TetherMe: Enable Personal Hotspot For Only $0.99



New to iOS 4.3 is the Personal Hotspot feature, which turns your iPhone 4 into a 5-device mobile hotspot. You can use it with WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB. The catch? Carriers will charge an extra monthly fee on-top of your already expensive phone bill. Well, there’s a nice little jailbreak tweak called TetherMe which will instantly enable this feature. It’s been out for a while and had originally enabled iOS 3.0’s native tethering feature, but it also works for Personal Hotspot. The best part? It’s only $0.99. Continue reading on to see if it’s for you.

Disclaimer: Although the chances are slim-to-none, your carrier may find out what you’re doing and will slap a huge penalty on you. Although this has yet to happen with anyone, please be aware that this is always a small possibility. The legality of this tweak is also questionable, as you’re gaining access to something that carriers want you to pay for. The Cydia Store is very strict on what’s allowed into the store, and this one made it in, but use this tweak at your own risk!

Of course, you’ll need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4 in order to take advantage of this awesome little tweak. If you’re like me, you’ve always been jailbroken. If you’re already jailbroken, then fire up Cydia and search for “TetherMe”. You’ll need to use the Cydia Store to pay for the product. After you pay for it, you can install it. You’ll be asked to respring, but you may have to do a reboot if your cell signal disappears (don’t freak out if it does).

Once you’ve done that, you can go to Settings>General>Network>Personal Hotspot. After you go to that menu once, you’ll see Personal Hotspot on the main screen for Settings right below WiFi settings and right above Notification settings.

You can then activate the Personal Hotspot via Bluetooth, WiFi, and/or USB. Everything is seamless and it works great. Just keep in mind the disclaimer above.

Happy hotspotting!

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