to get that wallpaper in the video?

  • richard_fish

    I knew about the shortcuts but had forgotten about activity monitor. A very useful reminder. Many thanks. Look forward to more of your videos.

  • Junaidkureshi… you can find all shortcuts here

  • vLyonJE

    In which case the title of the article is wrong. Seriously, it’s great that someone takes the time to contribute — I just thought the editors dropped the ball in channelling the content to the right audience.

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  • To The Mothership!

    good video for beginners but for the control alt delete you should have done option(alt) command esc for force quit because most of the time that is why you control alt delete is cause you need to force quit something in windows yes activity monitor is good but if a application is not responding its probably best to option(alt) command esc

  • Little Flower

    Thank you!

  • Mickblu

    The two I used most often in Windows and were not in the list were Windows-D and Windows-E for ‘Show Desktop’ and invoke Explorer. What are the Mac equivalents (if any)?

  • Andy Cohen

    You can show desktop in Lion with an interesting gesture that sort of feels like your pushing all the junk out of they way. I think the best way to describe it is that it is the opposite of the launchpad “pinch gesture”.